Thursday, March 08, 2007

Information and pictures

Okay I got to sleep in the bed last night. Dad was out on the couch and mom and I along with Flash got the bed. It's about time. Dad gets up at all odd hours since he has to take his pain medication so according to him this works out better plus he says he is less likely to move around and hurt himself on the couch. I don't care since I am back in the bed at night.
That is me the other night laying out on mom's pillow before she kicked me off of it so she could sleep.

Here are some pictures of Dad's knee. It is still really swollen. Plus he's starting to smell (even for a dog) since he hasn't been able to take a shower. Thank goodness I get to sleep with mom she smells nice. Hmm well not much else is happening since Flash and I have had to spend more time in our kennels since we get pretty rowdy and don't watch what we are doing but other then that life is good.


  1. Oh Peanut -

    Please tell your Dad we hope he feels better real soon. My Mom got a whole new knee last January and she said it hurts lots!! She's all better now but she has a long scar down the front of her knee. We will keep your Dad in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!

    Take care and be a good nurse for your Dad!!


  2. Hey Peanut,
    Wow, his knee really is swollen. Be sure to take good care of him so he gets well soon.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. Hi Peanut,
    Your dad's leg looks really sore. Take good care of him and try not to rub it in that you get to sleep on the big bed.
    ♥ Saidie

  4. OUCH!!! You & Flash give your Dad some good therapy & help him recover quickly!

    Ferndoggle & The Dogs

  5. Oh my that knee is not pretty. Sending positive healing thoughts his way.


  6. Ouch Peanuts! I bet you want to lick all of your Daddy's booboo's so that you can make him feel better!

  7. Ooh, that looks like a sore knee to me! My Mom is going to get hers fixed too but not like that. I hope your Dad gets to feeling better soon --

    (getting ready for our big trip to Louisville next week to do agility at the big dog shows!)

  8. Peanut,
    I'm glad you're dad is doing well! Sorry I've been gone so long, but I"m back now...until Mommy hogs the computer again! I'm also glad you're back on the bed...although that was very nice of you to sleep on the couch with your Mommy so your dad could rest. I wish you freedom from your kennels soon! Say hi to flash for me too!

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the boxer

  9. Too bad about your dad's knee. It looks like they shaved his leg (tee hee). His stitches aren't nearly as gross as Sophie's staples were. But the puffiness is always kind of gross no matter what. Poor knees. I guess it's one of these places where people and doggies come together.

  10. Owie! Your Dad's knee looks sore!!! Make sure you don't jump up on it! In the first picture, you look just like me when I am on my blue couch - except your blue couch looks nicer.

    Take care of your Dad,
    Love and Licks,
    Texas (and his humans).

  11. That's pretty gross! Does he have to wear a cone?