Sunday, January 20, 2008

we are tired

Man a weekend of Poker can wear you out so we aren't going to say much today. Mom said it was nice sleeping on the bed without us there and that we are more then welcome to go to more poker weekends.

Our dear adopted family member Wally asked about our dad. He is doing as fine as he can be without being around me and mom and the kids talked to him on Friday night.

Oh and our mom did the dog matchup thing so many other humans are doing. Here is her list. I'm number 3. How is that possible? I should be number one but at least I'm in better shape then Flash who didn't even make it on the list at all.

  • Harrier
    or Harrier mix
    These "Super Beagles" were crafted for the big hunt.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
    or American Pit Bull Terrier mix
    This family dog blends strength, sweetness, and intelligence.
  • Boxer
    or Boxer mix
    Square-jawed and muscular, the Boxer is the George Clooney of the dog world, a hunk with a sense of humor and an underlying sweetness.
  • Tibetan Terrier
    or Tibetan Terrier mix
    Nicknamed Luck Bringers or Holy Dogs, this breed guarded the tents of nomadic herdsmen and were companions to Buddhist monks.
  • Australian Shepherd
    or Australian Shepherd mix
    Give this dog a job and he'll love it.


  1. Hey Peanut, glad to hear your Dad is doing OK. Did you win at poker?

    J x

    PS that octopus toy took about 15 minutes to destroy using my special patented ripping technique!

  2. Did you win? Did you get a flush or whatever that is? If I had known I could have sent you are potatoes to bet! BOL!

    Love, Dozer the Corgi

    PS: And where were th corgis on that list?

  3. That be a fun doggy quiz doesn't it?

    Cassidy x

  4. Hmm - no Labs? How can that be?? We are super glad your dad is doing okay!


  5. Glad your dad is doing okay and that your mom gets to talk to him. Do you ever get to bark out a message?


  6. Hi Peanut,
    glad daddys doing fine.
    Mommy wanted to thank you for dropping by her beauty blog,she swears by the concealer!

  7. Mistress tried this. She thought it was not good. It came up with labradors all the time (which she has had), but no boxers, no GSDs, no huskies, no ridgebacks... and most of all it didn't come up with rescued dogs off the street. Which in my view is the most important.


    (PS we do poker too)

  8. Hey Peanut. Glad your Daddy's ok. What's that matching thingy anyway? My Mama wants to try it. Did you read what they said about Boxers? Aren't we just the BEST?? Slurps & Slobber and TWF (Tail Wagging Fast) xx0x0 Chef

  9. George Clooney - heehee. Yes you are handsome.

    That Aussie Shepherd looks like my cousin Katie's. They are really sweet dogs.

    Hope you won a bunch at poker.

  10. woofies peanut and flash, glad u daddy iz doing good...mama dideded dat fingy too, and me didnt even show up in least u did show up in ur mama's...

    b safe,

  11. Glad your dad is doing okay, guys! We thought that was a pretty fun game, especially seeing as we were in the line-up, though not #1!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hi Peanut, Flash. Glad your dad is doin' okay!

    Lucky you made it on the list! Lizzy says she's gonna try that. Hopefully "Poodle" will make it on hers. At least that'll be half of me.


  13. Hi, Peanut-
    Great to meet you. I don't know where you'd fall in a formal matchup for us, but I think you're number 1 all the same!

  14. Hi Peanut,
    You should be glad that you are even on the list regardless of the ranking... My ma did the test and there's definitely no Maltese X Shih Tzu on it.. Sigh..

  15. Peanut, don't worry, at least you were on your mom's list. I wasn't even on my mom's list (sniff sniff!)

  16. Hi, Peanut!
    Those poker nights sure are tiring!
    My mom is going to do that matching thing to see what she gets.
    I guess the best part of your post is to know that your Dad is fine!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Hey Peanut! You came up 4th on our Servant's list. She got harrier as number one too. HARRIER??? She did get Whippet as number two. Now, if you sent a Harrier and a whippet after a C-A-T, which one would get it first?
    Case Closed.

    wags from the whippets

  18. u shld be glad that ur in the list...

    i'm no where to be seen...

  19. Peanut, I'm glad you made your mom's list, it seems to be a hard thing to do. i hope the humans don't start taking these lists seriously.

  20. I hope you won enough to pay for the new bed.

  21. Well we almost made the list!! We are Australian cattle dogs not quite as furry as the Shepherd but we basically love the same things. Chasing sheep and cattle..

    Sure glad to hear that Dad is doing well we bet he is pretty lonely. Tell him to stay safe and come home soon...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  22. The lady did the test and didn't even come up with a terrier on the list, so she got mad and refused to post her five choices. She kept muttering about "stupid computer." And she even re-took the test and still got nothing close to Reilly and I.


  23. Oh Peanut - we are glad your dad is doing good. We can't wait for him to come home to you and your family!

  24. Hi Peanut,

    Thanks for the update on your dad! I am sure he misses you all lots but I'm glad he's ok. And I think that quiz is broken because you were not #1 and also there is no corgador.


    ps. You are right about the meatables. I don't care what crap my ma ape puts in her gullet so long as I get meatables!

  25. Mom thought harriers were air planes, who knew they were dogs too :) we are glad to hear your Dad is ok!

  26. Jie jie did that test too and I am not among her 1st and 2nd choises. How sad is that...


  27. Oooh, Mom is going to have to do that too.


  28. Hey, Peanut!

    At least you made the cut. When my girl did it, Airedale Terrier didn't even make the top 5. She thinks the whole thing is rigged.

    Goob love,

  29. What quiz is this and can I play? Does it have kuvasz on it?

    hearts and chicken necks,