Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's not Friday

but hey it's Flash. I thought I would inform you all of our Friday night and what Peanut did.
Well mom and our girl went over to the neighbors for pizza and our boy was at his friends house spending the night. Well our girl came home to watch Hairspray (it's her new obsession she's watched the new version about 10 times since Friday. Mom did make her watch the first version before she got to watch the new one though. Mom kept mumbling something about seeing the original before a copy) and about 2 seconds later she was back at the neighbors telling mom Peanut was trying to throw up in the house.
Well Peanut has learned how to open the fridge and he had eaten the two loafs of bread in there. Mom went running home and when she got there Peanut's belly was about 4 times it's normal size. Mom was a little worried about bloat but about a minute after she got home Peanut threw up. ON the carpet, no less. Then he started passing gas. He passed gas all night long and threw up one more time, outside this time though. Mom and our girl said they wished they had gas masks because the whole house stunk so bad. Peanut is okay now. We have tape on our fridge so he can't get into it until mom can get a baby latch for the fridge. Just look.

Oh and here is a picture of Peanut sleeping. It makes mom laugh so we are putting it up. Personally I find it kind of creepy. I mean look at his eye. Yuck

Later gaters


  1. Hi. Believe it or not one of my Gramma's dogs learned how to open the fridge. She used self stick wide velcro - it was easier for the humans to open and eventually Zach forgot about the fridge.

    Just a thought.

    Dory and Liza

  2. Hi, Flash
    Sure Peanut is good with the open the fridge's door trick! Too bad he had all that bread! I hope he is fine now.
    He doesn't look very well in that picture. Poor boy!
    Take care
    Have a good night

  3. Oh wow.. Peanut's learnt a ood trick but maybe he can be more selective about the food in there! 2 loafs of bread is definitely too much.. I hope there are chocolates, canday bars and other nice things in there too?
    Anyway I hope that poor Peanut feels better soon..

  4. Creepy? Yes. But funny? YES!!!!!!

    We are glad that Peanut is okay, but that whole expereience doesn't sound (or smell) like it was a lot of fun! Yikes!

    We've never mastered opening the frig - and now we're thinking maybe that's a good thing!

    Feel better, Peanut.

    Wiley & Fievel

  5. Poor Peanut!! I'd look like that too after doing gas and vomiting all day. Way to go getting into the fridge! He's very talented.

  6. Poor Peanut. Suffered after learning a new tricks. He is very smart I should say to have learned how to open the fridge. He should have gone for the hams and sausages instead of the bread.

    I hope that he has recovered by now.


  7. Thanks for visiting our blog. We are glad you enjoyed the card! We enjoyed sending them out.
    Hope that Peanut is feeling lots better. That is a cool trick he has about getting into the fridge. We've gotten into the trash before, but never anything that clever. Good idea...
    Later dudes---
    Ozzie & Rocky

  8. Hey, Flash!

    Thanks for the play by play on Peanut's intestinal difficulties. I'm glad he's sleeping off his gluten high!

    Tell him his snaggle tooth scary eye photo is very cool!

    What did you do during all the chaos? And, what else can Peanut open that he's not supposed to?

    Goober love,

  9. Oh dear. Poor Peanut. I hope he is ok now. Did you help look after him Flash?

    ~ Girl girl

  10. We never learned how to open the frige, Peanut! Could you send us tips? I think two loaves of bread was sorta over-doing it! Weren't there other choices in there or did you grab the first two things that you saw?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Eek, that photo! I hope Cassidy won't be scared!

    I heard mention of baby ctahces here too. Drat!

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  12. Flash, I think Peanut is so clever. I am glad he is ok though.

    I always go and check out the fridge with mistress but I've not thought of opening it. Is it easy?


  13. hahahahahahahaha! that's a funny story. we never did know a dog who could open the refrigerator door. that's an excellent trick.

    i guess 2 loaves of bread is a little too much for one dog to eat at one time.


  14. Oh My Dog Peanut? Are you ok? Poor boy...I bet you were doing that just to get some attention for being abandoned at home!!! Hey, my Mom abandoned me on Friday night too...for what seemed like FUREVER!!! Can you teach me how to open the fridge so I can throw up and make her regret going out??? Huh? Please.....

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  15. Peanut:
    What in the world in wrong with you. I am going to have to get you medication to get over this separation anxiety. Why did you think you could eat two loaves of bread? I've smelled your gas and it is not pleasant. You look like a zombie dog in that picture.
    Thanks for the update on the big goof. I also enjoyed the original Hairspray with Divine.

  16. Peanut - PLEASE tell me the secret to opening the fridge!

    Sorry you're not feeling so hot. Hope the tasty bread was worth it...

    Your friend, Lenny

  17. Oh Flash! I am glad Peanut is better now. When Simi (my cat brother) was still alive, he opened the fridge all of the time. He never ate anything in there, he just stood inside it and god nice and cold, ha roo!

  18. oh my, Poor Peanut!

    The Gas situation sounds almost as frightening as the last picture of the poor Peanut Personage........

    I hope you have the gas masks securely fixed now.......

    Please give some healing licks from me to Peanut (hey, I dont want to get too near if he is still Gassy, but I want him fit and well!)

    Two loaves of bread is just too much dough - no wonder he has excess gas!

    I love your expression, "later gaters!" Flash, you are a cool dude!

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  19. We're so happy Peanut turned out to be okay, although I'm sure he took a hit to his ego. You can't just learn awesome new tricks and then have eyes that are bigger than your belly! Poor Peanut. Weel, it looks like he slept off the worst of it, though. :)

    Oh and we wanted to let you guys know that we sent your Dad's Christmas card out today. It was fun making his card, so we're definitely going to do the card exchange next year.

    Orion and Cassie

  20. oh my good heavens. will be back to comment sympathetically about poor peanut when i'm done laughing....

  21. Peanut does not look like he's having fun in that picture! We don't know how to open our fridge, but even if we did we couldn't get sick. It's always empty! Hopefully Peanut will feel better soon and learn only to eat the meat.
    Comet and BLU

  22. You're mom's gonna need a super Spot Bot for Peanut's throw up. My mom says that if Steve learns how to open the fridge, she might as well go live in the car and let us have the house. I don't know what that means. It couldn't mean that we're driving her crazy.


  23. Poor are too smart for your own good. Don't you know too much bread is bad for you? Hope you are ok now. You looked pooped out though in your pic. Take care now!

  24. We love bread!
    We love doggy foofs!
    We LOVE Peanut! (And Flash, too!)
    the whippet waggle

  25. Peanut, I'm sorry you were so sick. I'll bet it tasted good going down though. When did you get thumbs??? And I can only imagine how fabulous your house smelled after you started filling it with Eau de Peanut. I'm getting woozie imagining it.

    Lola does that weird eye thing when she sleeps too. I think your teeth look very white in that picture.


  26. Peanut! YOu MUST teach me how to open the fridge, man. You are so SUPERSMART! I've done the ole barf/fart combo. Makes the house smell lovely. Glad you didn't have bloat. That scares my ma ape terribly!


  27. OH my dogness!! That is one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen!!!! Hopefully being sick will teach him a lesson. He better be careful. Santa might bring Peanut a brand new kennel for Christmas!!! I know you won't get one because you're such a agood dog like me! My Mom and Dad folded up my kennel and took it out to the garage for storage cuz they couldn't remember the last time I had to use it. The small kennel is still inside though because Gunnar gets into things he's not supposed to still. He's not as smart as you and I.

  28. So basically, Peanut made sandwiches! Did he use mayonaise or mustard? Cheese? That is way cool Dude! You rock peanut!
    We have a Christmas parade here too, but it doesn't go through our neighborhood, so we won't be able to watch. Our youngest human brother plays the drums in the high school local band and he will be marching in the parade.
    The pic of your dad and the kiddos is really nice. We are sorry he had to leave this time of year. That must really be tough.

  29. FLASH! I nominated Peanut for Photo of the Month for December! Right now they have him labeled as Flash, but I posted it was wrong so hopefully they'll change it soon.

  30. Mom's old boxer used to do that. She would only steal turkey or cheese. Baby locks worked.

    Can you send me instructions, Peanut?