Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some pictures

Mom turned in some film she had from years ago (these pictures are from 2001 which was Before peanut) and I thought I would share a few of them. She says she's amazed that they even turned out as they sat around our house in Germany then traveled from there to here and have sat around here.
The pictures are in Black and White The first two pictures are of Kiko, who've talked about before, and Gambler as a puppy. As you can see Gambler was a mini dachshund. Gambler came from a nice breeder and the family liked him lots but one day (when he was about a year old) he decided he was going to try and bite our girl as she walked by him (mom and dad were right there so they know nothing had gone on). Mom called up the breeder and they took him back and gave him to a nice older lady who he was perfect for. Everyone was sad to see him go but happy he could find someone to love him.
The next two pictures are of Dad and our kids. Our boy wasn't quite a year old in this picture. (only 4 days away) and Dad was helping him open some presents. Our girl would have been 3 days away from turning 6. It kind of looks like she has no head in that picture I think.
Mom says she loves these pictures and is going to get them blown up so she can hang them up on the wall.

And here is a picture of our boy playing in some dog food. Mom says pay no attention to the brand of food as that was before she knew so much about dog food. She would never feed that to any animal now.

Oh and we thought we would share this picture. This is our pappy when him and Grammie went to visit the family in Germany. Gambler is laying on top of him. haha Something happened to this roll of film but mom thought it was a funny picture anyway.
I am ignoring Flash now since he told you all about my water episode but hey that toy in that bowl was evil.


  1. Those are some great pictures! My favorite is the baby in the dog food bowl!


  2. Oh how cool! I love black and white pictures! I think they'd all look good blown up and make into a collage!

    Ha ha ha - your boy in the dog food is priceless! :-)

  3. What fun piactures! You have a very nice looking family. I have a boy and a girl, too - aren't we the lucky ones!?!

  4. Pappy is always in that position with a dog or two on him. I don't think he would know how to sleep without a dog on him.

  5. Hi, Peanuts.
    Sure those pictures are great memories for your parents. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    About the last picture.... maybe they had a ghost there!
    Have a good night

  6. We loved your old pictures. Its fun to look back at years ago.

    The picture with Gambler laying on top of your pappy looks like it has a flag veiled in front of it. Hmmm. Kind of cool!

    Eddie & Peaches

  7. Those are really nice photos peanuts. :)

    ~ girl girl

  8. Aw, finding old photos must be cool!

    Oscar x

  9. Great photos, even the children are cute and I'm not a big fan of children.

    Simba xx

  10. I always wonder how they are able to pwint the old photos.

    those are gweat! and what is cute boy and girl you have!


  11. Hi Peanuts,
    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us.
    Does the boy loves your food?

  12. Awesome! What a great discovery. Stuff like that makes my day.


  13. hey peanut! my mom's so AMAZED that you have music playing on your awesome blog!!!! (cool song, too) any advice as to how my mommy can do that, too? she's been trying every night and can't figure it out yet!


    puppy licks and wiggles, coco

  14. Hi Peanut,
    My mommy loved the song that you have on your blog!It is very moving!We support our soldiers
    Cool blog

  15. Those are pawsome pictures! I think your mom should put them into a scrapbook. Oh wait, only old ladies scrapbook. That's what my mom does now. Although she denies being an old fart.

    As for the waterdish/toy incident, I think you should tell us something really embarrassing Flash!!


  16. Oh, Gambler is a cute looking little dachshund!

  17. Peanut,

    Love the ancient photos! They show a little bit of your love line and some of the other loved pups who have gone before you. (Your dad looks like a kid).

    Your goober bud,

  18. Hi Peanut,
    Great pictures you have there
    and I hope to catch up more often.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).