Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hello there

Hello all. It is I, Shelby the cat. I have finally done away with that big stupid dog that barks at me all the time and thought I would take over his blog. I need a way to express myself and the fact that I am stuck in this house and that human woman and little humans won't let me go outside.
It is hard being a cat. Especially one as handsome as I. There is all the grooming and the beauty sleep and of course eating to keep my fine shape. Life is tough I tell you.
Then of course I have to put up with things like this

There I was sleeping on the arm of the couch when the little boy human threw a blanket on me.
I'm a CAT. I have a fur coat. I do not need a blanket. The indignity of it was just amazing.
But you should all enjoy the sight of me. Gaze at me in all my splendor.
Oh and just so you know the little dog is safe since he does not bother me and I may let him blog if I feel like it.



  1. !Gulp! You've "done away" with my Peanut??? Oh my DoGness...say it isn't so!!!

    I hope you sent him to my house.


  2. Hmph. You're reminding me of a certain fat, white cat I know. And he also got into my blog a few weeks ago. The cats are taking over! What will we do?!


  3. In answer to your question, Shelby, this is Petra, the DOG here. I may be small but I'm mighty. Mighty quick especially. And I'm definitely a dog. Just ask Peanut.

  4. Shelby ......well I draw the line at barking to cats in person, but hey, let Peanut back! And Flash, I miss them so much. Cats have no place on this blogging earth.

    So go away! I do not like cats.

    They taste like chicken.

  5. Oh no!! I hope my cat brother doesn't figure out how to get in MY blog. That would be horrible! As soon as he jumps onto the computer room chair he falls asleep so hopefully he'll just keep that up and never figure out the keyboard part. Good luck Peanut & Flash!!
    PS Tell your Grammie (and hopefully I'll post it tomorrow, too) thank you very much for her post. It made Mom cry, but in a good way. She's been doing that a lot today when she gets an email or phone call from a friend.

  6. Your cat looks just like our cat Shmed. She is a sissy though. She just stays in Mom and Dad's room. She runs sometimes so Louie and I can chase her!! She really gets upset when I try and step on her.. He he we really do NOT like those furballs with claws..

  7. My Mom thinks you are a very bewootiful kitty. She says our Shadow is really a cat that accidentally stood in the dog body line.

  8. Shelby, We are part of Dogs With Blogs so please let Peanut has his blog back ok? I am warning you. If you keep hogging Peanut's blog, alll our pals from DWB will go over and chase you out of Peanut's house.

    You can start a Cats With Blogs for all I care but we want out handsome Peanut BACK and NOW!!!


  9. Hi Peanut and Flash! Nice to meet you. Thank you for the Christmas card. You guys don't look too happy to get dressed up for the holidays. We understand. We hate it too!

    Roy & Gwen

  10. Done away with? DONE AWAY with?!?! What are you speaking of??!?!?!

    Fine. Yes, you are handome. And intelligent. And noble. And worthy of praise. And you have very pretty eyes. Happy? Good - NOW LET US HAVE PEANUT BACK!

  11. Nice to meet you, Shelby! Give the blankie a chance, you might really enjoy it!

    xoxo - Bella

  12. Shelby, I feel your pain. The furry beasts around here are impossible. They get to go outside all the time and anytime I try to get outside, I get the door slammed in my face! Not fair!


  13. GO AWAY CAT! I don't care how handsome you are I want my friends back! SHOO!

  14. Wow! My cat Tiffany looked exactly like your kitty. I had her for 21 years. She was a sweetie!

  15. Hi, Shelby
    Nice to meet you. Don't feel offended but, would you please give back their blog to our friends?

  16. This is Odin the cat - I own Ike - and you should really try the under the covers thing. It's not so bad.

  17. Can see a lot of mixed responses to your hijack, Shelby heh heh...Peanut and Flash must be awfully nice to let you in here, eh?

  18. Hello Shelby, you look like a cute fluffy cat. Err.. where's Peanut and Flash?

    ~ Girl girl

  19. Now I like cats, but you sound fiesty and I have to confess you're making me feel a little nervous...

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  20. grammie5:43 AM

    Good for you Fat Man for standing up for yourself. You know that you won't like blogging for very long. It would mean that you would have to stay awake longer than 2 hours a day. Peanut will have it back in no time.

  21. Shelby - you are a pretty cat - but we are all about the dogs and the humans!!

    Free PEANUT & FLASH!!


  22. Wow you are such a handsome and intelligent looking cat. Good thing you got rid of that d----
    MING! Get off MY computer you dang cat...

    Shelby, you better behave yourself cause Santa Paws is too Ming!


  23. Shelby I demand you give Peanut back his blog RIGHT NOW!!!! Stealing at Christmas...sounds like Santa Paws won't be leaving you any prezzies - hmpfff!!!

    Lots of Licks (maybe, but only if you give Peanut back his blog otherwise no licks for you) ruby

  24. Anonymous6:06 PM

    We cats are glad you got the chance to have your say Shelby...a cat has to speak up every so often and let them know who's boss. We have 3 beautiful felines in our house, along with 2 mangy mutts, Abby & Rosie. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
    Jackie, Gidget and Fritz

  25. Shelby,
    Doesn't cat = stuffie toy?
    And know what we do to stuffie toys????

    Give Peanut his blog back!
    Comet and BLU

  26. Shelby
    Yes ytou awe bootiful and all that ..and i have wecently gotten to know and love a few catses fwiends, but doing away with my fwiend Peanut is simply not acceptable
    you can ask him nicely to use the blog occasionally..politeness is next to dogliness
    smoochie kisses

  27. Peanut. I know you could never be bested by a cat. Shelby's not foolin' anyone.


  28. MEOW Shelby! Way to go and take ahold of the blog. I don't know why the dogs have to get all of the glory all of the time you know? We are just as equal as they are. So, we should have equal PC time too :)

    MEOWS - Tia

  29. SHelby Cat.

    Are you male or female? (I'm NOT going to pick you up and look at your undercarriage to find out). Yes, you are gorgeous, and you look very wild. My guess is that you're not a bad sort at all.

    That said, I think you need to consider what it is you're doing there. Do you realize just HOW MANY dogs love your Peanut and Flash? We have agents EVERYwhere. Now, I'm not threatening you. I wouldn't do that. But I AM saying that if Peanut isn't back in a flash, we're coming after you, bud. You can COUNT on that.

    Goober love & smooches,

  30. Hello Shelby, this is Biggie. How old are you? My Mommy says you're the spitting image of her old cat Spike who went away in 2006 after 20 years. Spike was tough, he beat up his German Shepherd Kiva.

    So, a cat is like a small dog who doesn't bark, right? Will you play with me?