Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Outside and not moving

Well I have to tell you my mom is much less stressed out now. The army has decided we don't have to move just yet. So Dad gets to get better here. Yea since poor mom was ready to cry thinking about having to move all of us when Dad couldn't drive.
I've been spending lots of time outside as it has been in the 70s here. Not to hot for me and not to hot for mom either so she can come out and throw my jolly ball around. Dad comes outside and sits but doesn't play with me much which is upsetting since he is a better ball thrower then mom. She tries though I will give her that.
So I'm going to post pictures of me playing. There might be some of Flash in there also. He annoys me when I'm trying to play with my ball since he likes to steal it. I usually just beat him up and take it back though.
Here is me sitting and waiting for mom to throw the ball. They make me sit every time. See annyoing Flash behind me.
Here I am bringing the jolly ball back to mom
This is when I wouldn't let mom pick up the ball. I do that sometimes.
This is me and Flash running around. We are so fast we create dust.
This is when I'm done for the day and all tired. Mom says this is a really good picture of me
Oh and grammie if you are reading this when are you coming back to visit and bringing pappy? I haven't been able to see you and shove my face in yours while your sleeping in far to long. Oh and Flash says he wants to give you kisses.


  1. Hi Peanut! My Mom and Dad make me sit before they throw my ball or my rubber stick, too. I've master a butt hover that makes it look like I'm sitting, but I'm ready to go as soon as the ball is in the air - unless we play that annoying stay until they say "hunt it up" game. That game is fun, but it drives me crazy! I can't wait until my tail us better so I can convince my mom to go throw my rubber stick for me.

  2. You two sure have a lot of fun. I don't have a fence so I have to stay on a leash which sucks. Glad you don't have to move yet because moving is horrible!

  3. You like fetch?! I don't get it... when I'm playing with my toys, why do people want to take it away from me and throw it across the room? I don't understand.... I'm just sitting there quietly, and they come up and take it away and toss it!!?

  4. Peanuts!
    Don't listen to them (the parnuts)! They should be throwing and you should be fetching! End all, be all! Give 'em a few barks to let them know who's in charge!

  5. Hey Peanut, you sure can run fast. Are you a faster runner the Flash?
    You look cute smiling in that last picture. :)

    ~ fufu

  6. Hey, Peanut! Thanks for leaving me some posts while I was at the doctor. I am home now and doing very well, just a little sleepy. I put a surgery album on my blog, so you can look at pics of my recovery and cool stitches! I hope your Daddy is feeling good today. Maybe he can give me some pointers. Talk to you soon!

    Love, Layla

  7. Peanut that last picture of you is so handsome!

  8. Peanut -

    We are so glad you get to stay put and your dad gets to heal up. We are jealous of your weather though - it's suppose to snow tomorrow:(

    Love, Dory

  9. I love that last picture of you Peanut! What a beautiful Boxer smile!!!!

    Lola the little white Boxer

  10. Aw--your mum is right--that IS a good photo of you. You guys sure like a fun pair. I don't think I could keep up with you--I'd be left in the dust!


  11. Wow you two can really run fast! We like the looks of your jolly ball, it must be really fun to play fetch with huh?? We're glad you don't have to move for a while. No stress for your Mama that way. We love your smiley face photo!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers