Friday, July 06, 2007

Flash's day

Hey everydog it's Friday and that means me Flash. Aren't you all excited? Not much going on here at all. We've just been hanging out.
I did get out of the fence the other day but came right back. Mom says she hopes we have a better fence when we get to Louisiana so I will stop escaping. Hmm I think escaping is fun as long as I come back. Those 8 days out on my own did teach me a little something.
Peanut was sick yesterday. He pooped liquid all over the dining room. It smelled awful. He is feeling better now though. We have no idea what was wrong with him. Even I felt sorry for him. He hates to go in the house he just couldn't help it. Mom and Dad weren't mad at him at all Thank dogness. Dad got stuck cleaning it up to since Mom was dying her hair.
About mom's hair it is now Blue!!! That woman has some hair issues I think. I will try and get her to take a picture and post it so you can all see. I am just glad she doesn't try and dye me. I think I'm gorgeous just the way I am.
Well that is about it from here. I want to send a special shout out to my girl Lady Kaos.
Later gators


  1. Ooh yes, we need to see the blue hair!

    Happy weekend to you all!

    Oscar x

  2. Whew! I'm so glad you came back after your escape, Flash! That's kinda scary!

    Poor Peanut... and your poor parents! My girl complains when she has to clean up MINE, and I can imagine how much bigger Peanut's is!!!

  3. Yeah, that must have been scary for both you and your family.

    Oh no, I hope peanut is feeling better!

    Frenchie Snorts

  4. Hi! Our fence is short enough to escape but we don't. The food is INSIDE the fence.

    Sorry about Peanut's belly! That happens to my sissy for no apparent reason and it IS smelly and hard to clean up. It has gotten better with the raw but she still sometimes makes a mess-ewwwww! My ma ape feeds her some cottage cheese and pumpkin, usually. I hope he feels better soon.


  5. Your mom is trying to get the right color of hair so she can join the circus.
    Poor Peanut exploding all over the living room. Poor Dad having to clean it up.
    What is a matter with you. If you keep getting out of the fence how will you keep in touch with Lady Kaos?

  6. We hope Peanut is feeling better. Pooping liquid is never very fun.

    We can't wait to see the blue hair!

    ~Pug Hugs~
    Duke & Gidget

  7. I love escaping too. I'm an escape artist!

    I hope Peanut is feeling better soon!


  8. Hi, Flash.
    Don't escape. We are better in our houses with our loved ones!
    Poor Peanuts. I hope he gets better soon!
    Yes, we need to see a picture of that blue hair! Must be fun!
    Have a nice day

  9. Anonymous3:37 PM

    HI Flash!
    Hope Peanut is feeling better... Opie had the same distress yesterday. Maybe they contracted a virus online?

    Dogmom said thanks to Peanut for all the comments in a row today! He must be exhausted!

    Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie

  10. I wonder if something is in the aire? Mitch pooped nasty liquid stuff under the dining room table! Mom gave him a Slippery Elm capsule and he's all better! I hope Peanut feels better!

    Love ya lots,

  11. oh peanut had bad poopies that is so sad! I am glad he is feeling better!

  12. Oh no, hows Peanut doing? Hope the poo will be normal again. I pooed liquid too and my hoomans just went " OH DEAR, STINKY!"
    How rude!


  13. Hey Flash
    Hey Peanut
    Hope you're feeling better.


  14. Our new sissie Bella likes to escape, too. She goes exploring around the neighborhood, then comes back. Momma is afraid she's gonna get squished by a car. We don't know why she would want to go anywhere. Momma and Daddy give us everything we could ever want!

    The BLUE HAIR is a must see! Do post a pic!
    Eddie & Peaches

  15. Flash - Thanks for the Peanut health news. We hope peanut is better real soon, and as for you no escaping!! It makes the humans age at a rapid rate!!

    Love - Dory

  16. 2 posts in a row, Flash! Peanut must be sick...

    Give him kisses and hugs from all of us.

    Blue hair. What's up with your cool mama??

    Goober love,

  17. Boxer healing vibes heading out for Peanut!

  18. Hi Flash!
    I tried posting this weekend, but our stupi home computer doesn't always cooperate with Mom and I. It's Dad's computer and we're sure he has it set up to only work riught for him.
    I am definately looking forward to the blue hair picture. Does your Mom read the label on the hair color and these weird colors are just on accident or is she just weird? My Mom is weird, but I don't think she'd ever do that to her hair. At least I think she wouldn't, she does a lot of things I don't think she's going to do.
    I have to go get ready for Aunt Cassie's visit tonight. I have to show her all my new toys and let her play with them.