Monday, June 11, 2007

Going to eat me some Gumbo

Yep that's right in October I will be in Louisiana eating me some gumbo. Do you think my belly will handle it?
Okay but seriously Dad was informed today his next duty station will be Fort Polk Louisiana and we have to be there in October..
Mom isn't so sure about it but she is going to try to look on the bright side (it isn't Ft. Hood Texas hahahaha) Mom and Dad were hoping for somewhere closer to Oregon but that didn't happen.
So mom said I need to ask some advice for a kennel that will fold down and fit in the car (either in the trunk or in the jeep) as I can not be trusted anywhere with no people. She also said to remind you that I am a big boy so I need a big one. Also if anyone has those luggage things (either hard or soft) that go on the top of the car and you like yours please let us know the brand. Once again mom will stress on finding us some place to live that will let us all stay and traveling with all of us. The woman needs to learn how to relax.


  1. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for traveling -- I'm so tiny I fit in a little purse-bag! My mom even takes me with her when she goes shopping!

    I've never been to Louisiana, but my Auntie has, and she said it's pretty cool. I'm sure you'll love it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!


  2. I have the Ike-sized version of this one and it works really well and I guess it's ok if I absolutely have to be in it. (you'll have to fix the breaks in the address)

  3. sorry peanut, i don't have any advice for you too. my hooman don't travel. i was only left behind once for 5 days. but i hope more advice will go to your mom for the moving.

    wet wet licks


  4. The Doofus uses the port o crate that folds up, but that is doofus sized. Louisiana is not so bad, it could be like...ALASKA!!

  5. When we travel we go in the campervan. I'm it will all be fine, Mummys worry too much.

    Simba xx

  6. What's gumbo??

    ~ girl girl

  7. Hope mum finds a good kennel/crate soon. Do you get help woth packing/moving from the army?

    Oscar x

  8. My mom is smiling! She's had gumbo and she lived in Jennings, Louisiana during her high school years until she married my dad! She says you'll love it there!

    Love ya lots,

  9. My kennel folds up flat & fits into the trunk of Mom's little tiny Civic. JB Pet has pretty decent prices and no extra shipping for heavy items.


  10. Hi Peanut,
    What is a Gumbo? is it a burger?
    Your mum seems excited about moving to Louisiana! Is it because of the Gumbo?

  11. Oh no Peanut! I know how much you dislike people messing with your kennel and your stuff, so I hope everything goes smoothly for you! No advice from me, but I'm sending good wishes your way!

  12. Sorry Peanut, we don't have any advice either, cuz we never get to go anywhere! But we sure would like to eat some gumbo!

    ~Pug Hugs~

  13. Hi, Peanut.
    My mom has eatean Gumbo and she says its great! I hope you can have some when you get there. I hope you and your family like living there!

  14. Peanut,

    Maybe you need to use the same relaxation techniques on your mom that you used with your dad on Sunday!

    Moving is hard, but can also be exciting. I'll think about it and see if I have any helpful info for you.

    Your goober friend,

  15. Wow--moving is HARD. I feel for your apes. I have some friends who travel a lot. I will ask them about their crate--they're out of town traveling right now, though!


  16. I'm sorry you couldn't get relocated to somewhere closer to Oregon, too! Then we could have playdates! :)

    About the crate mom bought a crate for me in Target that folds down easily. It's not metal, it's fabric, but I'm not sure they make one big enuff for you! :)

    Thanks for the nice message on my blog, too.

    Puggy kisses