Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The mom

Okay our good friend Miss Reina tagged me to let you all know about my mom so in the ways of the great interviews that have gone before me I am going to interview my mom (it probably won't be as good as everyone else's though so just bear with me.) Here is the transcript.

Peanut(P): Hey mom How are you this morning?
Mom(M): Hi Peanut I'm good

P: That's good. Okay we will start at the beginning. When did you meet Dad?
M: I met your dad in the 7th grade

P: 7th grade? Holy moly wasn't that like 100 years ago?
M: No it was appx 19 years ago

P: Hmm, that is still a long time ago. How long did you and dad date? That is what you humans do right date?
M: Yeah humans date but your dad and I never did

P: Wait a minute how did you get together if you never dated?
M: Your dad was one of my best friends through school and in fact we got engaged when he came home from boot camp at 18 but broke up and stayed in touch while your dad was off to germany among other places then got back together 4 years later and got married.

P: That is all to confusing for me. Wait a minute Dad was in Germany without you?
M: Yes your dad has been stationed in Germany twice. Once before we were married and once when we were married which is when we got you.

P: Neat, so on to the next question. Lots of other dogs are asking their moms when they are going to have kids. Now you have given me two fine kids of my own but really I would like more to play with so when are you going to give them to me?
M: I'm not there won't be any more kids

P: Come on mom, kids are fun we need more.
M: Nope no more kids and anyway your dad is neutered.

P: WHAT? Poor dad How could you do that to him?
M: I didn't do it to him the doctor did it to him because your dad said it was okay.

P:Mumbling to himself-geez poor dad, mom got him neutered too. What kind of woman is she?
M: What was that Peanut?

P: Nothing Mom Next question What do you do?
M: Well I take care of you and Flash and Raven and Shelby and the turtles and as you put your kids.

P: No I mean what's your job
M: That is my job.

P: Okay did you ever do anything else?
M: Well I was a dental assistant before your dad and I got married is that what you mean?

P: Yep thanks. Why do we have so many other animals in the house I think just me would be plenty?
M: You would miss all of them except Shelby if I got rid of them Peanut so stop

P: Okay but you love me best right? I mean I know you spent a ton of money to fly me over here from Germany with you so you must love me the most.
M: I love all of you but yes you are right we spent a ton of money to fly your big butt over here from Germany but we flew Raven over also.

P: My big butt? How insulting Did I say anything about your Big butt? It's about 5 times the size of mine.
M: Okay Okay sorry let's not mention my butt

P:So what kind of hobbies do you have?
M: Not many I like to help you with your blog and I love to read.

P: Yeah I think the reading should stop some and you should play with me more. How many books do you read a month anyway?
M: Usually anywhere from 15 to 20

P: Well if you spent less time reading you could spend more time playing with me.
M: I play with you quite enough I think

P: Well I don't but anyhoo do you think I will like it in Louisiana?
M: I think you will like it anywhere your kids are.

P: Yes, that may be true. I do love my kids
M:Yes I know you do. I love your kids too.

P: How much longer until I get to go see Grammie?
M: About 2 months

P: 2 months? That is forever how will I wait?
M: You will just have to you are as bad as your kids. We all want to go home to visit

P: Yeah but I've never been there I think I want to go more then everyone else.
M: I doubt that but who knows

P: Okay so I think I need to interview Grammie she could tell us all sorts of stories about you I bet
M: Yes she could but you won't interview her if you ever want anymore doggy crack

P: Speaking of Doggy crack can I have some?
M: Are we done here?

P: if you will give me some crack we are
M: Okay let's go then

Like I said not to exciting but tomorrow Flash is going to interview dad and since he's the army guy we think he's more exciting then mom. Oh and I did get some doggy crack.


  1. What kind of crack is your favorite?

  2. Ooooh, I think your Grammie should get on here!! Hee hee!

    And your mom got your DAD nootered too?!?! Yikes! But she must not be too bad because she dyes her hair pink and she gave you your kids, right...?!

  3. Great interview Peanut! I can't wait to see Flash's interview!!!

  4. Hi, Peanuts
    You did a great interview to you mom. Sure you know how to make things fun!!
    Your mom reads a lot!! Sure she likes it!
    My mom admires your mom.
    Have a nice day

  5. Awesome interview Peanut. We can't get our parents to tell us anything about themselves. Maybe you could come interview them for us.

    ~Pug Hugs~

  6. Hi Peanut.....How lucky you are to have a stay at home Mom to cater after your every need. I hope you let her know how much you appreciate her.

    Love, Seadra

  7. Wow, 15 - 20 books a month as well as looking after your kids and all you guys? Nice going mum!##

    Oscar x

  8. Hi Peanuts, my Jeannie (my hooooman adopted ma!) she stays at home too, isn't it great, no going to work and leavin' me for hours.

    Lots of walkies and lotsa luv xxxxx

    ps Jeannie says that was a real funny interview! ;0)

    take care my friend, Marvin xxxxxx

  9. Hey Peanut...
    Pawsome interview with your Mom. You may want to consider a career in journalism...hee, hee, hee.

    Wow - your Mom sure reads a lot of books!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  10. Wow! That is too cool that your mom and dad met in the 7th grade!

    Love ya lots,

  11. Hi Peanut,

    Wow great interview! It was a good job done! So does your dad bring your mum to alot of dates now after they are married? heheh


  12. She nooooterd your dad! Whoa I'd listen to everything she tells you to do! Besides that your mommy seems like a very nice mommy.

    That is so swee that me met your daddy when they were still in school.

    Oh man, I better not let my mom hear that about the books, she just might try to read more books.

    Frenchie Snorts

  13. Peanut,

    Excellent job with the interview. Your ma is more interesting than mine and she must be busy with all those peeps and pets to take care of!

    Now, tell us about that doggie crack..


  14. Very nice interviewing skills, Peanut! Only 2 more months till you visit your Grammie in Oregon, huh? You're going to love it here!

    xoxo - Bella

  15. fun interview, peanut! you must be so proud of your nootered dad, the way he has served our country. i think that is pawesome.

    but what is crack?

    curiously, coco

  16. Hey Peanut,
    Nice interview! You sure are funny. Your Mama & Papa's meeting story is very similar to our Grandma & Grandpas. Grandma traveled from state to state cause her Daddy worked for the government building roads & bridges. She first met Grandpa in grade school, then moved away. Then met again when she moved back & worked at the ice cream store in 7th grade. Then they met & dated after high school & then Grandpa got drafted into the army & had to go to Germany for almost 2 years. They were married when he got out.
    You were asking about our id tags, Mama got them at:
    You can get either a heart, paw print or bone for the picture and pick what color you want. We had 4 lines of text on the back but think you can have 1 or 2 more. They are not quite $10.
    Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  17. Peanut:
    If you interviewed me I would tell you about Daisy and Sam. They were the dogs that your mom and auntie had when they were YOUNG. Daisy was a GREAT dog. Don't worry about that neutered thing. Every male around here is neutered.

  18. What??? Your Mom got your dad neutered ?? Oh my dog, I'm gonna have to tell my Dad that!

    Wow, your mom reads that many books a month?? All my mom ever reads are magazines. I don't think she's very intelligent. (Mom: Toby!! Stop it!).

    When your Mom was a dental assistant, did she give needle jabs like at the vets??


  19. peanut, a long interview but we get to know your mom better. wow, your mom and dad's story is pretty interesting. they never date? peanut, do u believe them?? probably they were at a date but didn't know it.

    wet wet licks


  20. That is such an interesting interview. Can't wait to see Flash interview your dad tomorrow

    ~ girl girl

  21. Mom wants to get our Dad neutered too but he says NO! Chicken.

    Can't believe your Mom knew your Dad since 7th grade!! 19 years is like 200 million dog years!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  22. Peanut,

    I'm sure I speak for everydoggie (and Girl Girl) when I say, what the hell?????

    Nootering dads and doggie crack?? I though this was a G-rated blog.

    So... do tell about that crack...

    Goob love,