Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Dad

Hey everydog It's me Flash. I get to interview Dad so on to the interview

Flash(F): Hey dad how are you today?
Dad (D): I'm okay

F: Okay so mom told us how you met so we don't need that information. Let's talk about something else. How long have you been in the army?
D: Forever

F:How long is forever?
D: 13 years

F: What is your job?
D: I used to be an armor crewman and now I'm a cavalry scout

F: What is an armor crewman?
D: Someone that is a member of the crew on a tank

F: Wow so you got to play on a tank?
D: Yep

F: What was your favorite thing to do on a tank?
D: pull the trigger

F: Okay so what is a cavalry scout?
D: scouts are the people who go out on the battlefield and find the bad guys and tell everyone else where they are.

F: Am I your favorite dog?
D:I don't have a favorite dog

F: Why don't you have a favorite dog?
D: I can't have a favorite dog when you are both your moms

F: Why is it more fun to play with you then mom?
D: I'm rougher and don't get hurt as easily

F: Yes that's true mom is kind of a weenie isn't she?
D:She's just more sensitive then me

F: Are you just trying not to get into trouble by calling her a weenie?
D Of course

F: Hmm well I can't think of anything else to ask. Thanks for sitting down with me for the interview
D: Your welcome I suppose you want a treat now.

F: Yeah that would be good

Okay so that was my interview with dad. I am off to get a treat.


  1. best sort of interview, Peanut, the one which ends with a treat! ha ha ha!

    enjoyed that one!

    love licks, Marvin xxxxx

  2. Lickey Loo:
    I think you did this interview just to get a treat!!!

  3. Aha ha ha - that was great, Flash! Succinct and to the point. Bravo!

    PS - your dad is really good, with the "she's just more sensitive" comment and all.... No wonder your mom's kept him for all these years! ;-)

  4. Your dad's job sounds very dangerous! Make sure you give him extra hugs and one from me too!

    Love ya lots,

  5. ok peanut, here's the plan. maybe your dad the scout can team up with the army of 4, and they can all go find out what bad guys were shooting up the neighborhoods in dog-blog-dom last night! they SAY it was the 4th of july, but we know that was just their cover!!! go get 'em, scout!

    it must be sooooo cool to have a hero for a daddy!!

    poochie smoochies, coco

  6. Hi Peanut--Tell us more about that treat! Ha!

    Your dad's job sounds scary he must be very brave to have that job and play rough with you!


  7. Hi Flash....Your Dad is a very important person. Our family is grateful for people like your Dad!!

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  8. Hi Peanut. We are proud of your Dad. He's one of the good guys. Good interview.
    I'll let you know about the grilled bison. My mom is kinda goofy about raw, so we'll never get to try food like "real dogs." I'll have to hear about from you.
    Where are you'all moving in Louisiana? It's not bad where we live, in Metairie, just very very hot and humid. Your mom will just have to get you a kiddie pool and a sprinkler. I love it.
    Nice to meet you. MayaMarie

  9. ooh my dad LOVES tanks he has a million books about tanks and some models of tanks!

  10. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Wow! Your dad sounds soooo cool!

  11. good interview there Flash. Be sure and tell your mom that your dad said she was a weenie and then sit back and watch what happens. It'll probalby be fun.


  12. hehehe flash, you are right. playing with dad is more fun. my mom, i bite her a bit and she would scream like hell! while dad can take the bite. but but but, i have a confession to make, i once knocked mom teeth til bleed... that's why she is afraid to play rough with me.

    wet wet licks


  13. Wow, your Dad has such an exciting job!!!


  14. Good job on the interview, Flash. Even better job securing the treat! HAH!
    Your Dad has a scary job. We're thankful to him that he's doing it.
    Eddie & Peaches

  15. Good job on the interview Flash. I hope you got a yummy treat for it

    ~ girl girl

  16. WOw i think you will be really proud to have such a cool dad!
    Pulling trigger as a fav thing to do is something. hehehe
    You deserve a good treat! Good interview~

  17. Wow, your dad is really brave!

    Oscar x

  18. Nice job Peanut - I am working on my dad to do an innterview but you know those strong military types - they are hard to pin down!!

    Take care - Dory

  19. Flash!

    Way to go! Great interview, and you kept the goal in sight... treats!! That's focus.

    Goober love,

  20. That was a great interview. I wish I would have thought to ask for a treat after my interview with Mom!