Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Golly

Can you believe it's been a week since I blogged? I blame it all on mom. Everything is her fault. Seriously she has been hogging the computer and going to her turtle forum all the time. She hadn't been there in months and then decides this week she wants to spend all her time there. Like that turtle is more important then me. She hasn't even helped me visit hardly any of my friends. OH and she helped that stupid cat that lives in this house visit some of his new cat friends and blog but no don't help me. She didn't even help Flash blog on Friday.
Well I had had enough of her poopola. So last night I expressed my anal glands all over her bed. haha she woke up gagging and telling me how that was disgusting and to get off her bed. I got off but you see I'm blogging again so she has learned her lesson I believe. She is also making me tell people she has a waterproof mattress cover on her bed so no worries on her new mattress being ruined by my stinky butt. I say it would have served her right if I had ruined it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

oh geez

Mom let the stupid cat get his own blog. You can see it here. At least he won't be hijacking mine anymore. It is bad enough that Flash gets to post on Fridays
Well not much is going on here. Mom says our boy has something called strep throat and so he is home from school until he is not contagious anymore. We don't know what contagious means but we like having him home. Also do not feel sorry for him as he is not sick. Really mom took him to the doctor because of a cough. He has no sore throat or anything. The doctors kept saying he was the happiest boy they had ever seen with strep throat. He wasn't to happy when he got a shot in his bum though.
We got a whole bunch of awards from several different people and we need to deal with those but mother has lost the list where she wrote down who gave us what. So we are going to try and find it or figure out who gave what award to us so we can post that tomorrow.
I am now off to chew on the hooves we got in the box from Grammie today and then get my boy to play with me. Flash does not seem to like them so more for me
Here is a picture for Penny

Sunday, January 20, 2008

we are tired

Man a weekend of Poker can wear you out so we aren't going to say much today. Mom said it was nice sleeping on the bed without us there and that we are more then welcome to go to more poker weekends.

Our dear adopted family member Wally asked about our dad. He is doing as fine as he can be without being around me and mom and the kids talked to him on Friday night.

Oh and our mom did the dog matchup thing so many other humans are doing. Here is her list. I'm number 3. How is that possible? I should be number one but at least I'm in better shape then Flash who didn't even make it on the list at all.

  • Harrier
    or Harrier mix
    These "Super Beagles" were crafted for the big hunt.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
    or American Pit Bull Terrier mix
    This family dog blends strength, sweetness, and intelligence.
  • Boxer
    or Boxer mix
    Square-jawed and muscular, the Boxer is the George Clooney of the dog world, a hunk with a sense of humor and an underlying sweetness.
  • Tibetan Terrier
    or Tibetan Terrier mix
    Nicknamed Luck Bringers or Holy Dogs, this breed guarded the tents of nomadic herdsmen and were companions to Buddhist monks.
  • Australian Shepherd
    or Australian Shepherd mix
    Give this dog a job and he'll love it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

He did it again

It's friday so it's me Flash. That shelby is quite a cat. We told mom she needs to put a password on her computer he doesn't know so he can't blog. She told us to quit being blog hogs and let the poor cat have his say once in awhile. With no support from mom I am afraid you all may see him again as mom said she isn't helping him make his own blog.

So they did come out and redo our fence and it got me in trouble. On wednesday they came and took out the fencing part but left the posts. On thursday they came and spray painted the posts black, then put some black fencing up. They didn't do the gate until today though. Mom says it was kind of a stupid thing since our fence was perfectly good but the housing people want all the fences to match
So anyway I do not like to poop on a leash. So Thursday morning mom took me out and walked me around for about 20 minutes and I didn't go poop. I hadn't pooped Wednesday night either She figured I would just hold it for awhile since I've held it for 3 days before. Well when she came in from taking Peanut out I had pooped all over the carpet. Not just in one spot. I had walked around pooping. Needless to say Mom was not happy with me. She says it's lucky she has a little spot carpet cleaner also since the carpet in this house is a light brown color.

Also yesterday afternoon the mattress store called and asked mom if they could deliver her mattress and box springs that day instead of Friday. Mom said sure so last night we all got to sleep on the new king size bed. I even slept there for a few hours which I usually never do. It's pretty comfortable. Mom says she is very happy to not have to sleep on the couch with Peanut anymore. Oh and I have no idea what got into me to bite a hole in the blow up bed. I am usually much more behaved then that.

My lovely lady Kaos gave me the best friend award. I don't know who to give it to since my best friend is Peanut. Kind of sad isn't it? I give it back to Kaos since I love her.

If you haven't went over and said hi to our Aunt Moco please do. She is filling you in on the household right now. She is quite the cute little thing. Oh and go and look at the picture of Grammie's fat cat. I think the women in this family are odd. Both mom and Grammie own a fat cat. I guess Auntie Shalon needs one now.

Now we are off to Scruffy's place for the weekend of Poker. So hopefully we will be back on Sunday if things don't go to crazy over there.

Later taters

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's me once again

Hello everyone It is I, Shelby once again. The stupid canines are both sleeping after their traumatizing day. Some humans came and took out their fence and so the canines are totally confused and unhappy. haha I love it. The human woman who feeds me said that the fence is supposed to be back tomorrow but I hope it stays away. It is much fun laughing at the canines.

The little canine is afraid of me and will not even go through a doorway if I am close to it. This is how it should be. The big stupid one thinks that barking at me is fun but the human woman yells at him when he does it and then he gets in trouble. I just laugh to myself. I go by him to get him riled up and in trouble on purpose.

I have posted several pictures so you can all bask in my handsomeness. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's working

Blogger started working for us again. We don't know why it wasn't working but it is working now. So anyway my aunt Moco is now blogging. Check out her first post here. She's one of Grammie's dogs. She can fill you all in on life with Grammie and pappy and my uncles Foley and Dawson and oh yeah the cats also.

On Thursday Flash got some crazy hair in his behind and bit a hole in mom's new blow up bed. She wasn't happy which is why he didn't get to post on Friday. The good news is mom went and bought herself a real bed today and it gets delivered on Friday. She got a King size so she should have room to move around me on the bed.

We got some awards and will deal with those tomorrow. Mom bought me a new Jolly Ball yesterday so I am one happy dog. I get the big 10" one. She buys them from the farm supply store since that size is meant for horses.

And Finally here we are

ready for Operation Bring Beau Home. Thanks to Opy's dad for helping us with our helmets. He helped us a few days ago but we just got to post this. Better late then never I say.

blogger problems

We are having blogger problems. We can't leave comments and it has taken mom forever to be able to type this. We will be back when it fixes itself or mom figures it out. We are reading all our friends blogs though.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodbye Durango

We had a post all ready to up and then read the news about Durango. We are heartbroken here. We were pulling for the little guy. Our hearts go out to Maryann. We know he is now with Dakota and Thrawn.
We are glad he knew the love of a great person before he left this world way to soon.
We love this picture of Durango with Bear

Run free little man

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tagged by Tad & New cousin

I got tagged by the wonderful manly Tadpole Pomegranate to answer some questions. I decided to let Flash do it also.

1. If I were another kind of animal I would be a wild asian water buffalo because then I'd be bigger then mom and dad and they would have to let me do what I wanted. Plus they are endangered and then I could go around mating with all the female water buffalo to help bring up the population.
Flash says he would be a Argentine Blue-bill because well I can't say why here but go and read and you will figure it out. Mom says we are both perverts.

2. My most favorite song is Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. You all know the song and that is me. I am bad to the bone
Flash says his is I want a hippopotamus for Christmas because mom sings it all year long when she is happy.

3.If I could live anywhere in the world I would live? I would live in Pittsburgh with Penny.
Flash says right now he would go to Iraq but if Dad happened to be somewhere else that is where he would go. So where ever Dad is is Flash's answer.

4. If I were a famous movie star or personality I would be? Robert Duvall. Who else is that cool? "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"
Flash says he would be Tommy Lee Jones because he is almost as cool as Robert Duvall and hey they starred in Lonesome Dove together. Plus he was so great as the voice Major Chip Hazard in Small Soldiers.

5. I would be the spokesdog for Frigidaire refrigerators because I could show everyone how easy it is to open a fridge and get what you need. :)
Flash would be the spokesdog for toilets because he says they make the best water bowls.

We tag our new buddy Mango, our little buddy Kaiser and our buddies Gomer and Opie.

And we got a new cousin. Our lovely Auntie Shalon has gotten a puppy. Here are some pictures of her.

Her name is Diamond and she is 3 months old. Mom laughed when she saw the pictures because Auntie Shalon said I was big and then she went and got a great dane.
Welcome to the family and make sure Grammie gives you lots of treats.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We want to thank our good friends Lacy lulu, Gus & Louie, Harry & Cassidy and The Kapp Pack
who all gave us the you make my day award. We are so honored to receive it. We want to pass it on to well everyone who hasn't gotten it because going and reading all your blogs does make our day.

The girls at The dog log tagged us to share seven weird things about us. I thought I would let mom do this. Everything about her is weird, she is a human, so I asked her for 7 things people might not know and here they are.

1. Mom likes the smell of gasoline (told you she was a weirdo)
2. Mom has one ear pierced 4 times and the other one pierced twice.
3. Mom has two tattoos
4. Mom has been known to read anywhere from 15 to 25 books a month
5. Mom and Dad were engaged when they were 18 but broke up and didn't get back together and get married until 4 years later.
6. Mom can make soap from scratch
7. Mom hates to cook but her favorite channel is the food network.

Not much else is going on here at all.

Monday, January 07, 2008

I might have to apologize

So mom told me that she didn't know Shelby was on the bed with her. She says she went to sleep and he must have climbed up there while she was sleeping. Now I try that and she wakes up and makes me move so I'm not quite sure if I should believe her. What do you all think?

Also we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely person who sent mom a birthday card with a prepaid visa card in it. Along with instructions to spend it only on herself. So she wants to tell you she bought the dogs with blogs calendar with it because she really wanted it and something always seemed to come up (like us or the human kids needing food. She can't let any of us starve you know) :) when she thought she would have the extra money to buy it. She is dreadfully excited to get it. Oh and she says to mention it isn't something she needed since we already have the lovely boxer calendar Grammie sent me for my birthday. Oh and we haven't mentioned a name because while Mom says she is about 99 percent positive she knows who you are you didn't sign the card or put an address on the envelope so she thinks you might want to be anoymouse or whatever it is she said.

Dad called yesterday and said he got way more cards. He is working working working and spends a lot of the time at one place. Well he said that they bring the letter mail out to them there every couple of days and when they brought it out over half of it was for him and it was all cards. So that's great of all of you. Thanks so much for sending all those cards to our dad

I will leave you with some pictures my grammie emailed me the other day. They are from the morning we left Oregon to come to Louisiana. Yes it takes her awhile to get pictures to people but she sends great presents so I forgive her. Plus she said this in her email so how can you not love her?
I am sending you some pictures of your visit. They are pretty good ones of you and Flash. Shelby is in a cage. You should like that.
Here is me trying to get out of the car and my girl trying to keep me in

Shelby in a cage. HAHA

Pay no attention to the lady with the big butt but aren't I handsome?

Flash hanging out

More me trying to get out.

And more Shelby in a cage. HAHAHAHA

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to my mom (the liar) she is way way old today (Sunday). I don't know how old and really right now I don't care. She has upset me and so there.

Want to know what she did? Well I will tell you. You all remember how I told you her poor bed saga and how her blow up bed got a hole in it? Well she told me she couldn't take me sleeping on top of her anymore on the couch so she went and bought another blow up bed. This time she bought one only big enough for her and said that no one was allowed on it with her so she could get some sleep. Well you want to know what I saw last night? THE CAT WAS SLEEPING ON THE BED WITH HER. She lied to me. She said it was just for her and she let that cat on there. How dare she do that? How could she let that thing on the bed with her and not me? I am so upset. I now know who she loves the best. I am going to go pout some more.

So happy birthday Mom. Hope you have fun with the cat on your day.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday

and Me, Flash aren't I cute?

Okay a few things today. First Hi to my Lady Love Kaos. Isn't she beautiful?

Second, our neighbors got a new dog. He's a boxer mix about 1 year old named Scooby and as soon as we get a picture we will post it. He's bigger then me and smaller the Peanut so mom says once he gets to know his new family a little bit we will get to play with him. They got him from the vet here on post who takes in stray dogs found on post and ones people can't take care of anymore. We got to see him and he looks nice so a new friend. That's great.

Third Look at this!!!!! Grammie had Cubby art done of Peanut(below) and her 3 dogs (which can be seen here they are the second, third and fourth dogs) but did she have one done of me? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she didn't. I am like the little redheaded (hi pappy) step granddog. I swear

Fourth not much else is going on here. Peanut is being as annoying as ever and getting in trouble. I'm being the good boy I am. I tell you the bad boy gets more attention and really I think I might just snap one of these days and let them all know how I feel about that. What do you all think?

Later Gators

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Okay we wanted to show the pictures of our presents from our Grammie and Miss Sunshade since mom found the camera cord and is finally feeling much much better.

Here is our present from Miss Sunshade and Family. The little candy cane treats are good but mom hasn't given me the big sucker yet. I know it is for me. She says she might cut it in half for me and Flash to share but I say no way sucker it should all be for me.

Here is our haul from Grammie. I tell you we have the best Grammie in the whole wide world.
Flash and I got into a fight over the treats on the chair though and mom had to hit us with the box they came in to break us up so we didn't get any until later that night. She says we are going to give her a stroke or something if we keep up crap like that.

Oh and here is a lovely picture of me laying on the couch today. If you look at the yellow blanket that is my mom's feet. She even let me have her new big fluffy pillow to lay on. She says she's worried about me since several times today I have gotten up and not wanted to put any weight on my back right leg but within a little while I'm okay and even ran around with Flash. This is the leg I have a limp in and have since I was about one. I've never done the no weight thing though. She says she believes once we get our tax return I will be going in for lots of tests. Oh and mom can take the leg and move it any which way she wants and I don't seem to be in any pain.
Flash will be here tomorrow talking about who knows what.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A little better

Okay mom is feeling a little better. Says she's still tired but her belly feels better. She found the camera cord also. So tomorrow she promised we could put up pictures. We will get back to reading all our friends blogs also but it may take us a couple days to get all caught up.