Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Flash Friday

Hey everyone it's me Flash. Peanut was oh so kind as to let me use his blog today (I am being sarcastic here) I think Mom kind of forced him into it as she said I need a way to express myself to. I'm the more go with the flow kind of guy so I don't feel the need to tell everyone everything about what I do though I will fill you in on a few things. I figured out I would start today by introducing myself and letting you all know the rules for Flash Fridays.
Well to start with I am some sort of Shepard mix. I don't know much about my dog mom or my dog dad since I was dropped off with a tiny little "rescue" at 6 weeks. I'm not huge about 47 lbs but the family says I have a big head. Mom says I am cute though and that is what counts. I love my mom.
Speaking of mom she found me on petfinder. She was searching for a boxer mix playmate for Peanut and the people had me down as a boxer mix. I think it was fate they mislabeled me since mom took one look at me and had to have me. I am a handsome devil so I can see why. So mom got in touch with the lady who was located at the other army base here in kentucky. This lady talked to mom and just brought me up and dropped me off no home visit or anything. I was only 8 weeks old. I met Mom and my kids first. Then I got to meet Peanut. He was huge at the time since I was just a puppy but I liked him until he boxed me in the face. Then he kind of scared me. I have learned how to box though so I can get him in the face too. When Dad came home that day he was in his BDUs (for those of you who don't know those are the green camouflage uniform the army used to wear) I was totally scared of him. My mom says she doesn't know what happened at that "rescue" but since the lady's husband was in the army she thinks it might have been something bad. I didn't like anyone in BDUs for the longest time even women. I did finally get to tolerate my Dad even in BDUs but then he switched to the ACUs and everything is good. Though I have to say I don't like those crutch things he is walking around on now.
I am 2 years old now. Mom doesn't know when my birthday is but they got me in April so we just celebrate my day of coming into the family on the 15th. It's a good day since it's payday and I can get lots of presents. Well I think that might be enough of an introduction for today. I will write more next Friday. Oh I did want to say I will not discuss that week I went missing. It isn't something I like to talk about so it will never come up again from me. That is my only rule. I leave you with this picture of me running after peanut. If you look really close you can see his bottom on the other side of the tree.

Flash (or the Flashtastic as mom and dad call me sometimes)


  1. Hey Flash! It was so nice of Peanut to "let" you tell your story, too. You and I have a similar problem. I can't stand men in officer uniforms. Cops, my neighbor in his prison gueard uniform, any of them! I was an army family dog for the first part of my life. I'm okay with women in officer uniforms though. I used to be scared of all men, but I got over that fast because I love my Dad so much and my uncles. If cops come to my house, Dad has to pull me off and shut me in the bedroom because my hair stands up and I get really nervous and agressive.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. what a great story, Flash. Flash Friday is much better than Tanner Tuesday!!!

  3. I see why your hoomans call you Flash! You look so speedy in that picture! Looks like your GOTCHA Day is coming up soon! Is that on a Flash Frday?!

  4. Hey Flash - Dakota also learned about boxing the hard way. She has also learned to box back.

    I'm glad to meet you. Please tell your dad that the decals are window decals.

  5. Hey Flash, you run jolly fast!! So did you manage to get Peanut after all that chasing?

  6. Hi Flash! You did a great job rescuing your new people and Peanut. Well done! And there is something quite handsome about a big-headed dog!


  7. Flash, you are running very fast. I don't think your head is big at all.
    Peanut: I don't know when I will be able to get back to see you. Maybe you will be able to move to Washington. I forgot my password and couldn't write you for a couple of days.

  8. Hey Flash! Nice to meet you! You smell like a nice kinda guy. And you sleep funny, but that's ok. *sniffs your butt*

    Love and Licks,
    Texas (and his humans).