Thursday, April 12, 2007


Mary is a lady my mom knows from her raw dog food list. Mary does amazing work for doggies. She runs a toy breed retirment sanctuary (but has been known to take in some non toys doggies too). Mary takes in a lot of puppy mill dogs and also older ones that are dropped off at shelters or surrendered right to her. Why someone would give up their older dog makes no sense to me or my mom but people seem to do it all the time. Mary has a website. You should all go check it out.

Also Mary does all of this with her own money or through donations. She does sell Doggy Crack and some other treats to raise funds. My mom just bought me some. I hope it gets here soon. Plus you don't have to worry about getting some contaimanted wheat gluten in it.

We are proud to say we know Mary.


  1. As a rescued dog myself I can attest to the great work that people like Mary do for us. Without rescue people I'd probably still be in that horrible closet I was in for the first two years of my life...Yay for Mary and everyone else like her!

    hmm...I think I've gotta get me some of that Doggy Crack...looks yummy!


  2. Wow, Mary only lives one state away from us! We think it is great that Mary does this work for doggies. We think we'll have to get some of those yummy looking treats!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. Peanut and Flash:
    I got Moco and Foley some of that doggy crack and turkey patties. I am sure they will love it. I am happy to know there are people like Mary who take in older dogs. That is something I would have liked to do if I had the room.

  4. I'm gonna go get mum's credit card and order myself some treats from Mary!!!!!

    ps. my food is made by mum's good friend's parents. It's a local company that distributes to most pet stores that sell raw food. Mum only feeds that brand because she's seen the facility the food gets packaged in, and all the meat are either organic or non-medicated.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  5. Hey Peanut and Flash, Eva here. We checked out Mary's web site and we're going to order some of those treats!! There's never enough new treats. We think that we might have fixed the problem that our human had with the picture problems. Let us know if its working for you now. Belly Rubs, Eva

  6. wow, mary must be a special lady.

    i just read about your previous article. smell fishy for me too.

    wet wet licks


  7. Mary sounds like an amazing person. Thank doG there are people like her in the world.

    Have a lovely weekend Peanut.

    Oscar x

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the links. I don't get why people give up dogs, either--they should feel grateful to get to know us! We might get us some doggie crack and bully sticks from her--and she's in Nebraska where my granny lives! Wooooooo!


  9. I'm goin gto try to talk Mom into getting me some Doggy Crack. It looks very yummy! I see on the DWB calendar that Sunday is Flash's Adoption Day so, HAPPY ADOPTION DAY FLASH!

  10. oh yes, I am a rescue dog as well, Peanut, and there are some wonderful people out there looking out for dogs like me!

    That was a nice site you directed us too. Warmed our hearts.

    Love and licks to Peanut from Marvin xxxxx

  11. YAY for Mary! I'm gonna make my girl order some TRREATS!!!

  12. Hey--thanks for the tips on the flea treats! My ma saw you mentioned this and had planned to order them when she found The Tick!