Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuck in my kennel

SO this morning mom decided it was time to clean out Drexler the turtles tank. Mom usually lays around doing nothing in the moring so this was a susprise. So I got put in my kennel. It was awful. See me in there. Flash got stuck in his kennel too.
Mom took Drexler out of his tank (which is huge and if it didn't have a metal screen on it I think I could use as a water dish.) and put him in a bowl then she put him on the couch. Shelby decided to check him out. Don't worry mom was there the whole time so Shelby couldn't hurt drexler. Picture 1 is them checking each other out. Picture two is Shelby getting comfortable. Picture 3 is both the lazy bums sleeping. Mom was amazed Drexler went to sleep with Shelby so close but he did.
Oh and here is a picture of the only bean from my girls science project that has grown. She won't let me go in her room and eat it though.


  1. Drexler must have known your Mom was keeping a good eye on him if he went to sleep. I can't believe your Mom trusted the cat with the turtle, but you got locked up!!

  2. Peanut:
    I don't even have a kennel at my house. What came over Mom to be cleaning the turtle tank so early in the morning? I took some pictures of Clara, Moco, Foley and Edgar today. I will have Pappy download them so I can send them to you.

  3. Did you pee on the bean? Is that why it grew when none of the others did?

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  5. Oh poor Peanut - I know that "kennel face" all too well. It's disgraceful how we just get shoved into those things.

  6. Don't ya just hate when your Mom puts you in JAIL??? All for a crime (I'm sure) you didn't commit!

    Bummer about the beans...I guess Boxers don't really need the "musical fruit". We're pretty musical all on our own!


  7. Yeah, how come Shelby doesn't have to get sht in a cage.

    That poor little bean looks al lonely. I think it needs eating to put it out of its misery!

    Oscar x

  8. Peanut,
    Mommy gets that same kennel face when she goes to work! She usually puts me in there but she's started letting me sleep in her bed when she goes to PT. NICE!

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

  9. That's an impressive bean...good thing I don't have a little girl in my house because I would surely find a way to eat that bean! (Instead, I just chewed all the new buds on Mom's rose bushes. She's not happy).

    xoxo - Bella

  10. i have never see a turtle sleep before. i wonder how it looks like. shelby must be bored with drexler!

    wet wet licks


  11. You're suppose to eat beans, sneak in there and have a taste. I'd have stayed in the crate if there was a evil cat and a tortoise that can swim in the room.

    Simba xx

  12. Gomer & Opie9:35 AM

    Hi Peanut! Wow, we haven't seen a turtle since we left Arizona! Two of dogmom's friends each have turtles... Clem lives with the Barna's and Prince lives with the Cowan's. We miss 'em.

    We could help you sneak in and eat the bean... if we lived closer to your house...

    Wuf Ya!

  13. Hey Peanut!
    That bean sprout looks awfully yummy! I know how to open doors! Hey! Maybe I can come over & open the door and we could share!

  14. what is the point of growing a bean if you can't eat it! I wish we had a cool turtle friend!

  15. Hie Peanut,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.

    Nice to meet you.

    My Mom won't put me in the kennel if she needs to clean the cat litter, she puts me outside! That is even worse, I think because I am shut out from the normal household activities.