Monday, March 26, 2007


No pictures today. I have a pimple. Mom keeps making fun of me (calling me pimple face). I think it's incredibly mean but she feeds me so I guess I will put up with it. Maybe I'll step on her when we go to bed to get back at her. How many of you get pimples and if you do do your parents make fun of you to?
So I've been spending time outside playing since it's so nice. Dad's been coming out and throwing my jolly ball around. He sits in a chair so don't worry he isn't hurting himself.
Other then that nothing else is going on. Hopefully I will have more to write about tomorrow.


  1. I have never had a pimple but I had this weird mole on my face. It just fell off one day but Mom and Dad didn't laugh at me.

  2. Meanie parents! I heard boxers can get pimples. I am too furry to see of I have any!

    Oscar x

  3. Horrid humans. Pee on the floor, that'll teach them.

    Simba x

  4. I don't have pimples but my ma ape does. I laugh at her.


  5. No pimples here that I can see Peanut! But having said this, I have very thick black fur so it's hard to "spot" them........he he he he he!

    love and silly licks Marv xxxxx

  6. oh i'm so sorry about the pimples!

    i got it myself too few weeks back. don't like it at all!

    wet wet licks


  7. I feel your pain, Peanut. Since I don't have any hair, my skin is just like people skin. And since I'm entering into my "adolescent" stage, I get pimples too. My girl has to wash and take care of my skin just like she has to take care of her own. *sigh* Sometimes she complains and says I'm more high-maintenance than she is.

  8. I don't think I've ever gotten a pimple before. If I did, I'm sure my Mom would laugh at me, too! She laughed at me last night when the monster was attacking me so I'm sure she'd laugh at me for that, too! Why do they do that to us? After last night, I don't think my Mom will be laughing at me for awhile though. She's too tired. hehehe

  9. Gomer & Opie2:11 PM

    Hi Pimples! Um, I mean Peanut! (snicker snicker)... We don't get pimples that we notice... but we get other weird medical issues, does that count? Like, I (Gomer) once grew and extra toenail out of the pad of my foot. That wasn't funny, though.
    Wuf Ya! Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

  10. My chin is a little bumpy, but my moms are sensitive, and rarely mention it...

  11. Anonymous6:04 PM

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