Friday, April 06, 2007


Yep it's me Flash again. I know you are all so excited. Peanut says to say he knows he hasn't written this week and he's sorry. It's been spring break so we've been spending it with our kids. Plus he got mad because I have the exciting news so he pouted and wouldn't write anything. haha.
So for the exciting news. I think Peanut has mentioned that we have a trampoline in our backyard. Our kids get on it and even mom does sometimes too. She says it is good exercise for her since she's trying to lose weight. Well anyway on tuesday Mom decided I needed to go on it with my kids. So she lifted me up there and put me on. It was pretty fun. There is a net so I didn't have to worry about falling off. Plus my kids were nice and didn't bounce around and scare me. It was warm on tuesday about 80 degrees as you can see by my shirtless boy. It is cold now and even snowing. So no trampoline for us until it warms up. I am thinking about seeing if I can talk mom into putting me up there again. She says I'm kind of heavy to be lifting up and down. I only weigh about 55 lbs. I don't think that is heavy. If Dad had two good legs he could do it easy. I think mom needs to lift some weights. Lifting me would be good exercise for her also. So now on to the pictures. Enjoy.
here is Peanut being all jealous I'm on the trampoline and he isn't. I'm taunting him a little too. He's standing on the stepstool mom uses to get on and off. She's kind of a weenie and won't jump down.
This is Peanut chasing me after I got down. I out ran him though.
And of course one of us with the jolly ball. The big poop head never lets me carry it.
Oh and Dad went back to work today. Mom is happy. Peanut and I are kind of bummed. We had gotten used to having him around the house the last month.
The other dog will be back tomorrow. He says he has some pictures to show you of a cat that my mom watched while his owners were away for a few days. Oh and we are going to get caught up with everyone's blogs after posting this.
Till next Friday.


  1. Woo-Hoo Flash!
    That trampoline looks like a lot of fun! I jump now, but with that contraption, there's no telling what I could do!!

  2. Hey Flash & Peanut,
    That tramp would scare the fur off of me! But it does kinda look like fun. I'd me most interested in hanging with the boy, since they throw balls for me all that time. Everytime I see a boy in the park, I run over and sit. I haven't figured out that the one or two boys I know who throw balls aren't every boy in the world. I am only dog you know.

  3. Hey Flash-Nut!
    Wow! That trampoline looks cooooool! I looks like a big flat couch - I could chase my hoomans all over it. Hope you had lots of fun. Maybe I can talk my hoomans into getting one...

    Love and Licks,
    Texas (and his humans).

  4. Wow Flash what fun!! We always look forward to Flash Friday. Is Peanut too much of a chicken to go on the tramp? Good job of taunting him, too! We would truely love it if you would come play with us at one of OUR dog parks. Its the best thing in the world to be off-leash and free. Although we do listen pretty well to dad when he calls and tells us which way to go. Yes, we are a little too domesticated, but it keeps us safe! Belly Rubs for you and Peanut, Tasha & Eva.

  5. Poor Peanut - left out just because he's 80 pounds!

  6. i wish we could come play on that thing! we are only 20 lbs maybe if your mom practiced lifting us up and down she would get good enough to lift you easier!

  7. G'day Peanut, Thanks for signing my guest book. My mum says my legs are like trampoline springs. Your mate, Asta

  8. Another reason why we need to get some kids at my house! I want a trampoline!!! My friend Scout is a Chesapeake and he jumps on his kids' trampoline, too. Their net thingy came off thoughso he can jump on and off all by himself. He doesn't stay on very long though. Just long enough to throw the boys bouncing off a little and then jumps off. It makes everybody laugh! Especially the boys! I'm going to have to figure out how to get me some kids of my own so I can have as much fun as you and Peanut. I LOVE kids!!!! They throw tennis balls and stick much longer than any adult does.