Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can you see me?

I'm so fast can you see me? That's why I'm named Flash. haha Sorry I didn't get online yesterday and post my mom was outside almost all day and Dad wouldn't help me. Just kept playing his video game. That's Dad for you though. He did take me and Peanut outside and played with us for a little while during the day and then did it again last night. You would think he still couldn't walk with how lazy he is. Well today's Sunday so we have one more day of the kids being home all day before they go back to school. I can't wait until they get done for the summer so they can play with me all the time. And they should play with me and just ignore Peanut I think but then he will get all jealous and try to push me out of the way and beat me up. Do any of you other dogs who have brothers or sisters have this problem? I tell you just because he is bigger then me he thinks he can push me around. He will be in for a rude awaking soon. I am getting pretty tired of it. I haven't gotten mom to put me back on the trampoline yet. I am still working on her. It might help if you would all tell her you think it is a good idea. Oh I know what will work. My grammie reads our blog and so since she is mom's mom she can just tell mom she needs to put me on the trampoline. That should work right? Don't people have to listen to their moms?
Oh and speaking of grammie she told Mom yesterday she got a new dog from the humane society so we want to welcome Uncle Dawson to the family. Hi Uncle Dawson. Peanut was going to do a whole post about the animals who live with Grammie but the pictures we had are on the computer that broke so he says he will do that when we can get the pictures. We have a few Aunts and Uncles living there.
Okay well I am off now to see if I can get some doggy crack. That stuff is so good. Oh and mom tells me my first paragraph should have been about 4 so sorry for that.


  1. What's up guys? Sorry about the computer. I'm so sad we can't see any pictures of you guys. Ooooh--I wanna see Uncle Dawson.

    I know what you mean about the sibling problem. My sissy gets jealous of me and always tries to get the apes to throw her the ball over and over and over. Sheesh. We don't fight, though.


  2. Flash and Peanut:
    I am sorry that your computer is broken. When it gets up and going I will send a picture of Dawson with his new cut. He seems to be doing OK here.
    I bought some tomatoe plants yesterday at the Garden Fair. I am sure Moco will really like them after they start getting ripe in a couple of months. I will have to keep an eye on her so that Pappy will be able to have some also. If your girl was here she would be fighting Moco for the tomatoes.

  3. Isn't it a shame weekends go by so fast? Roll on the summer holidays!

    Oscar x

  4. Flash's mom with the pink hair - I think you should put Flash on the trampoline.

    Alas, I understand about the sibling problem. Fig pushes me around all the time. *sigh*

  5. Sherman pushes everyone around! He's a big, old, grouchy meanie! I try to pick on Penny but she's bigger than me.

    My Dad plays video games all day too. Lazy bum!


  6. omdog the doofus says, 'can you see me' all the time. you two must be related!

  7. I don't have that problem with siblings. I'm a lot bigger than my cat-brother and dacshund-sister.
    Definately tell your grandma to tell your mom to put you back on the trampoline. Any time I want something, I tell grandma and she makes Dad do it. Grandma's a very handy when it comes to stuff like that.

  8. Can't wait to see your new Uncle, and you on the tramp again.

  9. That's what older siblings are for - to push you around! Everyone knows that!

  10. Can't wait to hear and see, all about Uncle Dawson.

    Simba xx

  11. Hello Flash. :) You must be fast coz I can't see you at all

    ~ fufu

  12. Hi Flash, Tasha here. Yes I have a sister that likes to beat up on me. She's 6 years younger and she likes to bite and pull on my ruff. I get all full of Eva-spit and then it dries and I'm crunchy-ruff-girl! Eva's really weird cuz she does that to me at home but if we go to the park she is suddenly afraid of dogs that come up to her. Go figure. We think you should have as much trampoline time as you want. Come on Flash's mom give him what he wants!! Belly Rubs, Tasha.