Saturday, December 15, 2007


I got tagged by our friend Dory to list 7 things that annoy me. So here goes
1. when mom tapes up the fridge so I can't get what I want.
2. When mom puts me on my leash so I can't do what I want.
3. The Fat cat
4. When mom tells me "No Peanut"
5. Flash
6. When the kids put the lid down on the toilet so I can't get a drink. mom:even though you have a perfectly good water dish to drink out of.
7. when my kids close their bedroom doors so I can't get their toys.

Plus my little friend Kaiser tagged us for 8 random facts about me. I've decided to let Flash do 4 of them.
1. I like to grab the bottom of people's pants and shake them. While they are still wearing them.
2. Butter is my favorite food
3. I get jealous if someone tries to pet Flash and I try to push him out of the way
4. I'm a mommy's boy

5. I was listed on Petfinder as a boxer-mix that is how mom found me
6. The cat doesn't hiss at me like he does Peanut
7. I don't sleep on the bed but for the first few minutes mom goes to bed
8. I miss Dad more then Peanut does. I am a Daddy's boy


  1. Hi, Peanut
    Thanks for sharing your annoyances. Good reasons, but I am not so sure on that of Flash. Are you sure he annoys you?
    Butter? Is it good?? Too bad I can have some!
    Have a good night, momy's boy!

  2. Hi Peanut
    I've only evew had buttew on my mowning toast that I shawe with Mommi...I'm sowwy that you miss youw Dadi so ,Flash..he'll come home soon jsut you 'll see !
    See you two at the skating pawty,,I jpe you catch me when I fal hehe..I'll catch you if you need
    smoochie kisses

  3. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Peanut you know how to open the fridge?!!! You've so got to teach me that!


  4. It annoys us too when mom or dad or the little biped tell us no. Who do they think they are????

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  5. Hi Peanut,
    Liked the list of annoying things. Neither of us like that "no" word either. I sulk if mum or dad say that to me.

  6. Hi Peanut,

    I dont like the word NO too, maybe we can petition for it to be taken out of the vocaburay?

  7. Taping up the fridge is just WRONG, Peanut! Flash, we can relate to the Daddy's boy/girl thing. We got your wonderful Holiday card yesterday. Thank you so very much! You guys look great! Peanut, we love that picture of you that is up for photo of the month. Hope you win! Thanks again for the great card! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  8. I don't like when they say "NO" too.
    I got your card yesterday night...thank you.

  9. Mmmmmm, makes everything better!

    xoxo - Bella

  10. Hi Peanut! I do the pants thing, too! I've figure out how to open the bedroom door but the fridge still has be stumped. I need some lessons!


  11. I've never grabbed ahold of anyone's pants and shook them! I need to try that so I see what sort of a reaction I'll get!

    Love ya lots,

  12. Very interesting facts. We are both mama's dogs.

    Steve and Kat

  13. Butter butter butter butter butter - nothing is better than butter. We love butter too!
    Comet and BLU

  14. Got your card this week. Thanks!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  15. That's some interesting facts! I get annoyed by the word "no" too!

  16. Hey Peanut! Ok, you gotta tell me how to get into that darn fridge! Man, if I knew all along that was possible, I'd be making my own dinners. What's your secret?? Sorry to hear about the tape though. I guess that makes things a tad difficult?

    I can't even reach the toilet, so I'm not gonna ask 'bout that one!

    Tobes :)

  17. i'm gonna vote for your photo of the month!

    wet wet licks


  18. Oh you like butter. yum yumy. What about peanut butter?

    ~ Girl girl

  19. Have a great Christmas and New year. Can't wait to catch up with all the blogs when I get back.

    Simba xx

  20. Hi guys -

    Great lists!! Only 1 more week till Christmas - then we are taking a blogging break!

    Hugs to all


  21. What? The fridge is taped up??! How do they expect you to survive?

    And what in the world does "no" mean?

  22. Peanut, you're a hoot!

  23. Wooo Peanut! I wanted to let woo know that I received woo card in the mail. Thank woo so much! I love the photo of you and Flash!!!


  24. Peanut,
    I LOVE to get a hold of people's pants legs while they are still wearing them! Glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys this lost art!

  25. Hi Peanut:
    Thanks for visiting our blog - we like yours! We will be back to visit for sure!
    Willie was calling Santa Paws in the video - trying to convince him he is a good doggie - eventhough he ate a flashlight this year.

    Many Sniffs,
    Waylon & Willie

  26. Hi Peanut, thanks for posting some comments on our blog! Did you notice the picture in our last post? That doggie made us think of you!

    Happy Howlidays from Harvey & Jackson

  27. Hi Peanut, thanks for letting us know that the e-card didn't work either. We are sending you one of the hard-copy variety. Same as the other just non-virtual.

    PS could you please give us instructions on how to open the fridge? We would be forever in you debt.

    Merry Woofs from Casper, Buddy and Nikki

  28. I never tried butter before, I better ask for some soon!!

  29. Peanut,
    You are my hero being able to open the fridge yourself! And, ooh, I'd better be careful wearing pants around you!! Especially if you've just eaten a big tub of butter you STOLE from the fridge ;)


  30. Hi Peanut! mmmm....Butter is soo good! I love it too...& I'd love to see a pic of you shaking the pants off of someone! That would be funny!

    Love & Licks,

    ps..Hi Flash...I'm more of a Daddy's girl....I miss my daddy when he is gone..even though my mom takes super duper good care of me...

  31. Peanut,

    Stella shakes people's pant legs when they're wearing them just like you. Do you like to bite other dog's butt hairs? (If so, you two may be related).

    Flash, I had a feeling you were more cat friendly than Peanut. Your cat must sense that. I'm sure your daddy is missing you, two. Thoughts of you and the fam probably keep him smiling no matter where he is!

    Thanks for sharing, guys!

    Goober love,

  32. "Echo" and "No!" are probably the 2 most frequently spoken words in our household. I don't know why.

  33. Hi Peanut
    Thanks for calling by my blog. You see our compooter broke which is why it's taken me so long to reply. I've added a link to your blog now. I have to do an 8 tag post for my mate, Sparky too.
    Love from Hammer

  34. i hate fat cat too...but i dun drink from toilet bowl....coz i'm afraid ms owner might lock me in there

  35. We got your awesome Christmas card in the mail just now! Thank you so much! What a fabulous photo of the two of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  36. "The Fat cat" really annoys me too. He's just so fat and... and lazy. And he steals my food!


  37. Peanut, I bark at the toilet when someone puts the lid down. I mean really. Why are they messing with my water dish.


  38. woofies Peanut and Flash, me iz way behind in hears no lacy and stop lacy...but me cant weach da toliet losted our kitty cat, she wuz bout to have babies and she's gone, cant finded her...heehee sooo u likies kids toys too, sooo does my brudder bear.. he steals all da neighbor kids balls...

    b safe,

  39. Peanut
    Hhope you and youw family awe Ok and not sad cause of missing youw Dad..I'm suwe he'll be fine and home soon
    smoochie kisses

  40. We LOVE BUTTER! (sorry that's all we can think about now, but it's nice to visit you.) BUTTER BUTTER YUMMMM BUTTER!!!!

    the whippet drooling waggle

  41. I actually ate a whole pat of butter the other day. i have to agree it's delicious!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  42. Peanut and Flash, we enjoyed those facts about you both! Some of them were very funny too!

    Thank you so very much for my lovely e-card you sent me.

    We love you lots too!

    Happy Christmas!

    love and excited licks, Marvin xxxxx
    in cold, frosty and sunny Scotland!

  43. Hey, just dropping by to woof hello and thank you for your pawsome card. Thanks pals! J x

  44. Now I get to know more about you. Thanks for sharing.


  45. Mmmm....Butter.....
    Thanks for your card! What a nice picture of you guys!
    We sent a card to your dad yesterday.

    Your friend, Lenny

  46. Hi Peanut. We got your card last week. We loooooooved it. Hope everything is going well for you!

  47. Hi Peanut and Flash
    Thank you, my bumbum feels much bettew..I loved meeting Ruby's nanny..I love all my DWB fwiends so much
    smoochie kisses

  48. Hi Peanut Hi Flash!

    Great to learn more about you! We got your card and absolutely love it! Thanks so much and have a very happy holiday!

    Woofs, Johann