Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash Friday

Hey it's me Flash. I don't have much to say tonight. Today was pretty boring. We had to hang out in our kennels when Mom and Dad went to mom's weight watchers meeting and then to return some shoes they got.
After that not much happened today. We got stuck at home with Dad while mom went to physical therapy. Yep she has to go to but for her back not her knee like dad. She came back complaining but she's a whiner so really it was to be expected.
I've just been hanging out trying to stay away from Peanut. He's very annoying today. He keeps barking and barking. I wish he would shut up.
I went outside with my kids while they jumped on the trampoline but haven't spent much time out there as it's been raining.
Well it's time for dinner. Hopefully next friday i have more to talk about.


  1. Hey Mom & Dad do Weight Watcher's at work. Dad's lost 16.7 lbs and Mom's a lard ass & has gained 2.6 lbs. They started in January. My Mom needs to step it up!

    My stupid sister Lola barks a lot too. She's really annoying. She barks, then Penny barks, then I have to join in b/c the King of the Castle should WOOF the loudest, right? But it's still annoying. I feel for ya Flash. These Boxers aren't as cool as everyone says.

    Sherman (the grumpy one)
    from The Dogs of Jackman Ave

  2. Don't you hate it when the humans leave you at home and go places. Its just not fair.

    Simba xx

  3. Flash...your Mom ROCKs! Congrats to her!! DON'T let her talk to my Dad b/c he'll get all competitive on her & challenge her to a "percentage of body weight" contest!!

    My Mom joined WW to avoid the Football 15 (pounds) she gains every Steeler season. She's been a good pup & only gained 2.6 lbs in her "season". Mom ain't no spring chicken anymore & it'll take her a long time to lose those 3 lbs.

    You give your Mom Mucho licks (obviously P&F are eatin' all the leftovers!)...she's doing great!

    Ferndoggle @ the Dogs

  4. Hey Flash! Peanut might be annoying but just think how lonely and boring it would be without him around. And Peanut, you be more careful about the things you get into. It was a good joke you played but it could have been dangerous. We're glad you enjoyed the puppy pictures! Belly Rubs to Both, Tasha & Eva