Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The scoop on Peanut

Okay here is the funny story I promised the other day. Mom and Dad were laughing so hard that mom had trouble taking these pictures. This is one of our toys in the water dish. Mom was throwing it for Peanut (as I don't like it much) and it bounced into the water dish.

The next 2 pictures are of Peanut pushing the toy around in the water dish. He did this for what seems like forever. He would go up and push the toy around and then back off and then go push it around and then back off. See him with his legs all spread out that's his I'm not sure about this pose.

Here is me going in to get the toy out of the dish but mom and dad told me I couldn't.

Okay so this whole toy in the dish went on for 5 minutes with Peanut just pushing it around and not getting it out of there. I couldn't figure out what his problem was but I think the big weirdo is so afraid of water he couldn't even get his toy out of some. Geez. Mom and Dad were just laughing and laughing at him until mom felt bad enough that she went over and got the toy out for him. Then he wouldn't play with it until it dried off. hahahahaha It was just so funny. I mean he's huge and he's afraid to get his toy out of our inside water dish. I think he needs to see someone about this fear. It is obviously affecting his quality of life. harooo

Later gators


  1. What a mean mommy throwing your toy in your water bowl then laughing at you. I think you should drop the toy in her water and see how she likes it! HMPH!!!!!

    Frenchie Snorts

  2. Flash, Being a nice brother, you should give Peanut more moral support to overcome his fear rather than joining your mean parents in laughing at him...

    If it is my toy in the water, I will ignore it totally and abandoned the whole bowl of water too.


  3. Why do they always laugh at us?

  4. Were you trying to save it, or drown it?

    Simba xx


    But you know, there's not telling what might pop out of that water dish. You've seen the horror movies, haven't you?!

    Peanut looks so funny with his legs all tensed up and spread out. Poor boy! :-)

  6. Oh Peanut, I feel your pain. I won't take anything out of my water dish either....

  7. I do think that that toy was getting bigger and actually moving in that water. Maybe Peanut knows something that one else does. It could be one of those EVIL toys like Chuckie!

  8. WOW! Peanut! That looks super fun what you are doing! :) I need to try that! About eating the couch, let's just say it was a loooonnnngggg process!:)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  9. Peanut, you're so silly!! My sister Lola does that in her baby pool except she barks at NON STOP until Mom comes & gets it out for her.


  10. Oh Peanut,I know I shouldn't laugh at you but.....hehehehe!

    Oscar x

  11. Hi, Peanuts.
    The same thing happens to me everytime a toy goes by accident (and this is pretty often) to my water bowl. I never cant take it out of there!
    Don't let Flash or your parents make fun of you!
    Have a nice day

  12. I, Peaches, love ice cubes. Mom thinks its hillarious to throw them in the water dish and make me 'bob for cubes.' So humiliating! I hope she doesn't see your blog post. I wouldn't want her to start throwing other toys in the water!

  13. That's happened to me a couple of times too Peanut and mom laughs her head off! I don't understand what's so funny! I need help! I totally understand buddy!

    Love ya lots,

  14. Oh, I often put my toys in my water bowl, root them around a bit with my nose, then take them out. The best part... when I squeeze them, water gushes out all over the floor, then I dig in it, ha roooo!

  15. You should dump the bowl over. That will teach them laughing at you!!!!

    ♥ Saidie

  16. interesting that peanut would want to take the toy out of the water bowl. what i normally do is stand there and bark hoping for help.

    wet wet licks


  17. Oh Flash, we were waiting for the scoop on Peanut! Um, does he know you posted this?? I'd sleep with one eye open the next few nights... HAHHA.

    I know, I shouldn't laugh...but it's so funny!! A big dude like Peanut being all scared over a little bowl of water. LOL!~


  18. hehehe!. I know it's not vewy funny but I can't help it.. somepawdy's afraid of the water!

    but how does peanut take a bath???! does he get hysterics??!


  19. Poor Peanut! My sissy is that way. IF she drops her ball in the bowl someone has to get it out for her. But she's not afraid of water. Hmmm.


  20. Peanut! I haven't been over to visit in ages. Your kind of a goof with the toy in the water dish thing, but I can't really make fun of you since. um, my mom can block a doorway with a kleenex box and I won't walk over it. Some of us just know things that others don't. It's their problem if they don't see the danger.

  21. Awww, I don't feel embarrased for Peanut! When my toy gets thrown in the water dish, I just bark & bark until mum gets up and gets it out of there! I won't even get my toy if it's stuck in the corner!

  22. uh oh, this sounds like a doofus move!!

  23. hehehehehehehe That's funny! I know it's mean to say this but, IT'S JUST A WATER DISH! Your parents should have let you get it out for Peanut, Flash. Doesn't he know that water is tons of fun. What he should have done was pushed it further into the water dish making sure it was good and wet and maybe a little inside then take it to your Mom or Dad and plop it in their lap. I LOVE that game!!!!

  24. Poor Peanut! I feel the same way, but Dakota always puts her toys in the water.