Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blue Hair and a tree for Tad

Okay our dear friend Tad has been looking into the activities of his Massah and trying to figure out why he was being shot at the other night and why his tree was killed. He posted today a picture of Massah's blue toes. Well after seeing them we think our mom must be in on whatever Massah is doing since she has blue hair. Check it out.

She actually told us it isn't as blue as she wanted because she used some other kind of dye (see she's trying to kill things dye or die I think she's just trying to confuse us by spelling it weird) then the one she normally uses.
Oh and then we went outside and found this

We think it's Tad's tree's brother. Hey Tad if you want this one we can dig it up and send it to you then you can make big boy pee pee on it.


  1. You guys better be careful! I saw Tadpole's post and thought of you guys and your Mom's blue hair. Does she have the weird writting on her arm, too? I'm going to keep a watch out for any funny blueness going on at my house. You guys becareful!!
    PS Hi Flash!!

  2. It's circus hair! Watch her any attempts to get really big floppy shoes.

  3. blue hair is COOL! that looks great. We felt sad for Tad. Hey that rhymed!

  4. Hmm, suspicious. I think their is some blue society for the hoomans. I think the rest of us need to keep a close eye on out hoomans.

    Oscar x

  5. The blue hair is very cool!! Mom would never be that brave.

    How nice of you to find Tad a new pee pee tree! I think you should mail it to him.


  6. WOW...I want my Mom to get some pink here. I think I will show her your Mom...maybe it will inspire her. Oh and I found a Tad Tree brother too! Are you going to send yours to him?

    Lot of Licks, Ruby

  7. didn't know tree has siblings too! lol

    wet wet licks


  8. OH MY GOSH! What is going on?!?! You have Tree's BROTHER and your mom is blue TOO?!?! I don't even know what to say!!! Did someone shoot at your the other night too?! If so, we have some real problems that I can't even begin to comprehend....

  9. I love your mommy's hair, I wish I could be blue too, that would be cool

    Frenchie Snorts

  10. Hi, Peanuts.
    That blue thing must mean something.
    Your moms blue hair looks nice!
    That tree would be a great present for Tad.
    Have a nice day

    P.S. I nominated you to be a Rockin' Guy Blogger!

  11. Hey Peanut - swing by our blog we are having a contest!