Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to my mom (the liar) she is way way old today (Sunday). I don't know how old and really right now I don't care. She has upset me and so there.

Want to know what she did? Well I will tell you. You all remember how I told you her poor bed saga and how her blow up bed got a hole in it? Well she told me she couldn't take me sleeping on top of her anymore on the couch so she went and bought another blow up bed. This time she bought one only big enough for her and said that no one was allowed on it with her so she could get some sleep. Well you want to know what I saw last night? THE CAT WAS SLEEPING ON THE BED WITH HER. She lied to me. She said it was just for her and she let that cat on there. How dare she do that? How could she let that thing on the bed with her and not me? I am so upset. I now know who she loves the best. I am going to go pout some more.

So happy birthday Mom. Hope you have fun with the cat on your day.


  1. Happy Birthday to your mum, Peanut.

    How could she allow the cats on the bed with her and not you? after all you are the most important member in your family right?


  2. wut a treacherous mom! how cud she luv the cat more than you? obviously you need to get some revenge. try chewing up all the paper products you can find in the forbidden can and leaving them around the house in wet, tiny little pieces. that works well for me!

    luv ivy

  3. Sour grapes, sour grapes, sour grapes!

  4. Poor Peanut. I tell you, you need to walk on her like I do mistress, or jump on a chest and do a nice pirouette. There are plenty of ways for cool revenge.


    PS mistress wants to say happy birthday to your mom, but us dogs have to stick together, so she's only allowed it as a sort of ps comment.

  5. I meant to say her chest. Not a piece of furniture.

  6. FelizCumpleaƱos/Happy Birthday to your human.
    The cat on the bed? what's next the cat taking over your blog?

  7. Happy birthday Rachelle! Peanut, cut your mom some slack, after all she is only human!!

    Love Dory

  8. Happy Birthday, Peanut's Mom! that's a shame about the bed, but just think, now you can have the couch all to yourself. and the cat is smaller than you - probably easier to fit a cat on a small bed rather than a big dog, right? enjoy your couch.


  9. oh poor peanut...i now ur veli upset n dissapointed..

    i actually enjoy having my OWN bed and sleep wit MYself only...

    but even that, i wouldn't let a CAT to sleep with my MS Owner...that's totally unacceptable!

  10. Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hope you have a great day..

    I don't know if I would let that cat sleep on your new blow up bed. Cats have those nasty claws and could put a hole in your new bed!! Better keep your eye on him!!!

  11. Oh cool, I just watched it turn tomorrow in Iraq...
    Maybe it's because Boxers are a whole lot bigger than kitties?


    Anyway, you should at least give your mom some sugars on her birthday!

  12. Hi Peanut...That's not nice of you ma to lie! & to give up YOUR COMFORT for a KITTY! I like kitties & all (never met one though...) but still..

    Just don't sulk & pout too need to get your dinner tonight..

    Love & Licks,

  13. Happy Birthday to your Mom, but seriously THE CAT?!

  14. Hi, Peanut!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    Sorry to hear about the cat in the bed with your mom! But... the couch is now for you! I think that is not too bad!
    Have a good night

  15. Happy Birthday Peanut's Mom!! We hope you had a great birthday!!

    On a more serious note, shouldn't your mom be more worried about the cat putting a hole in her new bed instead of you? Cats have razor sharp claws that are perfect for slicing open air mattresses. Plus they are really good at coming up with evil schemes, so we think the cat was pretending to sleep on the air mattress, but was really just staking out the perfect place to puncture it. Beware!!

    Steve and Kat

  16. Happy Birthday, Mama de Peanut!
    I hope you had a good day despite Peanut's pouting.

    Peanut, bud. I too have to deal with the cat thing. Merv gets to sleep with my girl, while she tells me I can't sleep with her because I am a bed buffalo (she says I roam all over the bed when I'm up there).

    I hope you work things out with your mama. She's good people.

    Goober love & sympathy,

  17. Aw, you poor baby! We just got new furniture and our doggies are not allowed on it. They are just as upset as you are.:)

  18. Oh poor you, Peanut! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  19. That is just plain wrong! Once your mom is asleep, you should sneak up to the bed and bite a hole in it right under the cat. That way the cat will get in trouble. Don't do it tonight though - let her enjoy her birthday.
    Comet and BLU

  20. hehe you're Jealous, arent you?
    But hey it's her birthday so your mum can do what she wants!
    (but you over a cat??? breaks me heart!)

    Happy Birthday to you.

    Eve and Fei

  21. Anonymous2:27 AM

    That is awful Peanut. Hold out with the sulking until she comes around with a HUGE steak to apologise for her indiscretions.

    We hope she has a happy birthday though.


  22. Happy Birthday to your MOM!

    ~ Girl girl

  23. A very happy birthday to mum.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  24. peanut mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    see peanut, didn't i say all cats are STUPID?

    wet wet licks


  25. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Happy birthday Peanut's mom. We were displeased to hear the cat gets to be on the bed and not Peanuts...cats can be so pushy!
    Abby & Rosie

  26. Happy belated to your mom, Peanut. Have you tried peeing on the cat's food? Even if it doesn't hurt the cat, it might make you feel better....

  27. WHAT? Doesn't she know sleeping with cats on the bed is bad for your health? PLUS sleeping with dogs on the bed keeps you warmer! What she should have done was got a GIANT one for everybody to sleep on. Or maybe a bunch of GIANT ones and then your kids, your mom, and you and Flash could all sleep nice and cozy. You could keep an eye on everybody. That cat can sleep on the couch or maybe in a box somewhere else in the house. You should pop a hole in the new matress when she's not looking!
    Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your mom!

  28. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Peanut, pack your bags & come live with me for awhile. You can teach me how to jump HIGH in the air and knock down the treats that sit on the shelf in my kitchen.

    We'll party all day!

  29. woofies peanut and flash...happy barkday to u sorrwy she wont let ya sleep on her new bed..but u get the hole couch to urself...dat shood make u feels better...

    b safe,

  30. Happy Birthday to your Mama Peanut!

    oh and sorry to read about the Cat.....I hate cats so I think I know how you feel.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  31. Happy Burpday to Peanut Mom! And I understand the deep betrayal but if she has a cake, you should get in on that.

    Stupid cats.


  32. Oh Peanut - no fair! I've found that pouting and ignoring Mom for a whole day usually fixes things. They're weak creatures and usually cave under the pressure. I'd say Happy Bday to her but I guess I better not. We pups need to stick together!

  33. er.........should I greet your mom then?? Since she lied to you & friend friend with the cat.....hmm...okok, happy birthday to Peanut's mom, may you have a wonderful birthday WITHOUT Peanut, only the CAT. WAkakakakka!!!!!

  34. That is just not right.....I gave you an award today, maybe that will make you feel better. Come visit our blog to learn more.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  35. Happy, happy barkday Mom!! Peanut, do you need me to have a little talk with Shelby?


  36. Happy Belated Birthday Peanut's mom!!! I hope you had a happy one :)