Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some questions

Okay after our lists were posted we had some questions asked. Most of them being about my fear of little dogs which I will talk about in a minute.
First off our friend Sophie was having trouble getting down to our posts because of our guestbook so we moved it. Sophie turns 8 today so go over and wish her a happy barkday if you haven't already.
So now for the questions. Stanley asked if we miss stuffed toys. Sure we do stuff toys are fun. Mom says no more though since we don't just kind of fight over them. We bite and growl and would draw blood if we could. Mom has had to break us up with a broom and one time with the vacuum cleaner since it was closest thing handy. So she says no more no way no how. She can't take the stress. Oh and we only fight like this over stuffed toys nothing else.
Stanley also asked if we sometimes secretly snuggle. The answer to that would be no. Sometimes I do try to use Flash as a pillow but he doesn't like it much and will move. We sleep on separate cushions on the couch and I sleep with mom and dad and Flash has his own bed (which I get yelled at for getting in).
Balboa asked if my neighbor was nice since I like to run into their yard. Well they are nice but they are afraid of me. Can you believe someone is afraid of me? (mom here lots of people are afraid of Peanut in fact since when he meets new people outside of the house he just stops, stands perfectly still and stares at them until he decides they are okay. This makes people nervous since he is as large as he is.) Anyway they know I am nice and will come up and pet me now (after 2 years) if I am in my fence but still won't come visit me inside my fence. Mom says it is sad since they are making their kids afraid of dogs to and she tries to get the kids to pet me but no luck.
Okay no on to my fear of little dogs. I wasn't always afraid of them. In fact my best friend in Germany was a dachshund mix and we would play together for hours. But then something bad happened once we came to Kentucky. Mom was walking me one night in our housing area. I of course was on my leash. Well mom sees this little dog with her owners in their yard a few houses down. Before mom can even decide if we are going to keep going or turn around this dog comes running towards us. Her owners are yelling at her to come back but not moving from their yard to get her and then they yell at mom "Is your dog a male or female? She likes males but will attack females" Mom is just kind of standing there dumbfounded that these idiots would let a dog that will attack other dogs outside without a leash on and not go after it when it takes off out of the yard. Well mom tells them I am male so we decide maybe it isn't a big deal to meet this little gal. I like all dogs up to this point and we knew I wouldn't do anything. So this little gal comes over sniffs me, I sniff her, she walks under me and then attacks my legs and this was no play attack. Mom had to push her off me with her foot while I was trying to run away. Those stupid owners still didn't come get the dog as she was trying to attack me. They tried yelling at mom though when she put her foot on their mangy mutt. Well mom didn't go for that let me tell you. I was totally traumatized and to this day don't like little dogs. Mom tries to make me meet ones when we come across them and I am getting a little better but would still rather run away.
Now you all know my secret shame. I Peanut, the 80 lb boxer, am afraid of any dog that weighs less then 20 lbs.


  1. Aw Penaut, why are some dog owners so stoopid? There is a guy near us with a dog (also Oscar, gives us nice Oscar's a bad name) and he has bitten several dogs and the police have said a few times that he MUST wear a muzzle when out. He doesn't, and worse he is ALWAYS off lead (leash). Mum, and I have seen him pin another dog down and his dumb owner was saying "good boy Oscar", presumably good boy that he hadn't killed the other dog, but at the sme time totally proactively reinforcing the bad behaviour. If we see him now we make a swift exit. We blame the owner not the dog in this kind of case.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I never seem to realise when dogs are being agressive at me. I still wag my tail and play bow, doh!

    Oscar x

  2. No worries Peanut my Pal! I am quite scared of wee dogs too! Especially those little yappy ankle biters, Yorkies and Westies.......

    We ought to start a club, The Big Dogs Scared of Wee Ankle Biters Association.

    love and scared licks, Marv xxxx

  3. I'm a wee dog, I like big dogs. I'm sure you'd like me.

    Simba xx

  4. Poor Peanut! I hope your ma gave those people the what-for. Were you badly hurt?

    It's a shame you couldn't return the favor to that dog's owners and gnaw on their calves a bit.


  5. Hi Peanut,

    I'm not very fond of little dogs either. There's a little dog next door to me, and he's not very nice so our parents keep us apart.

    I'm very sad to hear about the stuffed toy thing, too! In the package I just sent you there are two stuffed for you and one for Flash! I'm sorry I didn't know :(

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

  6. Peanut,

    You're a big guy with a big heart! The fact that you didn't bite back is a testimony to what a truly sensitive boxer boy you are!

    Give your mom hugs & kisses from me! She's obviously got your back, man.

    Thanks for answering my questions. I have others, but will ask later.

    Your goob friend,

  7. Peanut:
    How were you to know that the little dog was psychotic. It is sad that some people are allowed to own dogs. I hope you and Flash do not fight over the toys Ellie sent you.
    Foley seems to be doing well on his medicine.

  8. Hi Peanut...
    Sometimes hoomans are so stupid! I have a neighbor who refuses to put his 2 mutts on a leash and they poop everywhere. Makes my mom so angry!!! I hope you weren't hurt too bad when that happened.

    I would like to think that you would like me even though I'm kinda little (16lbs). I think I'm a big dog so maybe it would be ok.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. What a shame that this had to happen! Stupid people! I know a few ankle biters that I don't like either!

    Love ya lots,

  10. Hey, guys! Reading your adventures you sure have a lot more interactive fun that I get. I used to love to "rassle", but Mom says I have to behave like a lady, now. Well, that's ok. But I can still play "tag" and you're it. (heheheheh) Check my blog for details. And keep up the nifty writing. I think us pups have pretty interesting stories to tell, don't you? Hmmmmm??

  11. Er...perhaps we could sort of nurture our friendship? I only weigh maybe 8 pounds (if I'm dieting). Shhhhh.

  12. peanut, no wonder u don't like little dog. they are evil aren't they? i'm the special one so i know u'll like me. *cough cough*

    u know, sometime the smaller dog is the fierce one instead of big huge dog! go figure!

    wet wet licks


  13. Hi, Peanut.
    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with that little evil.
    If someday we have the chance to meet each other "in person" I promise you that I won't bite you. I am always on leash but I am friendly with big dogs like you!
    Have a good night!

  14. Hi Peanut,
    Sorry to hear about your small dog story. Well Japan certainly wouldn't be the place for you then!! There are so many dachshunds, yorkies, chiwahwas etc here due to space issues.
    Jazz and Dixie

  15. Hi Peanut,
    That sounds like a very awful experience with that tiny dog!

    Don't you worry, i am very friendly!
    U can be sure i wun hurt even an ant :p


  16. OOOooooo, that story about Peanut made Mom soooo mad!! She's gotten very good about being super mean to idiot owners who let their dogs jump on us while we're walking.

    No wonder we don't like other dogs.

    Peanut, you weigh 2 times more than Lola!! She's a mini-boxer!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  17. Well Peanut, I'm only 12 pounds, but I'm scared of little doggies too! I'm not quite sure what to do with them, so I just kinda stand there staring at them. I'm used to playing like a maniac with Fig, and so then I'm afraid of hurting the tiny ones and don't know how to react....

    I try to snuggle with Fig too, but she just grumbles and moves away from me....

  18. Oh that's a sad, sad story, Peanut. I agree with your Grammy - some people should not be allowed to own dogs.

    And why would you want to snuggle with Flash?! He's your BROTHER!

  19. We are so sorry that a little dog was mean to you. We bark a lot but we aren't mean. Or maybe we are but our mom keeps a close eye on us and doesn't put us in situations where we might get defensive. When we go to dachsie parties and meet new dogs we are nice. We would be nice to you if we ever met you.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  20. Oh Peanut, we're so sorry that had to happen. That little dog's owners make us so mad. We sure hope your Mom gave them what they had coming!

    ~Pug Hugs~
    Duke & Gidget