Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm being tortured

Someone needs to come rescue me. I am being tortured. My mom has attached a leash to me and won't let it go. I have to go everywhere with her inside the house and she won't let me go anywhere by myself. She says it is because I don't want to behave and have been barking at her nonstop and won't stop trying to get to the cat food and the snacks the cat leaves in the litter box. I say I'm just trying to get her attention and the cat leaves those treat for me.
Here are some pictures of my torture. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to end let me know. See the leash? I'm sad in this picture. .
And look mom was reading all the blogs so she attached the leash to her foot so her hands were free.

This has been going on since Friday. It is awful,awful,awful.


  1. Mom does that to Sherman when we eat bullies or Kongs because he tries to steal them from Lola & I. Then we fight.

    Think of it this way Peanut...you get to spend all kinds of QT with your Mom!! That can't be too bad.



  2. Quit barking and eating cat poo, you big goof!

  3. Peanut...tell your mommy that I, the expert on separation anxiety, have determined that you are behaving this way 'cause you miss your dad and you want more attention from her.

    Take my advice and settle down a little at a time, no miracle cures, just returning good behavior.

    ps...about the cat thing...that's gross!

  4. Peanut, tell your mom you are just acting up because your dad is gone. Gradually, everyone will get used to it and you won't be so goofy. We all act like you do when something changes in our house. Drives our mom NUTS. Sam thought his leash had grown into mom's waist at one point. He was never off of it.

  5. My evil mom does the same thing to me when i chew on her plants in the house. she also does it when we have peepol over. your not alone

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Can you chew through the lead Peanut?? You're just worried about where your dad is I bet. I'm sure you'll settle down soon though.


  7. Oh dear... I hope you won't be tied up for too long... it must be horrible!


  8. Oh dear Peanut. I am a cat food thief too (not cat poops though) and poor Flakes as to eat her food locked in a room as I can open doors!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  9. Dozer Edwards2:56 PM

    Dear Peanut, I added you to my links because I want to stay in touch with this situation. Sometimes Mum makes me sit on the bed in the guestroom with the door closed when I eat everything I shouldn't or I won't stop licking her ears when she is sleeping (fun habit I cultivate). This too shall pass, like cat poo! Dozer

  10. Peanut
    I've nevew eaten cat poop, but I heaw it's a delicacy..and I agwee with Gussie you'we just missing youw Daddi...I'm sowwy you'we sad..I'm suwe the leash thingy wont last..meantime you;ll be at my house on thuwsday fow a pawty, and you don't have to weaw a leash,hehe
    tell youw Mommi she can be ouw fwiend anytime
    smoochie kisses

  11. Peanut,

    The main thing is if you want to do something that you know your mummy won't like is not to let her see you doing it!!! Now that you are being caught red handed, you will just have to serve the sentence. :P

    I used to fancy thos cats poopies too and jie jie got really upset when I tasted them and I will get scoldings.



  12. Oh dear Peanut. I think you're missing your dad. I'm sure your mom will 'release' you once you dont bark. Xmas is coming, it's good to be nice now

    ~ Girl girl

  13. Peanut -

    I like quality time with my human but that is a bit too much. You can come live with us any time. My mom brought in that silly tree and folded up my crate so I don't even have to be locked up anymore. I'll send a plane ticket as soon as I can figure out how to use the credit card.

    Please let your mom and Flash know that we mailed a card to your Dad yesterday.

    I also hate to say this but your Grammie is right!

    Love Dory

  14. Don't worry Peanut, when your mom sees how quiet and well-behaved you are, she'll let you loose. You look angelic sitting up there on that couch...I'm guessing you'll be free any day now!


  15. Hi, Peanut
    I really don't know what to say. Maybe it is, like our friends said, that you miss your Dad.
    Take the best of this situation. You are spending lots of time attached to your mom!
    Have a good night

  16. I can't let my mom read this. I too like to eat Wilbur's food and stuff from his litter box. I don't want her to leash me.


  17. That's rough, Peanut. My girl used to do that to me because I marked in the house when she wasn't looking. Guess what ... even when attached to the leash and attached to her leg, I would mark the second she wasn't looking. heheheh.
    Eventually she gave up and just let me free. Maybe your mom will give up too.

  18. woofies Peanut and Flash..watt is flash doing in all of dis...heehee he's hiding so she not get ideas to leash him up to da other leg...me finkies u got anzity too, wiff ur daddy leavin..u mama needs to hold u up over her head likie u daddy dids...trwy to b good, santapaws is a comin....

    b safe,

  19. hey Peanut, that leash can be a big bummer. you better behave, maybe learn some better manners, then your mom will let you go. it's hard, we know. hang in there.


  20. I think your mom just missed your dad so she's keeping you near her. As for the cat poo, it's delicious and she should know that. Isn't she the one who collects it and saves it in little bags, pretending to put it in the trash? Right. We all know that's a joke.

    Your dad is very brave, are you available? I'm fixed, but I still need a boyfriend. What do you think? An older woman boxer? Lucky lucky you!!!


  21. mmmmm cat food!

    Peanut, I should make the most of the "together" time with your Mama!

    I am sorry you are sad though!

    Hope you get released very soon!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  22. Walk around her legs three times and watch her fall over heheehehe.

    Simba xx

  23. Oh poor Peanut! Things just haven't been going your way lately - first your Daddy is gone and now you are being tied down. Be a good boy and maybe Mummy will release you. Hope things pick up for you.
    Jazz and Dixie

  24. Oh Peanut, I have to come help you chew that thing off. She has become a warden. You gotta set her stright. I think it's because we don't get snow. You would think since it got this cold we could at least have some snow.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  25. oh peanut, i'm so sorry... now behave!

    wet wet licks


  26. Hiya Peanut!

    I hope you don't mind but I have copied a few of your photos on your Blog for my Wednesday Tail Wag today.

    Please check out my Blog when you get a mo, if you are not happy with any of it or the pictures, just let me know and I will alter it!

    Take care, and thinking of you all1

    pee ess Jeannie bought the Christmas Card to send to your Dad today, it is a special one from our home town!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  27. Oh Dogs, Peanut! Got to say, that's hard. Lying on the couch doesn't look so bad though. Do you get to play? Does your mom go with you to do your business?


  28. I think your mom misses your dad and so she's attached herself to you right now because she's lonely.


  29. oh no! I hope your sentence is over soon! Love, Martha

  30. That is too funny! We do this with our puppy Stella because she won't stop ringing the bell on the door to let us know she has to go potty.

  31. YUMMMMM! We LOVE cat poo. But we don't have a cat, so we have to find all the cattreasures left by the feral cats in our town.
    If you do lots of cat poo foofies and cat poo kisses, your mom might take off your rope.
    Or maybe she is just using it as an excuse to love on you more.
    When we get naughty, we go some place to run and run and run. Can you do that? It helps.
    the whippet waggle

  32. oh poor chap...u seems like a prisoner

  33. I am not sure how to escape this one, maybe call that Jack Bauer guy from 24?

  34. Your Grammie makes me laugh...but she's probably right. It think you are just sad about your Dad leaving and need a little extra TLC - which you TOTALLY deserve. Consider this quality time with your Mom an than try and not let her catch you with the kitty food/snacks and you will be set!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  35. Poor poor Peanut. Though I am generally stuck to my ma ape by an invisible leash. But it's voluntary so that's different.


  36. Hey hey, you guys! Sorry we haven't visited in a while! We didn't even realize your dad had deployed! We'll be praying for him.
    Hmm... about that leash. I'm with Joe Stains; it may take Jack Bauer to get you out of this.
    When our dad used to deploy, mom upped my exercise a whole lot. It helped both of us cope. Maybe you could take your mom on really, really long walks.
    Tail wags,

  37. Poor you Peanut! Think of it this way - you're getting lots of attention from Mom. Lick her toes alot when your attached. Maybe she'll set you free for awhile. Or run real fast through the house so she has to run too. Yeah - that might do it.
    P.S. We're thinking safe thoughts for your Dad and we thank him for keeping us all safe and doing a very important job.

  38. WHAT?! Your cat makes TREATS for you to eat?! Where do I get me one of those?!

  39. Poor Peanut...Do you want us to send a rescue team over to confiscate the leash?

  40. Wow you are in hell. Louie doesn't listen either but Mom hasn't went that far with him yet. She always lets him get away with things because he is deaf and doesn't hear her. She is always signing "NO" to him. It is taking him a while to learn that one.

  41. leashes are for walks. silly mommy.

  42. Hey Peanut. We have the husky air on here do you'all? What happened to the Christmas winter weather?
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  43. Hi Peanut...I agree with the rest of the bloggy comments...you are missing your Pop...& I dont' blame you one bit..My dad travels a lot..but its nothin' like your Pop going away...just know that we are all praying for him & your family. So just keep outta the kitty poo (yuck!) & start enjoying the time with your momma...

    Love & Licks,

    ps..the card to your Pop is in the mail tomorrow!

  44. Peanut!
    It was gweat to have you and Flash at my house..I hope the pawty helped you feel lots bettew! You awe a vewy populaw pup and it was nice to see you enjoying youwselves!
    have a gweat weekend
    smoochie kisses

  45. Hey Peanut! Just checking in to see if you guys are doing ok. Your human might want to check out our blog from yesterday, because our servant made an IDIOT of herself and it might make your human laugh again and that would be music to your boxy ears.
    butt sniffs-
    the whippet waggle

  46. Hi Peanut,

    There are two things that work for me when it comes to getting my own way. The first one is lots of kisses.
    The second one is crying -- lots and lots of crying. If lots of kisses doesn't work, then Iots of crying usually does. Try it.

    Let me know how you make out.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  47. Poor Peanut buddy!

    You are such a turd burglar. (I say that because it takes one to know one).

    All I know is that you AND your mama need each other right now. Love on her when you're on the leash, then get as sneaky as you can when burglarizing the turds. That's what *I* do. (I've been where you are, buddy).

    Goober love & sympathy,

  48. Hi Peanut
    We will have to do something to retrain your mum. The paw rules !!!
    Love from Hammer

  49. Peanut...Maybe you have the wrong idea. Maybe she doesn't want you out of her sight just because she loves you do much.

    And we bet that the cat is leaving those treats just for you.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  50. Hey Peanut, I think the only way to stop this abuse is to stop eating kitty poops. But that's next to impossible in my book.

    Oh, and mom says yes, we know Auntie Amanda, the singer. She is really sweet and comes over and plays with me lots. We hope she becomes really famous one day because she is an amazingly talented singer. The woman playing guitar with the scarf around her neck is my Auntie Andrea. She calls me Sophalicious!


  51. Well I don't get the lead in the house, but we don't have a cat either. So sorry, can't offer any advice there.

    But we have done our card and will post it this week, hope it gets there in time.