Monday, January 07, 2008

I might have to apologize

So mom told me that she didn't know Shelby was on the bed with her. She says she went to sleep and he must have climbed up there while she was sleeping. Now I try that and she wakes up and makes me move so I'm not quite sure if I should believe her. What do you all think?

Also we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely person who sent mom a birthday card with a prepaid visa card in it. Along with instructions to spend it only on herself. So she wants to tell you she bought the dogs with blogs calendar with it because she really wanted it and something always seemed to come up (like us or the human kids needing food. She can't let any of us starve you know) :) when she thought she would have the extra money to buy it. She is dreadfully excited to get it. Oh and she says to mention it isn't something she needed since we already have the lovely boxer calendar Grammie sent me for my birthday. Oh and we haven't mentioned a name because while Mom says she is about 99 percent positive she knows who you are you didn't sign the card or put an address on the envelope so she thinks you might want to be anoymouse or whatever it is she said.

Dad called yesterday and said he got way more cards. He is working working working and spends a lot of the time at one place. Well he said that they bring the letter mail out to them there every couple of days and when they brought it out over half of it was for him and it was all cards. So that's great of all of you. Thanks so much for sending all those cards to our dad

I will leave you with some pictures my grammie emailed me the other day. They are from the morning we left Oregon to come to Louisiana. Yes it takes her awhile to get pictures to people but she sends great presents so I forgive her. Plus she said this in her email so how can you not love her?
I am sending you some pictures of your visit. They are pretty good ones of you and Flash. Shelby is in a cage. You should like that.
Here is me trying to get out of the car and my girl trying to keep me in

Shelby in a cage. HAHA

Pay no attention to the lady with the big butt but aren't I handsome?

Flash hanging out

More me trying to get out.

And more Shelby in a cage. HAHAHAHA


  1. OMD Peanut
    I'm so sowwy I'm late wishing youw Mom a Happy Birfday!!! I hope she had a wondewful day !! I'm suwe heawing fwom youw Dad helped..I hope he comes home soon! It's so nice that he's getting all those cawds..Those awe vewy nice pics youw Gwama sent you too.. and I'm on youw side, you should be able to sneep with youw Mom if shelby can
    smoochie kisses

  2. We all think you are very handsome Peanut (and Flash too) - especially your head - brindle rocks!

    Love and Licks,
    Texas (and his humans).

  3. Caged food! I love it! I haven't clawed my humans into getting the DWB blog calendar yet, although we are in it...

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. OMG Peanut! I feel like such a turd...Tell your Mom Happy Birthday for me, okay?! Mom tries to get me to sleep on the bed with her, but I don't feel the need unless Dad is gone...Then I sleep where he usually sleeps...If he comes in during the night I jump up so he doesn't know...I don't sleep with Dad...He doesn't need me to protect him...Only Mom does.

    Love, Herc

  5. That was such a thoughtful thing to do! I didn't even know they made those kind of prepaid cards.

    You look exceptionally handsome in all of those pictures, Peanut. And Shelby in the cage is just where he should be...that, or in my belly.


  6. Climb up really really carefully and quietly and maybe your mom won't notice you either...
    - Charlie

  7. You look like me in the car, always wanting out to see what is going on! That was so totally cool of someone to send your MOm that pawesome card!

  8. That was a lovely thought to send the prepaid card!

    Hehe maybe you should take up Charlie's advice, climb up real careful and slow. That's how Shelby gets away with it, eh?

    You looked great in the pictures! Poor Shelby, he didn't look too thrilled in the cage, did he?

  9. hehehe - that's where Shelby and all cats belong - in cages! That was a really nice of somebody to give your mom that gift.
    Comet and BLU

  10. Wow, that was so nice of that person to give your mom that gift!! Dog people are great aren't they? Of course, their dogs are even better :)

    Peanut, you seem like you like to be outside of the car. I don't know why I think so, but... :) And yes, you are very handsome indeed!

  11. Hi, Peanut!
    Sure that person who gave your mom that card is very nice! And she spent it well!
    Great pictures... you know you are very handsome!
    Glad to hear that your dad is ok! Sure you were happy talking to him!
    Have a good night

  12. What a nice gift for your Mom...she definitely deserves it!

    Tell her our Mom is an idiot too but can try to help put your helmets on if she sends us pics. If you'll notice our helmets don't really fit too well. Sigh. She can't sew either.


  13. I think cats can be pretty sneaky and so I think you can forgive your mum.

    Yes. Peanut, you are the handsomest in all the pictures.


  14. Hiya Peanut... a belated Happy Birthday to your mummy .. and wow, the person who sent her the card is extraordinarily kind. I am so happy for your mummy. Listen, I have to compete for bedspace with my sister cat, Beauty. This is how you do it: If she's on the bed, walk over to her and gently put your big paw right on her nose. She'll run away so fast and the spot will be yours!! I do it all the time !! Heh heh. Hope it works for you. Let me know.x0x0x0 Chef

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to Peanut's mom

    Thanks for dropping and leaving a comment on my blog

  16. Hee Shelby doesn't look too happy in the cage. Both you and Flash look very handsome

    ~ Girl girl

  17. What a great present your Mum got. I'd keep the cat in the cage.

    Simba xx

  18. What a thoughtful gift for your mom! That was sure sweet!
    We agree that both of you are totally handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  19. What a handsome mug you have there Peanut!
    Too bad the kitty couldn't STAY in his little cage!

  20. I am late, I am late... Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom!!
    I hope your mom likes the DWB Calendar... pssst.. I am in 'February'.. *wink*

  21. mmmmmm! Cat in a Basket.....does it come with French Fries?

    I loved the picture of you squashing your Mama trying to get out of the car! What was outside that was grabbing your attention, or perhaps you didn't like being in the car?!

    I am glad you Dad got lots of cards, we were worried that ours may not get to him, coming from so far away.

    Your Grammie is the cooooooolest Grammie!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

    pee ess Jeannie says she has looked all the places you mention up on the big are quite a way away from Grammie!!!!!!

  22. oh and forgot to say, Flash looks cool and you are really very the most handsomest Peanut!!

  23. Happy belated birthday to your mom! The calendar sounds way cool. Love, Martha

  24. Another happy burpday to your mom! I'm glad she was able to buy something for herself from the nice annoy mouse! And I love the snaps of you. And of the cat in the cage--haha!

    Your Grammie says she has her eye on Obama and I totally think a Grammie/Obama ticket would be a winner.


    ps. I hope your dad got our box. The person at the post office was, um, a little confused.

  25. ahhahahahhahahaha (at Shelby in cage) Peanut, tell your mommy that me & my pawrents wish her a happy belated bornday! Mommy was behind on reading blogs to me so that's why i didn't know (i swear, sometimes she just slacks off)...

    on another note - i never realized what a BIG puppy you are! i wonder if that's what i'm going to look mom is going to have her hands full! your car looked pack with animals galore! that's the only way to travel.

    anyway, hope you are well and that you're keeping your mommy company!

    puppy slobberz, KB

  26. Hey Peanut and Flash! Happy new year! I am glad to catch up on all of your Christmas adventures, and I'm glad your dad is getting a lot of cards too. Your grammie's pictures are fun!

    Your friend, Lenny

  27. I bet all the other guys that work with your dad are way jealous of him and all the cool friends he has. That's great that he got so many cards!
    Those are great pictures your grammie sent you, too. I especially like the ones of Shelby locked up.

  28. That was a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. We are sure glad that you did with it what you wanted.

    We are also so happy that your Dad got so many wonderful cards. We sure glad he is safe...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  29. woofies Peanut and Flash, chek me blog, me got sumthin fur u...

    b safe,

  30. Wow! A prepaid Visa from Anomy Mouse. I need to meet that rodent. What a nice surprise!


    p.s I love that photo of you trying to get out of the car. Very cute.

  31. We LOVE the photos of you guys!! I'm not sure who is cuter, but I am leaning townards Peanut as I love a hunky guy!

    We are happy to hear your mom is getting a calendar and we are also glad to hear that your dad is getting lots of mail. We will be sure to send another card too!!

    Oh and if you are curious - Check out June - Lorenza and I look fabulous if I do say so myself.

    Love and wet dog kisses to the whole family -


  32. That's so nice that your mom can get a DWB calendar now! Are all of the other soldiers jealous of your dad and his mail loot? I bet they didn't even know that dogs had blogs and knew how to write and mail cards! See, that's what happens when humans under estimate canines. Good thing your dad is smart enough to recognize how smart we are!!

    Steve and Kat

  33. yeah, i didn't know there's such a prepaid visa card too! i was wondering if i can get it here so i could give one to mom for her b'day! of course i'm gonna buy it with dad's credit card. hahaha.

    why are you trying to get out of the car most of the time?

    am glad your dad receive tons of cards. i'm sure he enjoy reading it too.

    wet wet licks


  34. Hey Peanut, did you ever manage to get out of the car? LOL at Shelby in the cage (thats where cats belong, I reckon!)

    Woofs and Happy New Year

    Turbo Taj

  35. Good evening the peanut.
    It enjoys a wonderful drive.
    It is a correct answer that puts the cat in the gauge. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  36. Surprise presents are so much fun! We're glad your Mom set the record straight on the bed thing. You should feel better now.

  37. First of all, Peanut --- YES! You should believe your mom about Stella. You know she loves you best.

    And you've got a great grammie who takes such beautiful pictures of you. That must have been one long ride from Oregon to Louisiana...

    I'm glad that your mom feels so happy right now and that your dad feels loved, too. May the blessings continue to flow!

  38. Peanut - Nice to see another stripey doggie! Love those lips. You MUST post a photo getting your foam on!


  39. Those are nice pictures, Peanut. I hope you visit your Grammie again sometime, maybe we can finally meet in person/dog!!

    xoxo - Bella

  40. Happy belated birthday to your mom!!!! I love that photo of you trying to get out of the car, I do the same thing but you look so much cooler.

    I am so glad your dad got lots and lots of cards from DWB!!!!!

    Frenchie Snorts

  41. Peanut, bud!

    More goob smooches to your mama for her birthday. What a cool prezzie she got (and at least she spent it on something for herself).

    Does your dad's fellow soldiers know he is getting all this mail from DOGS? I think that would be hilarious for them to find out.

    Your Grammie is the coolest grammie in the universe, and she takes bootiful photos of you & Flash (and hilarious photos of your sissy and whoever the butt belonged to).

    Goob love & smooches,