Friday, March 02, 2007

The cats

Okay so mom said I have to put up some pictures up of the cats. So I am going to. I will tell you a little about them to.

Okay those two are of Shelby. Shelby is a boy but he came with the name so mom left it as is. Mom got him off of freecycle and after she picked him up and he was home for a couple of days they figured out he had a bladder infection. Poor guy so he cost mom and dad some money but mom says he was worth it. He is a big boy at 18 lbs (and he's lost some weight since mom got him). Shelby doesn't like me and Flash and we don't like him. Mom calls him the fat man and says to tell you all he is a really neat cat. If she says so. Shelby has lived with us for almost a year.

This is Raven. We've had her since she was just a kitten. In fact she's only about 4 months younger then me. (Hey mom here Peanut won't tell you but Raven rules the house. In fact she can go up to either Peanut or Flash put her paws on their faces and they will lay down so she can clean them)

Hey geez mom you aren't supposed to tell anyone my secrets. But she's right Raven runs the house (besdies mom that is). We like Raven in fact. She plays with us and everything. She looks slightly evil in this picture but I think that is the flash from the camera. Raven came over from Germany with the family just like I did. So she is a well traveled cat. She is sitting on her new cat house thing mom bought. SHe bought it for both the cats but Raven won't really let Shelby get on it. Here is a picture of the house thing. Sorry it is sideways.
Oh and they've moved Dad's knee surgery to Monday so keep your paws crossed on Monday instead of Tuesday. I will make sure I post as soon as I he is home and safe.


  1. Your cats look, um, very nice. Nice and delicious. kitties at our house, although the female human and two little humans really think cats are great. The Siberian Husky heathens I live with think cats are free-range snacks!
    Miss Stella
    ps-Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I like your cats! I had knee surgery too. It's probably a bit different than human knee surgery, but still. I had lots of stitches ... you can see them on my blog. Will your dog get stitches too? Will he not get to chase tennis balls for weeks and weeks too?

  3. Hmm.. cats won't let me and my housemates near enough so we can decide if we like them or not. They kind of steer clear of us terriers!
    Oh my Mom is considering knee surgery too after we get back from Kentucky later on this month. We're going to some dog agility trials and you'd think Mom had more sense but she says she's good she has to do this. Humans can be pretty silly!


  4. That's a pretty cool cat house. We should tell Auntie C about this. She has 2 cats along with Toto the dog. Her cats are both really huge! They just keep gaining weight. We'll be praying for your Papa on Monday!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  5. I really like Raven's house. I wonder if I can talk mom into getting me one of those. I might share it with Buster if she does.
    Tell your Dad I hope he does well in surgery.

  6. Looks like your cats have it made. Mine do too and I get in trouble if I chase Granny cat because she is 22 years old.
    Tell you Dad I got my paws crossed for his surgery.

  7. That is a KEWL cat house; but it would not last long in my house...I am not fond of cats at all...I always chase them when I see them outside; and my Momma is very allergic to them. So....we don't have any felines around here.

  8. Awwww...your kitties are cute!

  9. It must be nice to have other fourleggers to play with. I have to wrestle with my human only. Hope your dad's knee operation goes well, will be crossing my paws.


  10. Hi Peanut.. Hope your dad's operation will be fine. Are your cats friendly?

    ~ fufu

  11. Hi,
    My mom said that Shelby was a boy's name originally so you should tell him so he doesn't feel so self conscious about it and your cats seem nice like my cats.