Sunday, June 03, 2007

We hate Summer

Well we thought it would be so nice to have our kids home for the summer. They could play with us and play with us but you know so far it isn't so good.
The only good thing is we have been able to go outside more when the kids are on the trampoline. Now to the bad stuff
We blame Grammie for this one (though we still love you grammie). There is a water park here on post. Well our kids wanted a season pass so our girl asked grammie for the money. Grammie was nice enough to cough up the dough. So they have been at the water park and when they go to the water park, we have to go in our kennels. That is no fun. Plus mom says they will be there a lot this summer as long as the weather is good. So it looks like we will be spending lots of time in our kennels.
Oh and the summer means BBQs too. Yesterday was a birthday party BBQ down the street. The whole family was gone for 4 hours. I tell you I am not used to being locked up so much since mom is usually always home. I liked it better when mom and dad had no friends and hardly ever left me.
That's all the news from here. Dad goes on leave tonight so he'll be off work for a couple weeks. Hopefully we can get him to play with us a ton.


  1. Oh my gosh, you poor things! No wonder you try to run away.... All that neglect. *shakes head*

  2. Why would your mom and dad need friends when they have you??????

    Frenchie Snorts

  3. Peanut,

    Tell your dad to rest up cuz you're gonna play no matter what! BUMmer about the water park. Except, maybe it's dog-friendly and your family just doesn't know it yet?

    Hope you have a ton of fun while your dad's on leave.

    Goob love,

  4. We are sure there is a law against locking up doggies on summer days when everyone else is having fun. Doggies and FUN go together. We hope you summer improves. You could always pray for rain so the water park would be closed.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. Hi, Peanut.
    I think its a bad thing that you have to be locked! What is the fun with that??
    I hope you have fun with your dad at home. Enjoy your time with him.
    Have a nice day

  6. That is just wrong Peanut. I agree with Balboa all they need is you as their friends...the nerve of them!

    I hope it rains a lot this summer!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Poor Peanut. I'm hoping my summer is good. Mom is supposed to be working less, since she works in a school.

    We ordered the Itty Bitty Treats from Cloud Star online. We used to find them at the Petco, but now they only have the big buddy biscuits.

  8. I hope--at least--they brought you BBQ. That's some serious neglect, there.

    I like summer cuz my ma ape can do most of her "work" at home. She's kinda on leave--ha! Well, I hope your Dad spends all his on leave time playing with you. If not, there'd better be BBQ!


  9. BBQ!
    THey should have brought you along! My Parents never bring me to BBQ too. Whats with these people *shakes head*


  10. Hey, Peanut. Peaches here. I have to get locked in a kennel when my family is gone because if I'm not, I'll chew up everything that's not made of concrete.

    SOOOO, I use that time to think up stuff I can do when they get home, and to store up energy to do it. Tee hee hee! Try it! It'll keep ya from getting too bored in your kennel.

    Did they even bring ya some BBQ home? I hope so. BBQ stuff is really good.
    Baroo from Peaches.

  11. maybe you could chew some holes in the hose and it would spray out just like a water park, then they wouldn't leave!

    -just a thought
    Bentley & Niko

  12. I've called the ASPCA. They should be paying your folks a little visit soon.

    Neglect. Plain & simple. And I won't stand for my boyfriend to be tortured like that.

    Wuv you Peanut!!


  13. Summer is a bummer, isn't it Peanut? My Mom & Dad stick me in my crate just so they can go sailing...pretty selfish, huh?!?

    Hang in there, September will be here sooner than you know!

    xoxo - Bella