Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New collars, slobber and Shelby

After seeing a few of our friends with nice collars from Snazzy-Petz mom decided to get us a couple also. They came today.
Here is mine. See the skull and crossbones? That's because I'm tough.
This one is Flash's. Mom says it is hard to find good boy collars but she liked the look of this one. She says Kathleen was very nice and made the collars super quick. Oh and when mom told her we found her through our fellow dog bloggers Kathleen said that us dog bloggers have been very good for her business. Mom is very impressed with the high quality of these collars and says we will be getting more.
Here is a picture of me with my collar on. I wouldn't stand still so it's not very good. Mom couldn't get one of Flash at all.

I thought I would show you this picture of me Mom took the other day with a huge string of slobber on my nose. Yep that's my slobber. I'd been outside playing.

Oh and just so you all know. Shelby is fine. He has a urinary tract infection (but no crystals whatever those are) Enjoy the picture of him in a bag. He likes to go in those things for some reason. Other then that not much going on here at all.


  1. Those are some snazzy collars!! Love the crossbones. You must be super bad to the bone!! LOL!~

    Wow, impressive slobbering abilities. I couldn't do that if I tried!


  2. Your collar is cool, I like the skull and crossbones! and yes, as you saw on my video, I slobber too!

    Great isn't it Peanut! A lovely slobber is worth a million words!

    he he he! love and laughing and slobbery licks, Marvin xxxxx in cold and windy Scotland

    Our summer has disappeared!

  3. Awesome slobber dude, that is sooo gross I love it!

    Cool collars!

    Hope Shelby's doing better.

    Frenchie Snorts

  4. Wow, cool collars!!! I like the photo of Shelby in the bag! Tia sometimes gets in them too!

  5. You're collars are great!!!! I got 2 collars from snazzy petz too...I just haven't modeled them yet!!!

    Cool slobber...you must have had TONS of fun!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. Great collars. I think you're going to be totally TUFF in your collar, Peanut. I wouldn't cross ya.

    Glad Shelby's ok!


  7. Peanut! Now we match! I have a skull and crossbones collar too! You're a little bigger than me, but I bet I'm just as tough!

  8. Shelby is silly. Was he scared of you, Peanut, in your Bad to the Bone collar?

    Too bad your mom couldn't get a picture of Flash modeling his new collar too - I bet it looks really nice on him!

  9. Wow! Great collars guys. Nice to support people making good products hey. That slobber on your nose is .....
    Jazz and Dixie

  10. Woh those collars look great. The skull and crossbone sure make you look very macho.
    Shelby looks very cute in the bag..

    ~ girl girl

  11. I love that skull and crossbones collar, I think I need to get me one real soon!

  12. Hi, Peanuts.
    Those are very nice collars. Yours is very manly!
    What a slobber!!
    I hope Shelby is doing fine.
    Have a good night

  13. Wowf!

    That collar makes you look toughie!

    Daddy gave me a gween collar. I'm not sure if I like it on me.. I think it's a bit broad for me..

    I hope shelby is alright..

    I added you my links so I could visit you more often!


  14. Now throw the bag away. Great collars.

    Simba xx

  15. Oooh, your new collars are lovely, very snazzy in fact!

    As for the drool, cool! I never get drool.

    Oscar x

  16. Cool collars. Mom needs to visit and shop for us but she says no skull and cross bones. We have a neighbor who is already afraid of us, that would probably push him over the edge.
    We aren't sure what to say about that slobber ...

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  17. As slobber slingers go, you are one of the good ones.
    I think Shelby is getting ready for the trip.
    I would get new collars for the gang, but Pappy says they make way to much noise. You know how Pappy is with noise. Maybe I should get Pappy a baseball collar.
    We are all looking forward to your visit.

  18. Very good news about Shelby. Glad to hear you guys like your Snazzy Petz collars too - they are both very nice collars!! Mom doesn't like to recommend things, but we couldn't pass up Kathleen's collars.

    Mom laughed outloud when she saw your "slobber" picture. I do the same thing when i go to gramma's and roughhouse with Mollie!!

    Hope you and Flash have a great day -


  19. Those are some awesome collars guys. Especially yours Peanut. I just love the skull and crossbones look. I gotta get one of those for myself!

    ~Pug Hugs~

  20. You will look like a Pirate with your new collar ! Kiss, Faya

  21. Hi Peanut:

    That slobber was cool. Wish we could create some art work on our faces like that :)!

  22. My girl has been laughing for about 10 minutes straight about your "neener neener pee pee eater" comment. I don't know why. I thought it was very witty and I might even tell my Massah-in-law that. So thank you.

  23. Peanut,
    Wilbur thinks Shelby looks super cute in the bag. Wilbur like bags too, but one day he got a plastic grocery bag stuck on his collar and now he is afraid of those.

    Steve and Kat

  24. Great collars Peanut!

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  25. Hi Peanut....We haven't gotten new collars in forever. I think it's time for new ones.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe