Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We want to thank our good friends Lacy lulu, Gus & Louie, Harry & Cassidy and The Kapp Pack
who all gave us the you make my day award. We are so honored to receive it. We want to pass it on to well everyone who hasn't gotten it because going and reading all your blogs does make our day.

The girls at The dog log tagged us to share seven weird things about us. I thought I would let mom do this. Everything about her is weird, she is a human, so I asked her for 7 things people might not know and here they are.

1. Mom likes the smell of gasoline (told you she was a weirdo)
2. Mom has one ear pierced 4 times and the other one pierced twice.
3. Mom has two tattoos
4. Mom has been known to read anywhere from 15 to 25 books a month
5. Mom and Dad were engaged when they were 18 but broke up and didn't get back together and get married until 4 years later.
6. Mom can make soap from scratch
7. Mom hates to cook but her favorite channel is the food network.

Not much else is going on here at all.


  1. You hate to cook but love the food network.... That's funny.

    Thanks for checking on the bladder stones for Zoe. We will let you know what type of stones they are.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe (and Mom Jessica)

  2. Peanut! Our Mom's a so much alike!! My Mom LOVES the smell of much she stand out in the freezing cold while pumping just to get a whiff! Mom has the same ear piercings...but only one tatoo. She's saving up to get our pawprints on her feet though.

    And Mom watches FoodTV all the time but rarely cooks.

    Sure your Mom isn't MY Mom????


  3. My Mom's 4 hole ear is her left too!! I think they're soul sisters! Maybe they can reunite & bring me to see you!! I've never been to that I think about it, I've never been anywhere but Pixburgh!


  4. Your mom is definitely a WEIRD-O.

  5. Your mom sounds very interesting. We really don't get the gasoline thing, but our mom says that the food network has some good shows. She likes Ace of Cakes and any show where they do that challenge to build those 6-foot tall cakes. That's really interesting about your mom and dad. I guess they were just meant to be together!!


  6. Hi, Peanut!
    Yes, your post made my day!
    Those are very interesting things about your mom!
    My mom loves Food Network too!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Peanut, Congratulations on the award. I love to visit your blog too.

    In my point of view, hoomans are always weird. hee...


  8. Very interesting about your mom. You're welcome about the award!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  9. Wow, your mom reads a LOT of books!! My mom likes the food network too. Yes we agree that eating is WAY more fun than cooking. Of course, my food is all prepared for me since my mom waits on me. The way it's supposed to be!

  10. those are some cool facts. I think our tv only gets one channel and that is the food network!

  11. Apart from the last two, you can buy soap and my Mummy loves to cook, I thought you were talking about my Mummy. Maybe they are long lost twins. Thats really freaky.

    Simba xx

  12. Your mom sure sounds interesting. She like gasoline smell????

    ~ Girl girl

  13. We loved the facts about your mum! She sounds like a cool lday (but we already knew that!)
    Toodle pip,
    Harry x

  14. Wow! That is wierd that your mom likes the smell of gasoline!
    Other than that she sounds pretty normal to us!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. oh I like interesting and unusual facts about your Mum.

    My Mum likes the smell of petrol (as we call it here in the UK!)

    My Mum only has one piercing in each ear.......she is too scardy cat for anymore.

    Ditto the tattoos, too scaredy cat ever to get that done I'm afraid, but my youngest bruv has one on his arm.

    My Mum got married very young too!

    No idea about making soap, can you give us the recipe, might be fun!

    My Mum LOVES to cook and her favourite channel ARE the food channels!

    Not much goin' on here either, it has been very very very very windy though! Lots of trees down.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  16. Very interesting!
    There are way too many weird-o facts about my mom.
    Mom got the purple jug at the Dog show here in Houston. They usually have the new toys before you can buy them in stores!
    See ya!

  17. I thought my mom was the weirdest mom, but I now think your's is! Gasoline? That's definately weird. The ear piercing thinf isn't too weird. My mom has 3 in 1 and 2 in the other and so does my Aunt Gillian. My mom has thought about learning to make soap, but she doesn't want to use the "icky animal stuff." I'm glad I'm not the only one with a weird Mom

  18. Hey pal, congrats on your award! Your mum sounds funny! Fancy liking the smell of gasoline! J x

  19. Our Mom loves to cook and she also love the Food Network. We don't mind since she tries many different things that are really yummy...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  20. Wow - my Mom and I are impressed by the book total - YIKES, she reads more than my Gramma does!

    Also, my mom likes the smell of manure on a pasture and has one good sized tattoo on her leg but we can't post about it because Gramma doesn't know!


  21. Flash!
    I gave you guys an award, too. It's mostly for you, but since it's Peanut's blog I thought I'd be nice to him so he'll let you continue with Flash Fridays (the best day of the week!!)!

  22. Motch likes to smell gasoline, too. With the price of gas these days, she doesn't stand long at the pump, so she savors each moment!

    Now she isn't like your mom when it comes to reading, though. Motch reads about 3 pages of a book and immediately falls asleep.

    Contrats on the award!

  23. My mom is weird too, so I completely understand. hee hee

    Congrats on the award, wooohooo!

    FRenchie Snorts

  24. P-Nut!

    Congrats on that award! No pressure, but I wish you posted more because my girl & I LOVE reading about your world. (Like I said, this is a heart-felt compliment, not a pressure tactic to get you to post more).

    Your mama sounds like an interesting bird. My girl also loves the smell of gasoline and even skunk (if it's not too close). Go figure.

    Goober love,

  25. P-nut, this seemed like the best place to leave a comment for you:

    Your Photo of the Month on the DWB site made MY day!