Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay so my friends the Dogs of Jackman Ave had a post about how they got their names so I decided I would turn my blog over to Mom and she can explain how Flash and I and maybe even the turtles and cat got their names. Me first though of course. Mom will write in a blue color so you know it is her.

So the mom here. Peanut while not a Peanut anymore was one when he first came to live with us. Our other dog had died and we were in Germany. In Germany the humane societies and the rescues where we were would not let Americans adopt out pets because they have so many that are turned back into them when the military member gets orders. It is a sad fact but true that many military members get a pet at one post and then get rid of it before they move and then just get another one at the next post. So anyway, I was looking for a dog. I saw boxers advertised in the stars and stripes and so did a little research and decided that would be a good dog for us. Called up the "breeder" and they brought some puppies to where we were stationed. We went and picked out Peanut. Well his girl actually picked him out from 4 others. We took him home and when Dad came home I went to get some doggie supplies I had forgotten. When I got back the kids and Dad had named him Peanut. He was a Peanut to. At almost 11 weeks he was only 8 lbs. Poor Peanut was full of worms and had demodex mange. We really didn't know about backyard breeders then (yes they have them all over the world) or we wouldn't have gotten Peanut. Now we know better and it won't happen again. Peanut has many names. Peanut Butter, The nutter, Nut Nut, Doofus, and some I can't write on this blog.
Raven we also got in Germany from a friend of mine who's cat had kittens. She's black and that's why I named her Raven like the bird. Raven doesn't get called much besides Raven. Though she does have a middle name of Louise.

Flash was named by the boy (Peanut here, see the fuzzy picture of my boy. He's a cute kid I love him). Okay mom again. Flash was a rescue pup. We got him at 8 weeks old after the people who had his mother dropped him off alone when he was only 6 weeks. He was a little bundle of fur and oh so cute. Though he had scarcoptic mange. I think I have a handle on mange now if anyone ever needs advice. Well he was running around in the backyard with the kids and Peanut and the boy said he runs faster then me just like The Flash from the Justice league. So Flash was named. Flash has several names he goes by also. Flashtastic. The Flash a ronis. Flashbulb, Flashlight and whatever else goes well with Flash.

Shelby was named Shelby when we rescued him from people who didn't want him anymore. Shelby is called The Fat man, Fatus and sometimes The fixer upper since he cost us $300 to get him healthy once he came home. Urinary tract infection.
We also have the turtles
This is Clyde. It isn't the best picture. She is a central American wood turtle. We got her and the other turtle from a lady down the street who thought they were moving. She had some funny name when we got her and the kids wanted to change it. She lived in a 10 gallon aquarium at her other house. Since the Dad had never really been able to name something he decided she would be named Clyde. We didn't know she was a girl at the time or it might be something different. Clyde is a pretty amazing turtle. She knows her name and will come out of hiding and look at you when you call her. Plus if you are talking to her she will just stare until you quit. Clyde lives on the kitchen counter. In the box pictured below as she is a land turtle. She does have a kitty litter box for water.

This is Drexler. He is a red eared slider. When the dad named Clyde I thought I would be terribly clever and name the other turtle Drexler. Now no one I've met seems to understand this except my parents. But I will explain it all to you. Clyde Drexler was a basketball player (and a very very good one) while I was growing up. He played for the Portland Trailblazers and being as how The Dad and I grew up in Oregon it makes sense. Drexler came in a tiny 20 gallon aquarium but now lives in a 100 gallon stock tank in the dining room. So that is the stories behind all the names. This post is really long so I hope all read it all. Peanut will be back tomorrow.


  1. Ha ha - Clyde Drexler... I like that! My girl had a turtle named Myrtle before she got my sister and me. Myrtle never did anything though, besides eat watermelon. Cool idea to share how you got your names!

  2. Great "names" stories!
    Hey, we'd be honored if you'd link to us - thank woo for asking!

  3. Sounds like you mum is the expert on dog & cat ailments now! It was interesting to hear your name histories!

    Oscar x

  4. I like those stories behind the names! Also love hearing successful Rescue Dog stories too!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

  5. Hi Peanut,

    I never knew such a big boy like you could start out so little. That makes my Mommy worry a little because I was the same size at 11 weeks, a mere 8 lbs. I had coccidia (sp?) really really bad (stupid byb!) Now I'm over 50, and still have a bit of filling out to do.

    Nubbily Wiggles,

  6. Yeahhhhh! Great stories! We call Penny Peanut b/c her head is so little. Lola should be the peanut though because at 18 months, she's only 42 lbs.

    So sad that BYB are everywhere. I guess you live & learn!

    (who has 3 dogs she also often calls things not fit for our blog!!)

  7. you have an awesome family. It looks like your mom really cares about all of you. I hope you give her lots of peanut kisses. hee hee

    Frenchie Kisses,

  8. Great name stories! My firend Pete grew up in Portland and I am going to impress him by throwing Clyde Drexler into a conversation one day. Cross my fingers and hope it work!

  9. Awesome! Your house looks like fun with all the animals and the boy! The backyard breeder story is sad but I'm so glad you found Peanut and took good care of him. He and Flash did a good job picking out their peeps!


  10. My human brothers use to have a turtle. They found him one day when they were on a bike ride. They called him snapper.

    Simba xx

  11. Hey Peanut, I like your nickname peanut butter the most. :)
    Your turtles are cute. And they get cool names too

    ~ fufu

  12. Hi Peanut,
    We loved the story's
    and we love your names
    they all suit.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and His humans).

  13. Auntie Shalon1:01 PM

    Tell your mom I would have known why you named them Clyde and Drexler...she just forget all about me. :( lol!