Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's me once again

Hello everyone It is I, Shelby once again. The stupid canines are both sleeping after their traumatizing day. Some humans came and took out their fence and so the canines are totally confused and unhappy. haha I love it. The human woman who feeds me said that the fence is supposed to be back tomorrow but I hope it stays away. It is much fun laughing at the canines.

The little canine is afraid of me and will not even go through a doorway if I am close to it. This is how it should be. The big stupid one thinks that barking at me is fun but the human woman yells at him when he does it and then he gets in trouble. I just laugh to myself. I go by him to get him riled up and in trouble on purpose.

I have posted several pictures so you can all bask in my handsomeness. Enjoy


  1. AAAAACKKKKK!!! PEANUT your bloggy has been C-A-T-napped!!! ACKKKKK!!!! Chaos and confusion!!! C-A-T alarm!!!


    barking our fool heads off-
    the whippets

  2. Oh no, another cat-jack huh? Hope you guys will be back soon!

  3. I bet that Peanut can't get into that sink and sleep. I bet Peanut wishes you would sleep in the toilet.

  4. Hey, CAT!

    While I appreciate the fact that you're not digging your dog roommies, I think it's a pretty LOW BLOW to catjack a blog.

    My advice to you, show some respect to your mama and the dogs. We know where you live, and will not stand by while you dis on the family.

    Goob love,

  5. Go away evil cat. Oh my dog look its peering at the computer, I hope it doesn't find all our blogs.

    Simba x

  6. Peanut, dude! What's with the cat? You need to go to my blog and check out Mean Kitty under my Favorite Movies.
    What a pain to have your fence removed. Hope its back soon.
    And one last thing, don't let your Mom try to dress you up! Nothing should cover your fabulous stripes!

    Mango Man

  7. I like cats, but you are being a little unkind to your doggy siblings.

    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  8. That big dog who likes to bark at you, well I know he has skills. So much so that I bet he could turn his skill at opening the fridge door into turning on that faucet you are lounging under. How would you like that???? Not so much huh, be nice to my Peanut!!!


  9. Woof! Woof!! Peaaaaaannnnnuuuutttt!!!! You gotta get a handle on the cat situation!!! Give them an inch....

  10. Yes, you are indeed hansome, but mean too!
    Be nice little kitty!

  11. You better be nice to Peanut and Flash! Peanut's big enough he could eat you!!

  12. Oh, dear Peanut and Flash, what trials you have to endure. No fence -- and a cat who thinks she rules you.

    Get her!

  13. You better say your prayers, Kitty! You're going to be lunch!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. seems like u looks comfortable sleeping in the sink....

  15. oh no...the cat's back! didn't he have enough with taking over the bed and all when you guys couldn't sleep on the bed!

    i'm not going to be mean to him, but i definitely miss the "canines" (what a snooty thing to say)...

    puppy slobberz...

  16. OMDoG Peanut! When I opened this I thought you had turned into a CAT! Thank Goodness you have not.

    Hurry back! I miss you already.


  17. Sorry our website made your firefox freeze!


  18. PEANUT! Come back! This thing terrifies me! How do you live with it? You are so brave, my BFF.


  19. Peanut...ya don't need to be dale-sized to play poker...ya only need to poop in the WOODS if ur dale sized or bigger. Other dogs are welcome to poop anywhere...grass, driveway, carpet (oh why's not like we never had...)....sorry to be so graphic, but we didn't want ya to misunderstand...who IS that feline on ur blog? Hmm...she seems to take some delight in ur state of fence confoosion....

    Can't wait to see ya...bring the cat...we have litter boxes...

    The host with the most (BEER)

  20. I think that cat arranged to have the fence stolen! He looks guilty! It's never wise to make a cat mad. My guess is that Peanut did something to tick him off.

  21. Oh boy... Shelby, I think you should meet White Cat. White Cat reminds me of you, the way you both tend to sneak into our dog blogs.

    Actually, on second thought, you'd better not meet White Cat. I wouldn't like it if you two came up with some kind of evil plan to take over ALL the dog blogs...

    Peanut, you'd better guard this cat more often.


  22. AHHHHH... Cat-attack!!
    Come back, Peanut!

  23. you better enjoy that freedom while you can, when they find out that you posted on the blog you gonna be in trouble.

    Frenchie SNorts

  24. Oh you guys, this cat!!! How do you stand it??? I think me and Bella need to come and help you out.

    Husky Hugs and get your bloggy back. MayaMarie

  25. Shelby, You are kind of scary. Can I pick you up?


  26. You are about as sneaky as Tanner, get off the blog!

  27. You are a wicked, wicked kitty, Shelby! Bring back my guy Peanut!

    xoxo - Bella

  28. Ooops! You did it again Shelby!
    You are going to be in trouble when Peanut ans Flash notice this!

  29. You sure look pretty in those picture Shelby.
    Is Peanut and Flash coming back soon?

    ~ Girl girl

  30. Peanut and Flash,

    Do you need us all to come over to chase that stupid cat out of your house for you? I am sure we will have fun chasing it. Thats how life should be. I bet your mum will not want to do anything nasty to us... :p or we can act at night when your mum has gone to bed!


  31. Peanut.. hope you get your bloggie back. Stop by, as we gave you an award!

  32. I can't reply to a cat. Cat's are for chasing. Where are Peanut and Flash?? :(


  33. Grrr! I don't like kitty cats either! Grrr!

    Love to Peanut and Flash (not to Shelby)...


  34. Shelby,
    I think you and I would really get along. We both deal with two furry beasts (although mine are furrier). You have to teach me how you got one of your beasts to be afraid of you. I need to try that.


  35. I'd wipe that smug, superior look right off your face if you were in my house!

    Since you're a cat, you might want to visit another friend of mine, Gizmo the Cat. Gizmo just started blogging and he doesn't have many friends or posts up yet. He'd be so surprised if someone he doesn't know stopped by to visit. He might even keel over in shock which would make him easier for me to catch. His blog is at

  36. Uh-oh, someone had better not turn on the water in that sink, Shelby. You're living dangerously in that house!

  37. We think Peanut should hold down Shelby and Flash should turn on the water in the sink. That would teach Shelby not to catjack this blog again.
    Comet and BLU

  38. Hahahahaha! Cats are so snooty!