Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Got back at mom

Yep I got back at mom good. I think I took at least a few years off her life. hahaha Let me tell you how I did it. Mom takes medication so she had her pill container on the computer desk's second shelf. The only way I can get to the second shelf is to put my front feet on the computer. Now I get in trouble for this but this time I did it get back at mom for calling me pimple face.
So mom and dad were in the back of the house getting ready to take dad to the doctor. I stole the pill container and hide it in my kennel. Mom and dad didn't notice. So I got stuck in my kennel while dad got checked out (the surgeon said his knee is looking good) and when they came home they didn't let me right out of the kennel as they were eating lunch and I like to try and stick my nose in their food. Well I started chewing on that pill container and mom said to dad "what does peanut have" and got up to check. Well she looked in my kennel and when she saw the pill container she freaked out. She yanked open my kennel and was yelling at Dad to get the hydrogen peroxide (I heard her say something to dad about me having to throw up) and digging around in my blankets to see if she could find the pills. I just stood there in the kennel getting in her way and laughing silently. You should have seen her with her head in my kennel and her butt sticking out. Oh it was to funny. She found all the pills so they didn't give me the peroxide though throwing up would have been worth it. The she sat down in a chair and I heard her tell Dad I almost gave her a heart attack. hahaha That will teach her to call me pimple face. I would never eat those yucky things.


  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes Peanut! It was quite alot of fun! Whew, I'm glad you didn't eat any of those nasty medicines. I know you're too smart to eat them, but keep an eye out on your brother, you wouldn't want him to get sick.


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha - good one peanut. Maybe next time though, you might want to scare your Mum by jumping out of somewhere dark instead?

    Love and Licks,
    Texas (and his humans).

  3. I would be in som much trouble for that! Glad you are sensible & didn't eat them. I am still a silly puppy, so not sure I would have been as smart as you!

    Oscar x

  4. Hey Peanut--Once I ate a bottle of MY pills (sample bottle of Rimadyl). And then when they gave me the hydrogen peroxide I refused to barf! Even though I usually LOVE to barf! Ha! How come the naked apes never appreciate our sophisticated humor?


  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! You teach that mean mommy.
    I am lucky enough to never get pimples, but the Boston my mom and dad had before me used to get them around her eyes - gross!

  6. That's hilarious! My Mom keeps her medicine in the bathroom above the sink where I can't reach so I can't do that. I'll have to figure out how to do something similar though. I'll have to make sure the hydrogen peroxide doesn't come out though. I hate that brown bottle! When I cut my food playing outside I had to have that stuff dumped on my foot 3 times a day!!!! I didn't know it could make you throw up too! I'm definately hating that brown bottle now!

  7. ooooh I would have loved to see a picture of your Mama with her head in the kennel there!

  8. Too bad you don't have opposable thumbs, otherwise you could have taken a picture of your mom in your kennel!

  9. What a mean trick Peanut! I agree...it's very funny to see Mom all freaked out and making a big fuss (like when my Mom thought I ate a razor blade & chased me through the house naked...hee hee, we all laughed hard at that one!).

    But you should try to be nice to your Mom...if you give her a heart attack, no more bully sticks!

    Lola the little White Boxer

  10. Whew Peanut! You almost gave ME a heart attack! I, being the food mongrel I am, would've probably eaten those pills! It's a good thing you didn't!

  11. PEANUT!!! OMDOG....whew...thank goodness you did not eat any pills....what a stinker...scaring your Mom like that.

  12. Gomer & Opie12:57 PM

    Wow! Impressive! That'll teach her!
    (Grinnin from ear to ear here)
    Gomer & Opie

  13. Peanut -

    We are so glad you are okay and didn't eat any of those human pills. I am a human pill called tylenol once and my mom freaked out and called all kinds of people. I was just fine and learned to stay far away from any pills!

    Wet nose smooches - Dory

    PS we are extremely happy to hear your dad is on the mend. Tell him physical therapy is rough but worth it in the end!! :)

  14. SCARY! Be careful, man!

  15. As my Mom would say, "You little stinker!" But I have to admit that it's real funny to see Mom with her head in the kennel and her butt outside...I like to bunch my blankets way in the back so she has no choice but to crawl and get them. Tee hee! Hope your pimple clears up!

    xoxo - Bella