Friday, January 18, 2008

He did it again

It's friday so it's me Flash. That shelby is quite a cat. We told mom she needs to put a password on her computer he doesn't know so he can't blog. She told us to quit being blog hogs and let the poor cat have his say once in awhile. With no support from mom I am afraid you all may see him again as mom said she isn't helping him make his own blog.

So they did come out and redo our fence and it got me in trouble. On wednesday they came and took out the fencing part but left the posts. On thursday they came and spray painted the posts black, then put some black fencing up. They didn't do the gate until today though. Mom says it was kind of a stupid thing since our fence was perfectly good but the housing people want all the fences to match
So anyway I do not like to poop on a leash. So Thursday morning mom took me out and walked me around for about 20 minutes and I didn't go poop. I hadn't pooped Wednesday night either She figured I would just hold it for awhile since I've held it for 3 days before. Well when she came in from taking Peanut out I had pooped all over the carpet. Not just in one spot. I had walked around pooping. Needless to say Mom was not happy with me. She says it's lucky she has a little spot carpet cleaner also since the carpet in this house is a light brown color.

Also yesterday afternoon the mattress store called and asked mom if they could deliver her mattress and box springs that day instead of Friday. Mom said sure so last night we all got to sleep on the new king size bed. I even slept there for a few hours which I usually never do. It's pretty comfortable. Mom says she is very happy to not have to sleep on the couch with Peanut anymore. Oh and I have no idea what got into me to bite a hole in the blow up bed. I am usually much more behaved then that.

My lovely lady Kaos gave me the best friend award. I don't know who to give it to since my best friend is Peanut. Kind of sad isn't it? I give it back to Kaos since I love her.

If you haven't went over and said hi to our Aunt Moco please do. She is filling you in on the household right now. She is quite the cute little thing. Oh and go and look at the picture of Grammie's fat cat. I think the women in this family are odd. Both mom and Grammie own a fat cat. I guess Auntie Shalon needs one now.

Now we are off to Scruffy's place for the weekend of Poker. So hopefully we will be back on Sunday if things don't go to crazy over there.

Later taters


  1. Hey Flash-man! I feel your pain 'cept I won't poop in the back yard. Or will I pee there. It smells like girls. Mom has to walk me down the block 4 times a day...I have her well trained.

    See ya at Poker! Since you'll be in da 'burgh, maybe we can swing by my house so you can poop in the yard off leash!


  2. Hey Flash. I hope your mom wasn't too mad with you. Pooping is a very personal thing, and you really have to be comfortable!

    My mom recommends "Kids'n'Pets" carpet cleaner...not that I've ever done anything like that...

    Your friend, Lenny

  3. woofies Peanut and Flash...u gots to keep u eye on dat Shelby... me likies to choose my poopie spots happy u gots ur fence back and pawsome on u mama's new bed...

    b safe,

  4. Hi, Flash!
    Glad you have your fence back. And sure your mom is happy too!
    How it feels to be in that big bed?? Sure is comfy!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hi glad you didn't poop on the new bed!

    I suggest pooping outdoors...its just better for everyone..even though you have inviting brown carpet..I can see the appeal..but just try to go outside..

    Love & Licks,

  6. Hey, Flash! We make poop mistakes too, especially when it's cold out (like now) and, well, poop happens!

    Paws WAY up on the new big bed! We bet your mom is not taking up too much room and you and Peanut can spread way out. Aaaahhhhh! (Just do NOT let that C-A-T anywhere near it.)

    wags from the whippets

  7. Have a great weekend.

    Simba xx

  8. So glad you took back control of your blog!
    Kitties can be quite ornary can't they?
    I just know your mom will forgive you for your little poo indescretions. My mom always does!

  9. I'm sure your mom is very forgiving. It was an accident, wasn't it?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I'm jealous.... my mom doesn't let me sleep on the bed. A weekend of poker, huh? Keep your cards close to your chest and don't bet the dog house!

  11. Hee hee, you bit a hole in the bed?? At least it wasn't a water bed, that would be bad news!

    Why wasn't your mom happy about your poop? At least you feel better now.

  12. Glad you finally have a nice big bed to share with your mom. Bummer about pooping in the house because the fence was down. Hope everything is back up and working.
    Comet and BLU

  13. Your poop problem is pretty common! We all have our routines and don't like it when they get messed with! That just messes thing up (ha! ha!). Hope the carpet came clean!
    Ozzie & Rocky

  14. If it makes you feel better I have poop problems today and had an accident too. Happens to the best of us. :)

    We need a king size bed - this queen one doesn't hold us all anymore.


  15. They say every dog has his day, and I say.....

    Every Dog has his Poop Day. All over the darn house,......

    I have been there, and my Jeannie said it was disgusting but hey, we are Dogs, we do what we do.

    In Chandler (from Friends) words, could we BE any more obvious......

    love and licks, Your friend Marvin xxxxx oh and I cannot reply to that Cat freak on the last post, Shelby needs taking down a peg or two in my humble opinion

    love and licks, Your Pal, Marvinxxxxx

  16. Wow a new bed that is just awesome.. We are so happy for your Mom now she can get a good night sleep...

    You need to work on your pooping though or she won't let you sleep with her anymore!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  17. Hey Flash--you're MUCH nicer than that cat thing. I was so scared to come back to your blog in case it was blogging again! I'm so glad your mom has a good bed to sleep on. That's important. And it's nice of you to share.

    My sissy does that walk-n-poop trick so if she has an accident indoors--whoo boy! It's an even BIGGER problem that I am totally grossed out by any stains and will make a wide berth around them even when they're all cleaned so there are all these places in the house that I have to avoid. Um, not that we ever make stains.


    ps. Peanut--thanks for stickin' up for me on my blog. I didn't break NO BUTTS. That's why you're my BFF! Any word from your dad?

  18. hi Flash, it sounds like there is a lot going on at your place. we're glad you got the fench all back up though so now everyone can do their pooping outside like you're supposed to. the new bed sounds nice. we would like a king size bed. sometimes mom says that we crowd her. how can that be? we're perfectly comfortable.


  19. I don't poop in the rain...but three days?? I don't know about that.


  20. Thanks for the award back. I'm blushing again.
    You can hold it for 3 days? That's a long time. Mom says I get too stinky to hold it 3 minutes and that I'm just like my Dad. Not sure what any of that means, but I'm sure it's not very nice. Hope you did good at the poker game!!

  21. Hey Flash! Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's not, huh? Sounds like that KingSize beds is good!

    Woofs, Johann

  22. Hey, Flash!

    Thanks for all of that scoop. I too was unwilling to poo or pee on the leash when my girl first adopted me. That has now changed, but I don't know how that happened.

    Your award from Lady Kaos is sweet, and you are a sweet boy to pass it right back to her.

    Glad the new bed is big enough for all of you!

    Goober love,

  23. OH I hate pooping on leash too but when I read that you hadn't gone, and still didn't go I just knew something like that would happen...have to say I'd probably do the same would they like someone leashed to them when they go!?!