Sunday, March 11, 2007

pillows and other things

Well dad is still layed out on the couch and won't let me sit with him. He usually would so I am stuck on the love couch. Not as much fun as laying with dad but oh well. I'm still sleeping in the bed with mom and Flash though.

We had some excitement yesterday. Flash got out of the fence again (mom just can't figure out how to get it so the fence will keep him in) but since my girl and boy were outside with us, we got Flash right back. He isn't allowed outside in the yard without someone there just for this reason. You would think him being lost for a week would have cured him of running off but I guess not.
Look at this picture he doesn't look to bright does he?
Here is a picture of Shelby behind the baby gate mom and dad have up so I can't get to the trash or the yummy presents the cat's leave us. If you look closely you can see him.
And here is a picture of me using Flash for a pillow. Mom needs to put some more weight on him so he is fluffier and more comfortable but she says no way she isn't going to have a fat dog anymore like the time she made me into a sausage with legs (as dad so elegantly put it). Hey I was happy even if I was fat.
Oh yeah and today Flash and I got to go for a walk together. Mom walked me and my girl walked Flash. So that was cool. We usually have to be walked by ourselves. Though Flash kept trying to get in front of me and I couldn't let that happen so I would speed up and poor mom would have to jog to keep up. haha that's a funny sight mom isn't built to jog that is why she's doing weight watchers to lose weight.
Well that's all the news for now. Bark at you all later gators


  1. Peanut:
    Flash looks like he is trying to figure out another way to get out of the fence.

  2. Shepherds are so climby - I would never climb anything (except the couch and the bed and the kitchen chairs if there is food on the counter)!

  3. I'm glad you got Flash back!

  4. I'm glad Flash is back, too. It's very stressful on everybody when someone in the family is missing. If you read my blog, you'll see some very sad news about one of my cousins that got loose. My aunt has a 6 foot fence and can't keep my cousin Bruitis in! He can no longer go outside without being supervised either.

  5. Do the turtles get to hang with dad?

  6. Flash looks like he's forming some kind of evil strategy! You better keep an eye out for him! He's looking like trouble and may need the help of Peanuts, the Superdog!

  7. Flash,

    You are so lucky to have another puppy for a pillow. I have to use my Mommy and she doesn't always appreciate the middle of the night! ha ha!

    Nubbily Wiggles,

  8. Awwwww...I wish I had a doggy brother or sister!

  9. You have cat-poo treats IN YOUR HOUSE?! I have to go outside to scrounge around for some... and usually I can only find other doggies' poopy treats. Surely you can find a way around or over that gate, no?!