Sunday, December 09, 2007

Misc stuff

I just want to say that yes I ate two loafs of bread and I would do it again. It was good. But I also ate two packages of lunch meat that Flash didn't tell you about. That was even better. Mom says she is surprised I didn't eat the pound of butter but she is sure glad I didn't.
Mom got all our cards out today. She was lazy and I think slightly depressed and didn't get to doing them when she should have but they are all in mail now. We couldn't afford the postage to send to most of our friends overseas so you will all be getting email cards soon.
We thought we would share this picture of our dad and kids that was taken the day before he left.

Then on Saturday there was a Christmas Parade on post through the housing areas. So the kids and Mom went outside and watched. Our girl got all excited when she saw this. It seems our Pappy has this kind of motorcycle (his has two wheels instead of 3 like this one) and our girl would go riding with him on it which is why she was so excited.
There was a helicopter on a trailer, some other less exciting kinds of motorcycles, some firetrucks, and quite a few floats. Our boy liked it all but liked this the best. Oh my goodness it was Santa Paws and Flash and I were stuck in the house. How awful for us. All the people on the floats threw candy and since we live in a tiny little turnout with only 2 duplexes and the only kids there were my two kids and one of the little neighbor boys they all got a ton and I do mean a ton of candy.

Last but certainly not least we wanted to inform you all about these lovely people who go and greet the troops at the airport in Bangor Maine no matter if they are coming or going.
This is posted on their website we think it is worth reading
Welcoming our military passing through Bangor International Airport in Bangor, Maine is a dedicated group of veterans and civilians who gather to honor these troops and show gratitude for their sacrifice and that of their families. Many of the troop greeters began welcoming troops home during Operation Desert Storm in 1991; when troops started arriving home from Bosnia they once again lined the walkway and again when the first flight from Operation Iraqi Freedom returned in May 2003. The Maine Troop Greeters consider it an honor to meet and greet our military troops regardless of the weather or time of night and with thunderous ovations and warm welcoming smiles, have greeted over 400,000 troops. ........................................Local veterans, many of whom know the feeling of returning home to far less than a heroes welcome, surround the troops with goodwill and lighthearted rapport. It is the Troop Greeters mission to make sure that no military person will ever step back onto American soil to an ungrateful nation. These troops have left behind all the comforts of home and most importantly; they have left behind their loved ones. The greeters feel it is an honor and a privilege to welcome them to Bangor, Maine.
Bangor is the last American soil our troops set foot on before going over seas and the first American soil our troops set foot on when returning to the United States. Post 200 has joined with to provide a humble thank you to our troops for their sacrifices and those of their families. To date almost half a million troops have passed through Bangor making Post 200's efforts formidable. Anyone wishing to help with this effort may contact Post 200 and any assistance would be very much appreciated by our troops.
We found this picture of our dad on their website. He's the guy in the front of the line there with a shaved head. We found another picture to but he was in the back of the line in that one.
What great people to do this for our troops.
Tomorrow: all the cards we have gotten and a present from Penny.


  1. Wow, that was great to see your dad on that website, wasn't it. Our mom has/had a lot of friends in the service.

    We love parades, too! We live out in the country and rarely if ever, get to go to one. Mom says we would act like a bunch of crazy dogs. hurmph. Well, we are always thinking good thoughts for your dad.

  2. hello peanut & flash,

    a card to your dad is on its way. mom helped to post it y'day. hopefully it will arrive b4 x'mas.

    please give kisses and hugs to your mom for us.

    wet wet licks


  3. Peanut Buddy!

    IT sounds like you are soon going to eat your family out of house & home if you keep up your antics (tasty though they may be).

    So, when you say your pappy has that similar motorcycle, does that mean he & Grammie go for rides on it together too? (If your Grammie is a biker chic, then that would just about make her perfect in my eyes).

    That website about the troop greeters is TOO COOL! Very cool your dad was caught on film by them. I bet a lot of troops are pretty glad to see them when they get home!

    You all give each other goober smooches all around since I can't be there. And, ask your kids for a share of their candy stash.

    Goober love,

  4. Anonymous2:17 AM

    How great for you to see your dad on your website. There are some amazing people in this world doing things like that.


  5. The Christmas Parade look fun but too bad you didn't get to join in.

    Peanut so you ate sandwiches that were made of 2 loaves of bread and lunch meat... that sound more delicious. I bet you will give anything to try that again but maybe you shouldn't attempt to eat them all at once and make yourself uncomfortable. I am glad that you have recovered already.

    My Christmas card to you and your daddy are already in the mail since last Friday. I hope they will receive you guys in time.


  6. Wow, Flash! It is a good thing you didn't eat the pound of butter too! What a great picture of your dad and your sibs!
    Our Christmas card to your dad is on it's way too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. He looks different with no hair, very smart.

    Simba xx

  8. are my hero. I would love to be able to open the fridge & eat all the meatables and breadables inside! I need to work on my skillz.

    That is so super cool that all of those people in Maine go to greet our troops. I wish I could send them some Xmas cards too.


  9. Peanut -

    Bangor is just north of here - if we had known we would have gone up!!

    Peanut brittle on it's way over seas - we may do a post about that soon. Also we tagged you to answer some questions.


  10. That's amazing. If we could go to Maine to shake those men and women's paws, we would. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    How cool that you found a picture of your dad on the website!?!?! We hope that seeing him helped you feel better, even if only for a moment.

    Stay strong, guys! Give your Mom and kids lots of cuddles.

    Wiley & Fievel

  11. Wow...what special people they are!!! That's a great story and it's great to see your Dad too!

    Glad you are feeling better and I can't wait until you can teach me how to open the fridge!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  12. Peanut; I love butter especially on my toast.

    My peeps think your dad looks very young in that bottom photo, and well chilled too, given what heis off to do.

    Lots of good wishes for him.


  13. Thanks for letting us know about the cool to see your dad there.

    Don't forget the instructions on opening the refrigerator. Though muzzer has discovered this velcro stuff, and that may be the end of our scavenging.


  14. i had no idea about maine being the last stop. although i don't really get out of Kentuckiana much.

    what are the chances he'd be on the website? pretty cool. loaves of bread sound amazing. I had one little hawaiian bread roll with spinach dip this morning. it was no lunchmeat but it was good.

  15. We sent your dad a card today. I love the photo of your human brother and sister with daddy, beautiful.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  16. What a great thing they are doing!

    It's probably good you didn't eat the butter. I did that once and it was NOT worth it...

    Your friend, Lenny

  17. Pappy says that you were making a sandwich and your Mom better check the level on the mustard. I am wondering if Pappy is planning a motorcycle trip to Lousiana in 08. Good pictures of the family and Santa Paws. I bookmarked that website in Maine.

  18. First of all, how can you eat so much food?! You are awesome!

    Second, I LOVE the family picture!

    And last, the people who support the troops in Bangor, Maine,are wonderful. What a great gift they give to our soldiers by their presence.

  19. Oh what a great thing they do for the troups. We are so proud of your Dad.

    Now about these loafs of bread and lunch meat. I've never had such a thing. It msut have been good.

    Husky hugs, MayaMarie

  20. Wow! That's so great to see your dad and it was nice of those people to say goodbye.

    As for the loaves and meat--you deserved it I'm sure! My sissy ate a stick of margarine once. The results were not pretty.


  21. Those are such nice people. I bet you feel good knowing they were there for your Dad before he had to leave.
    When you ate the 2 loaves of bread and the 2 packages of lunch meat, did you make sandwiches? I don't think you would do something silly like that, but when Mom read your post she pictured you sitting on the kitchen floor making sandwiches. I know I wouldn't take the time to do that, but Mom laughs hysterically thinking of you doing it. She's weird.
    PS Hi Flash!

  22. tadpole6:34 PM

    Bread and meat but no butter?!?! That must have been some GOOOOOOD bread and meat! You lucky dog.

    When my girl was flying back into the US from overseas, she saw the people in Bangor... they're awesome! And how cool is it that your dad is on their website? Twice?!

    By the way, we still want to send your dad a card, but my girl can't get on her email from this house. As soon as she gets on a computer where she can access it, she'll email you for the address. Your dad won't mind getting it late, will he? Maybe we'll send a New Year's card....

  23. Peanut,
    How great is that to see a picture of your dad on the website! He's a very handsome man too!! I love the family pic. I hope you are in some of the pictures too, Peanut & Flash. I'm sure your daddy is missing you a lot.


  24. Hi Peanut
    Mommy wanted to join a similar committee at Hartsfield airport but she always gets too choked up and did not sign up for that!!!
    Hey,my daddy has a bike too,he lets me ride standing up behind him on mommys lap!!!
    If you have time would you please email your daddys address to,we would like to send him a card

  25. Hi, Peanut
    Seems like you are feeling much better now! I hope so.
    thanks for sharing those pictures of your dad and the kids!
    I sent your Dad a card. I hope he gets it soon!
    Give your mom lots of kisses and hugs from us.
    Have a good night

  26. Woh you ate meat too Peanut. I'm glad you didn't had the butter too.

    I send a card to your dad. I hope he'll like it. Hugs to your mom nad your kids

    ~ Girl girl

  27. Oh wow Peanut, you must have a huge appetite! You must be so happy to see your Dad on the website, eh? It's really nice of them to do that, though.

  28. That's pretty cool that you could see your dad on the website and those nice people are there for the troops. We wish your dad a safe return.

    If we knew how to open the fridge, I would have eaten the meat and the butter - and skipped the bread. Glad your tummy is better.
    Comet and BLU

  29. Thanks for sharing the Xmas parade with us it looks like a lot of fun.
    A big thanks to all the volunteers that support your Dad. I am sure many other troops greatly appreciate everyones efforts....
    Are prayers are with you... Big Hugs Gus and Louie

  30. woofies Peanut and Flash!!! hmmm peanut all dat food, dey wont haff to feed u for a week...and dat pictur of ur dad and hooman pups wuz priceless....such a wonderful group of peeeples to meet the military, going and coming home...they had thanksgiving dinner fur the military and their families in charlotte on thanksgiving sent me card to u daddy last sat...he shood get it soon...laters me might send him a goodie box, i shure he will b getting sum fur xmas....

    b safe,

  31. Well you sure got Jeannie's eyes all wet with that post!

    How kind people are!

    We just loved all the photos, especially the one taken just before your Dad went away.

    Our thoughts are with you and your family at this Christmas time.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

    and lotsaluv from Jeannie (who had a real lump in her throat and could hardly get through the last bit......!)