Monday, July 09, 2007

Google searches

Mom has been saving up a list of some funny, some odd, and some very disturbing google searches that have led to my blog. So I decided which ones I wanted on here and here is the list.

1. I love my grammy: Now I spell it Grammie but yes I love her. She sends us dog treats and puts up with Flash being a licky loo when she comes and visits. We are waiting and trying to be patient for our trip to her and Grandma Careens house so we can see them all.

2. Boxer-Pug Cross: Hmm I don't go much for those designer dogs. While cute we don't quite agree that you should be breeding them. Go rescue a dog from a shelter instead.

3. Crossbone & Skull dog collar: See here to check out my great skull and crossbone collar I got from Kathleen at Snazy Petz. Link to her is included in post.

4. What does a baby pygmy snake look like?: Now to tell you I had no idea there was such a thing but after careful research I have only found pictures of rattlesnakes that are pygmys. Not something I want to meet ever.

5. Darryl Worley shirtless: Okay now we like Darryl Worley he sings the song posted on this blog in fact but really I have no idea how your search led you to my blog or why you would want to see him shirtless. Mom says she likes this search and might have to go do this one on her own.

and we saved this one for last. It is very disturbing so don't read it if you think it might bother you.

6. Photos of dogs being defurred in china: We don't know what is wrong with these chinese. They won't let people read our friend Wally's blog and now someone wants to see dogs being defurred there. That is just sick and we hope something evil happens to you. Why would you want to see that?

Okay on to other news. I am feeling a little better. I still have runny poo and mom says if it doesn't get better she is taking me to the vet. I am eating and drinking and playing like normal though. There should be a picture of the blue hair tomorrow maybe if I can get mom to take one and to get doggy crack go visit Mary . We love the stuff it is our favorite treat.


  1. It's awesome that everyone is doing this now!


    Nanook and Pooka

  2. Hi Peanut! While I agree with you 100% on the "designer dog" thing (my ma ape tells people I"m a designer dog and you can get all sorts of unique and valuable dogs like me at the pound!) I am a bit curious about the logistics of a boxer-pug mix.


    Ps. I hope your belly is better so you don't have to go to the V-E-T! And do tell us about the doggie crack! WHAT IS IT???

  3. Hey, glad you are feeling better. Maybe it's the heat or is it something you ate? Hope you are better.

  4. Hey Peanut, glad you're feeling a little better. We hope your poop thickens up soon (that's something you don't hear everyday). And thanks for the heads up on China. We'll be staying the heck away from there.

    ~Pug Hugs~
    Duke & Gidget


  6. Those are some really weird searches. I've thought about doing posts like this, too but I'm afraid of what I'd find!

  7. It's obvious to me that baby pygmy snakes are smaller than adult pygmy snakes and probably smaller than baby regular snakes!

  8. I hope your runny poo clears soon. Runny poo stinks!

  9. Hi, Peanuts.
    I hope you are doing better now! Do your best to avoid that visit to the vet!
    Sometimes I can't understand those searches people make. And sometimes is better not to know!
    Have a good night

  10. your google searches are funny too! except how in the world would defurring dogs lead to you!?

  11. how were you able to get those stuff???

    defurred in china???? you seem okay to me!.. maybe tad is because he's the china-man

    Hope you're feeling better now!


  12. Hehehe, more great searches. I have a lot stored up which I'll have to post about at some point.

    Oscar x

  13. hmm... seems like quite a no. of you are doing this google search thingy huh. i wonder if i should put up one too.

    wet wet licks


  14. Glad you're feeling better Peanut. It's no fun feeling icky!

    Oh, I love my Grammie too!


    P.S. You're Mom has blue hair?? She's very brave. My Mom just colored hers red and was a big woosie about it!

  15. Hi Peanut: We hope your runny poo hardens up soon. Our mom just got new carpet and one of us (we won't reveal which one) already marked it with a small sample of runny poo for her!

  16. What would they do with all the dog fur they defurred? Evil is a foot no doubt! I looked at Wally's blog. There is no accounting for taste.

  17. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Glad you're feeling better! And mom says thanks for the advice for LuLu! She'll definitely pass it on!

  18. Oh poo. Runny poo is no fun! Shadow had that awhile ago but the guy that pokes us with needles and suggests that we eat less (what a dummy!) gave her some magic pills that helped her feel better real fast.

  19. Hi Peanut! How is your belly today? How's the poo situation?

    And I have to say that I love your Grammie too! She visited my blog and I'm so honored. *blush*


  20. Hee Hee Peanut... think of all those people shelling out all that dough for designer dogs that are just really "mutts" like us.
    Har Har.
    Wuf Ya -
    Gomer & Opie