Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry's Here

Sorry we haven't updated in the past couple of days. Mom has been busy keeping an eye on the two little kids next door since their parents are trying to clean their house because they are getting ready to move. We get more treats when they come over though since they like to feed us.
We got some travel bowls for our long trip to visit Grammie, Pappy, Auntie Shalon and Grandma Careen along with the rest of the family. Here are a couple pictures of us using them. Mom said she felt sorry for me because I had to push my whole head in there to get all the food because of my smushed up face. Flash didn't have to do that. I think that's okay as long as I keep getting fed.
Here is a picture of me and dad sleeping on the couch. He is actually asleep and I am laying on his legs. He didn't even notice. The one of mom and me is from later that night. She is awake though and I am getting down because I noticed Dad with the camera.
The new neighbor boxers are back from their trip to Florida so we have been spending time running up and down the fence line with them. It is fun fun fun. If only Flash would quit barking and just run. He's kind of stupid though so I don't know if he can.
I got an email from Grammie saying that our blankets are done but she is waiting for Auntie Shalon to put our initials on them so we will always know which one belongs to who. I hope she doesn't take forever. I am getting excited to see them.
Oh and that Harry Potter guy showed up at our house today. After hearing about him from lots of you I am going to be prepared to be neglected for a little while. But dad told me Mom will probably just stay up all night reading it and be done by tomorrow morning. So we will see. I will let you know.


  1. HEY GUYS!!! I'm FINALLY getting caught up!!! I missed reading all your adventures! And first of all, I just have to say this: PEANUT! You're HUGE! I never really noticed it until I saw you sleeping with your mom and dad! I mean, I knew you're a BOXER, but... I guess I just didn't imagine you *quite* as big as you are!

    Yep, my girl is done reading about Hairy Potty. It's not too bad - once they start they usually just keep on and on and on until they're done.

  2. Peanut, I know how you feel.... IT has a loooong nose that he can poke into bowls (like Flash), where I have to smash my entire face into them to get the last remnants of food out.... I don't complain though either, as long as I get food! Hee! :-)

  3. Oh Peanut beware of Hairy Potty...My mom has started reading but because she has been busy with work she hasn't just sat down and finished it...I fear this will go on and on for me :(

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. I love those travel bowls! I have a set of blue ones and Sasha has a set of red ones. We always use them for camping and going to visit Grandma Cheese!
    I am really hating Harry Potter. My mom says she's half done with him and will hopefully be done with him soon.
    Hi Flash!

  5. Oh Peanut, those dishes look difficult. Were you able to get all your food? I don't know if I could manage one of those.
    It's good that your mom and dad share the sofa with you.
    Can't wait to see the blankies.

  6. Hi, Peanut.
    You got very nice travel dishes, but I also think its difficult to get your food from them!
    Nice pictures of you with your mom and dad.
    I hope your mom reads fast!
    Have a good night

  7. Tell your mom to bring the new Harry Potter book with her. She can put it with the rest of the set that Pappy hasn't read. Ask her is she has read Stephanie Plum #13. I have it, but am reading something else right now. Mostly online courses so I can re-certify. They are not as much to read. I hope that bowl doesn't get stuck on your face.

  8. Hey!!! mom got me a travel bowl recently too!!!

  9. hey peanut, let us know who got killed in the hairy book yer. been reading so many news about the book but mom never follows or read a single haIry potter book before so she won't start now.

    i like the picture of you with mom and dad. i don't sleep on couch, that's just not me.

    wet wet licks


  10. That Harry Potter really is magic, he's everywhere all at once.

    Simba x

  11. I bet you're getting excited about your trip now!

    Oscar x

  12. I'm with Tadpole...I didn't realize how big & studly you are Peanut!! I like a big guy :o). I so used to Lola who is a miniBoxer.

    Your girl,


  13. You have not got a "mushed up" face, you have a very handsome face!

  14. PEANUT - you silly boy! I will poop in my box and then eat it - that's what I do anyway! See, there's not a single problem with my plan!

    Don't tell my girl I'm going to eat my poo... she gets very angry....

  15. Our mom read that Harry Potter book all in one day. This was on Sunday. It was very boring because Mom stayed on the couch all day and Dad was working in the garage, so we were bored. At one point Steve jumped on Mom and got in trouble. Good luck to you!

    Steve and Kat

  16. My goodness, everyone's humans are reading that book!


  17. harry potter didn't show up in our house...my owner need 2 Q for it...

    btw..our's r UK edition...is thinner n more expensive...sad tat my place here dun hv US edition

  18. my mom is always light years behind everyone and JUST NOW got harry potter book 1 so she will be catching up to this last book. I am surprised we even have electricity with the way my mom is behind the times!

  19. Peanut!

    While the parents are reading Hairy Potty just get online and chat more with us.

    I love the pics of you with each of your 'rents. You must be a daddy's boy since you would forego lying on the couch to go sniff him out behind the camera.

    Be careful with your new bowl. I'd hate for you to have to walk around with it on your head.

    BTW, if you'll have me, I'm now an honorary cousin of yours and Flash's. Your Grammie said she'd adopt me too (like she has Wally) since she's obviously running a program for grandparent-less dogs. Thanks for sharing her with us. It's good to be loved by a Grammie, but I know that most of her heart is yours.

    Your goober cuz,