Friday, June 15, 2007

Going Cross Country

Hey Flash here. I get to tell you about me and Peanut get to take a cross country trip. Mom and Dad have decided that before going to Louisiana that they are going to go home to Oregon since Dad hasn't been there in 6 1/2 years and Mom hasn't been there in 4. So Mom says it will be a long trip but they I think it's worth it. We get to see Grammie and Pappy and all the aunt and uncle dogs and also our Grandma Careen(she's dad's mom) and her dogs. We are going to stay with our Grandma Careen since our human Auntie is staying with Grammie and Pappy.

Then we have to visit and then drive down to Louisiana. Hopefully we can handle it. What do you all think.

Oh and we were informed of Raven's attempt to help Jessica Rabbit in her plot against King Simba. Just so you know we are keeping a sharp eye on her. We won't allow her to do anything.
Here are some pictures of Dad putting mom's hat on me and me trying to lick dad in the face. Mom says I look very cute with it on. I'm not to sure but why would mom lie to me?
I wanted to say a big hi to my gal Lady Kaos. I am thinking of you.


  1. Travelling can be fun. We have a camper that Mom and Dad pull behind the truck for us. We go to all kinds of places. Its fun. You get to see new things, and meet new people who say, "Awww aren't they cute" and they pet you. Its cool.

    Some tips: Take your favorite bankie, and your favorite toy. Take a ball and a long-line to play fetch and get some exercise at the rest stops on the highway. That's fun, too.

    Tell Mom and Dad to drive safely!
    Eddie & Peaches

  2. Whoa! That's a long trip, guys but I'm sure you'll get loads of attention and snacks! Oregon's nice, too. Good weather (probably lots better than Louisiana).

    Have a great trip, guys.


  3. Hi, Flash.
    Sounds great that you will go to see your family!
    I hope you enjoy your long trip!

  4. Road Trip!!!! You two are super lucky! Although I've never been on one myself (gives mom the evil eye), I've heard road trips are really lotsa fun!! I think you're gonna have a blast!!

    Make sure your Mom and Dad take lots of pics, k??


  5. Wow that will be a fun trip! It will be long, but you guys will have fun and get to see the country! Cute picture of you in the cap!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!
    I want a roadtrip!!!!!!

    I'm sure you guys can handle it! It will be so much fun!
    Can't wait to hear updates from you guys on this trip already!

  7. A roadtrip sound like fun to me! I love looking out the window till I get bored and the car is the best spot for a good snooze!

    Love ya lots,

  8. We have looked it up on the big map, my oh my, that trip is certainly a long one!

  9. Yer you watch that puddy cat. Hope you enjoy your trip, you have to keep saying "are we there yet?"

    Simba xx

  10. Wowf! road trip are the bestest! I hope my pawrents take me on one!

    Better let your Pawrents know if you need to make a pit stop!

    Post lots of pics!

    Give lotsa licks to your grandpaws!

    Happy F-day as well to your Daddy and Grandpawther!


  11. Hi, Peanut!

    That sounds like a long trip but you will have so much fun when you get there! Take lots of pictures! When your dad deploys will he have a computer so he can read your blog everyday and see how his furkids are doing? We have never had to deal with a deployment though Mom did when she was married (which was before she got us).

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. WOW, you are lucky you get to travel with your mommy and daddy. HAVE LOTS OF FUN!

    Frenchie Snorts

  13. Yippee! You're coming to Oregon! I'm a little biased but I think it's just the best place ever. Especially in the summertime. Will you be coming through Portland?

    xoxo - Bella

  14. Flash!

    You look great in the hat! You should accesorize more.

    Enjoy the roadtrip! Just make sure you stick close to your peeps along the way and be good in the car. The rest is easy.

    Goob kisses,

  15. oh...v too luv crosscountry outing..

    hope u guys had an enjoyable trip

  16. that sounds like a super fabulous trip you get to go on!! I am jealous!

  17. ROAD TRIP! We wuf riding in the car - especially on long car rides! Dogmom says don't forget to check out the book that you can get at AAA offices or bookstores called "Traveling with Your Pet." It has everything from vet offices (hope you don't need one) to off-leash parks throughout the US!

    Have fun!
    Gomer & Opie

  18. Oregon is wonderful. Beautiful scenery, coolish weather for squish-faced dogs. Have fun!

    Mary-Doug aka boxerpug

  19. ha! You do look very cute in the hat!

  20. I love road trips and visiting my grandmas. I hope you have lots of fun!!
    I'm trying to get caught up on reading everybody's blogs. I got really far behind while I was taking care of Mom. Luckily she's feeling better now and I don't have to watch her as much as I used to.