Friday, April 13, 2007

What's for dinner

Yep it's me Flash. In the manner of Tanner WHATTTTTTTTTTSUUPPPPPPPPP?
So our lovely mom went grocery shopping today and brought us home some dinner and breakfast. Now I'm going to show you some pictures that will make you drool. We didn't get all this tonight but we know it will be coming in the days ahead.
Here is some lovely chicken. Now mom usually buys whole chickens (they are cheaper and when feeding beasts like me and Peanut she says she has to save some money) but the commissary was out today so she went with the cut up ones. Oh and mom says she loves how chicken says no steroids and hormones on the package when it is illegal in the US to use any of that on chickens.
Here are some pork ribs. Mom says they were in the used meat section. I looked at her and said "What? even I don't want used meat" so she told me it wasn't really used meat that is just what she calls the reduced section because when she was growing up her mom always called the thrift bread stores the used bread stores. Hi Grammie I know your reading this. I think they are both a little odd and have some odd sayings but I can't complain to much or she might not feed me.
This is a lovely pork roast mom got for 99 cents a lb. She says being able to shop at the commissary helps since meat is so much cheaper there and dad makes hardly any money. :)
Oh and if we are really good she said she might give us one of these. It seems it is a london broil and is much more expensive then the other stuff she bought.
Tonight for dinner we got Jack Mackrel. It is canned. The only raw fish Peanut and I like are whole frozen sardines so mom buys canned fish for us also. We love it.
So that's our food, well some of it anyway. Mom is getting some rabbit in the next couple of days. We have had ground rabbit which we love and she has tried to give us whole rabbit with the fur on and everything which we didn't eat. So she is going to get rabbit that has been defurred and cut into pieces like the chicken. She says she hopes we will eat it since it's cheaper then ground rabbit. Rabbit by the way isn't a staple of our diet. It's more of a treat but oh how we love it.
Come back tomorrow if you want for whatever Peanut might post but be sure and come back Sunday. It is my adoption day and so I get to post again.
As always until later gators.


  1. Flash and Peanut -

    You got some good eating ahead of you!!

    I am drooling and looking at my human right now - NO MORE KIBBLE!

    Love, Dory

  2. wow, so many stuff. i wonder why don't you get that "used meat" (ok ok i know it's not really used!). it looks yummy for me.

    wet wet licks


  3. Thats a lot of food. If you need any help eating it just give me a shout.

    Simba xx

  4. You are one seriously spoiled pup! My dogs would be very jealous....


  5. Flash:
    Do you eat that meat raw or does Mom cook it? I am glad she is looking in the used meat bin to save a buck. Pappy would have a major fit if I bought that for Moco and Foley.

  6. Oh man, you are making us sooooo hungry! Mama should have caught the wabbit she saw tonight for you to eat, hehehehe! Too bad the wabbit hunting season is over for the year. Mama thinks her & Papa will start shooting them during season to feed to us. Are they yummy???
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. Wow Peanut, you guys are lucky pups! I bet you were sniffing the bags lije crazies when mum came in with that haul!

    Oscar x

  8. Anything is better with cottage cheese. Just remember that.

    smooches and smacks.


  9. holy crap that is some GOOD FOOD!!!!