Friday, December 28, 2007


Hey it's Friday so it's me the Flash man. Mom lost the cable to her camera so we can't download anything. She says it's somewhere in the house and since she just cleaned she probably put it somewhere weird.
We had pictures of the lovely treats we got from Grammie and also the present we got from Miss Sunshade. We were so excited since both packages were total surprises. I will make her look for the cable so we can get the pictures up.

Our kids got a ton of stuff for Christmas and were very happy. Mom got a couple of presents from the kids and money from Grammie and pappy.

We don't know if you all got to see the comment our dad put on our last post but here it is
"Thanks for all the good thoughts and support and have a happy Christmas and a merry new year
Peanuts Dad"

Dad says he is doing as well as possible. He's called a couple times since he left and gets to email more often. So he's staying in touch with the kids and mom.

Not much else is new here.

Later taters


  1. Hey guys - just checking in!!

    Glad to hear you've heard from your dad and everyone had a good Christmas.

    Take care!!

    Love, Dory

  2. That's awesome that you heard from your dad! We hope your mom finds her camera cable soon! We know how frustrating this can be for her!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. I'm glad your dad is doing all right! I think my Mom would curl up into a ball and sob uncontrollably if she lost her camera. Love, Martha

  4. If your mom cleans like my mom, she put it in a "safe place" where she'd be able to find it easy. My mom never knows where stuff is after she cleans. I always have to talk her through finding her stuff. Actually she sits on the couch and talks to me and I just sit and stare at her and pretend to listen and that usually helps, not always though.
    I bet you missed your Dad a lot on Christmas. It's great he gets to call and email and post on your blog. I bet it's great for him to read the blog to see what you guys are up to (and what trouble Peanut's in).
    Tell Peanut congratulations on winning photo of the month. I know I've congratulated him several times already, but it makes me all giggly knowing someone I nominated, won!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love Kaos

  5. Its probably at the Bermuda triangle !Thats where all our good stuff disappears to.
    Glad to hear that dad is doing great

  6. That's great that your dad is doing okay. We hope he got our card. Both of us were looking very lovely on it, so I'm sure he's got it hanging up by his bed. Ha ha. :-)

    Steve and Kat

  7. Hi there! Glad to know that your dad is doing ok and everyone had a great Christmas! Hope your mom finds the cable soon.

  8. I know how much you all miss your Dad! Glad to hear that he is in touch with you and that he is fine.
    Cleaning at my house means missing things too! And my mom always says "I've just saw it".
    Have a good night

  9. Hey Flash!

    Hurry with those pictures...can't wait to see you! So glad you keep hearing from your Dad...must make your Mom and your Kids happy!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

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  11. hooray for your dad! our thoughts & prayers are with him and all the troops, especially this time of year...

    (ps: that deleted comment was from me. i made a typo so i deleted it, but didn't realize it would make a huge COMMENT DELETED post. oy.)

  12. That is great that you guys get to stay in touch with your Dad.

  13. I noticed your Dad's comment yesterday. We are always losing stuff here, so your Mum is not alone.

    Jeannie has lost the charger cable for her mobile phone.....she has turned the darn house upside down and still cannot find it. So good luck with your search!!!!

    We are pleased your Dad has been in touch and is ok. We hope he got our Christmas card, it was a picture of where we live taken in the winter, all very snowy!

    lots of love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Tell your mom to check the freezer for the cable. Did she get any pictures of you and Peanut getting into a fight over the treats? I had Cubby do clip art of Moco, Foley and Dawson. Check it out on his blog. Click on the clip art of Cubby and it will take you there. I am pleased with them.

  15. Hope your mom finds the cable soon! We love seeing pictures of you guys! You are so lucky to have such a brave dad! You rock Flash/Peanuts dad!

  16. We are glad to hear that your dad is ok and that you still get to talk to him. Hope your mom finds the cable soon.
    Comet and BLU

  17. That's so great that you hear from your Dad. Tell him we all appreciate everything he's doing and is in our thoughts and prayers. We hope Mom finds that cable soon!

  18. Is lost camera cables a chronic problem? Kind of like my dad regularly losing his glasses? Maybe we can find a support group that will help them learn how to keep better track of things!

  19. How splendid that you got to hear from your dad! Good luck in finding the cable. Our mother is always losing something. Happy New Year!!

  20. We're glad you heard from your Dad, we bet your Mom was happy too. Just wanted to say hi and that we're thinkin' about ya.

    Tucker & The Brats

  21. Anonymous1:36 AM

    How cool is that to hear from your dad!!

    We hope your mum finds the camera cable soon.


  22. we can't wait 2 c those picture...

    maybe u can help ur mum to sniff out the cable...

  23. Hey, FlashMan!

    GIve your mama some everlovin' goober smooches from me & my sissy, Stella. Now, maybe she'll be able to find that cable (goober smooches have memory recovery properties, in case you didn't know).

    So cool that your dad gets to call & peemail so often. Glad to hear he is well!

    Goober love,

  24. we can't get our pictures up lately either, although I think its more our busy mom than loss of cords. Glad to hear you've been in touch with your dad!