Friday, June 08, 2007

No Flash today

Yes I know today is Flash Friday but since he wanted to come and try to make fun of me the other day I am not letting him post today.

Just so you all know my kennel was cleaned out because of him. Yep he decided to pee in his kennel (and not ring the bell to go outside) so mom and dad decided to clean both of our kennels. He probably did it just to watch me freak out. He's mean that way.
Oh and just to get back at him here is a picture of him in his kennel and what mom and dad found under his blankets. Look at all that trash he was hiding.
Mom and Dad and the kids went to the zoo yesterday. Mom forgot the camera but they got to see Scotty. Plus a baby pygmy hippo among other things. They had fun and our boy came back with this long stuffed snake. I would like to for a toy but that would just get me in trouble. They didn't make it to the water park today though because there was thunder and rain. So they were home with us. WOO WOO.
Well that's about it from here for now.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of trash! Your kennel is different from ours. Ours looks like a jail cell.

    My mom would be really freaked out by your boy's snake toy. She is really scared of snakes.

    Steve and Kat

  2. Wow...Flash is a little thief isn't he. So glad you got to hang with the family today. I'll always wish for rain for you Peanut!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Hi, Peanuts.
    Flash had a treasure in his kennel!
    Scotty is very cute!
    Thanks to the rain you spent more time with your family!!
    Have a good night

  4. Hi Peanut!~

    Hope you have recovered from the whole kennel washing incident. I don't think its fair that your kennel got cleaned. I mean, it wasn't you that had a ton of trash in there!!! My gosh, are those candy wrappers I see??


  5. now peanut, don't u love it when the hooman got to stay home instead of going out. hehe.

    wow, how flash managed to hide all the trash without anyone notice?? is he a magician??

    wet wet licks


  6. That's a pretty cute pic even though your kennel got cleaned out.

    The Brat Pack

  7. Forgot the camera, that sounds just like my Mummy. Hopeless humans aren't they.

    Simba xx

  8. Wasn't very nice of Flash to pee in your box. I'm usually pretty careful not to let any of the other dogz in my space, but if it means you got a clean box and the people were home with you, then maybe it was worth it!

    See ya

  9. 18 pounds? You've got a heavy cat too! White Cat is about 20 pounds... he's as heavy as I am.

    Cute picture!


  10. Whoa! Flash is one sneaky guy! He's good at hiding things. Now you know where to look for some good stuff!

  11. Does Flash hide money in that mess? He is quite the hoarder!

  12. G'day Flash,

    Do you think Paris has lots of trash in her jail cell too?

    xxx Asta down under

  13. Peanut,

    Could you get a baby elephant pet instead of a stuffed snake? I'm betting the baby elephant would be so much more interesting.

    I'd prepare for retaliation if I were you. Flash is not vindicitive, but he'll be wanting to get some payback after you punked him out.

    Keep loving the rain... and your hoomans!

    Goob love,

  14. Haha! That's pretty funny. maybe I should check out what my sissy is hiding in HER crate...


  15. My Jeannie always either forgetting the camera, or forgetting to charge it up!

    Your Flash is a real hoarder isn't he?

    love and licks Marv xxxx

  16. Whoa that's a lot of trash. I try and steal things but I always get caught. What's Flash's secret?

    Frenchie Snorts

  17. WOw!
    Flash is very very sneaky!
    THats alot of trash he gathered!

  18. oh what is all that good stuff he was hiding?? I sure wish I could go to the zoo.

  19. Where did Flash get all that stuff? I want some, too.

  20. Mommy connects the stick to brooms to clean the ceilings. We have VERY, VERY, VERY high ceilings, so that stick comes in handy but she moved it on the other side of the porch so no one can see it.

    I was 4lbs when I moved in with my mommy and daddy, imagine that! hee hee


  21. I am so impressed with Flash's rubbish collection, hehehe!

    Oscar x

  22. Flash is a clepto! Hahaha! That wasn't very nice of him to pee in your kennel. I'm sure you forgave him though.


  23. AHA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! That is SO FUNNY that Flash keeps garbage treasure in the bottom of his jail!!!

    It was very naughty of him to make pee-pee in your kennel, though....