Friday, March 23, 2007

Flash Time

Yep it's friday that means it's time for me Flash to post. See the nice picture of me I was hanging out under the trampoline. I'm small enough to do that and Peanut isn't. So haha peanut
Anyway I know peanut is always talking about how stupid he thinks I am but after listening to mom and dad I have figured out they actually think I am the smarter of the two of us. They say it is because he's in bread (I don't know what him getting into the bread has to do with it) and I'm a mutt. Don't tell Peanut it will hurt his feelings. He likes feeling superior.

Another thing about Peanut. He's a toy hog See me with this toy in my mouth? Well I was trying to play with Dad and Peanut felt the need to come up and try to take the toy away from me. He did to because he uses those huge things he calls paws to hit me in the head until I let go. He does with all toys. Mom and Dad yell at him sometimes though so he gets in trouble. hahaha
Also he seems to think I am a pillow. How would you like it to be sleeping and all of a sudden have that big ol noggin plopped onto your rear. It disturbs my sleep. And being the handsome guy I am I need my beauty sleep.
Now he isn't a total loss as a big brother. He did teach me to box like him and we do have fun running around in the yard together. Plus of course if mom wasn't looking for a playmate for him I wouldn't live where I do so I guess I have to put up with the bad also. To bad the bad is so much.
Well I am off to go hang out with mom. Dad is driving her crazy. She keeps saying he needs to go back to work.
Oh yeah and Peanut got his own email well mom says it is for both of us but it has his name on it. so go ahead and email me there or you can email him if you want to.


  1. hey well done on getting your own email address both of you!

    love and licks Marvin xxxxx

    Yes! Peanut, I would like to be your Friend! I have put a link to your Blog on mine too!

    love Marv xxxxx

  2. Yay for Flash Friday! I try to get into the bread too... I wonder if it would make me less smart, though?

    I feel your pain in the sibling department. My sister steals my toys too, and just last night she walked all over me while I was sleeping under the covers in bed. No respect, I tell ya.

  3. Gomer & Opie12:46 PM

    Wow! Your own email address. We share ours with dogmom... sort of... she never gets any mail there! :)
    We're glad you're trading links with us!
    About siblings... well... just read our blog!
    Wuf Ya! Gomer & Opie

  4. hey Peanut and Flash, Eva here. We can't stay outside too long when its hot but Dad fills a pool for us when its really hot. I just like to walk in the water but Tasha likes to go round and round in it and stick her whole face under the water!! We would love it if we were linked on your blog! Would you mind if we did the same when we figure out how to do it? Belly rubs for the both of you!!

  5. Heyya Flash!
    At least you have Peanuts and not some pesky little feline named Ozma! I just hate it when Ozma gets fed!

  6. Hey Flash! I actually love being Mom's pillow. We take lots of naps with her head on me. I don't think I would like Sasha or Gunnar to use me as a pillow.
    I think it's great that Peanut let you have a day to post that goes good with your name! Flash Friday sounds awesome! If I let my sister have a day it would have to be Sasha Saturday or Sunday, but we're usually too busy to blog on the weekends. Guess that means I keep my blog all to myself! Finally something I can have that I don't have to share!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Flash, Maybe you have to start wacking Peanut with your own paws when he's trying to steal a toy. Maybe the two of you should take up boxing!

    Tell Peanut it's totally cool if she puts Sophie on his friends list.

  8. congratulations on getting your own email peanut. so, when are you flash is getting one too?

    wet wet licks


  9. Your own email. How cool is that.

    Simba x

  10. An email address! I had to beg to get a blog, now I'll have to needle my mom to get me one too!

    My dad was home for 5 months last year, but he wasn't sick so he could play with me all day long. It was great, but my mom was not happy at all. Now he has a new job, but he comes home at lunch to take me for a walk. I miss sitting around with him though - you're lucky!

    ♥ Saidie

  11. oooh Peanut, I got all confused and left a message for Peanut on Nuggets blog, then realised I was writin to Nugget in response to Nuggets post, and put your name in.......

    I am cross eyed with confusion.

    Love your blog too! Sorry! Got mixed up with Peanut and Nugget....!

  12. You are very lucky to have a brother. I just have cats ... yuck!

  13. Hi Peanut,
    Just making sure it's you! I'm adding you to my blog friends right now!

    Cupcake Kisses

  14. Hi Flash, We used to have a trampoline in our backyard. The hooman kids would try to jump with us. -OMG, I am glad we don't have it anymore.
    Peanut butter licks,

  15. Yay, play boxing is the best fun!

    Oscar x

  16. Welcome to life with a boxer! Does Peanut sit on you? I love doing that to Dakota!

    I have email, too!