Thursday, March 01, 2007

I got in trouble

Well Flash and I did. We got in a fight over a bully stick. It was a big fight too Mom had to break it up with a broom stick. So I haven't been on the computer and mom says bullysticks are in kennel treats only from now on. Otherwise Flash and I are getting along fine. So finally here are the pictures I promised. The one above is me relaxing after chewing up a bully stick. Oh and we actually got some smaller bullysticks and some cow ears in the mail yesterday. So Flash and I are set for treats. Mom says she ordered the smaller ones before we got in a fight or she wouldn't have ordered them at all. She was really angry at us.
And on another note. Go check out this blog When you get there it's a cat blog and there is only one post so far but hey the cats are my cousins (or so my mom says she also says the ones here are my brother and sister) they belong to my Auntie (mom's sister) so family has to stick together.
Hmm not much else going on. Mom is starting to stress worse then ever dad since dad's knee surgery is tuesday so make sure you all think good thoughts tuesday. Plus she is ready to pull her hair out with the army. They keep saying they need different stuff in the letter to cancel dad's orders so we don't have to move a month after the surgery. They've gotten 4 letters from the dr already. I think mom would look funny bald so keep those paws crossed this last letter will have everything they need since it changes every time.

Now on to the pictures.
Here is one of me and my boy watching tv.
This is my boy giving Flash a bullystick.
Here is me with my bullystick. See the size of that thing. That is my sheet on the floor I like to drag out of my kennel. Plus in the back you can see dad's socks and boots he threw on the ground that mom yells at him for.
Oh this is so embarssing but that is a picture of my nubbie. Mom says it is cute so she put the picture up. Until tomorrow when mom says I have to put up pictures of the cats. Yuck.


  1. Hey Peanut, Nice bum! tee hee hee

    For the record, I would fight over a bully stick too.

  2. I have a nubby tail too!!!!

  3. Wow! Another lucky pup with a 36" bully stick! Tell me Peanut, are you a professional manuverer of GIANT bully sticks like me? Mum doesn't think mine will fit in the crate with me! May be I'll try to manuver it in there some time!
    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Peanut,

    And you tell me not to get into trouble!! Speak for yourself! I understand fighting for bully sticks...they are soooo yummy!!! Mommy doesn't get me the long ones because I like to chew them all up and swallow them whole! Ha ha!

    Tell your mommy, that my mommy says good job with WW. She hasn't lost much weight recently but she's not gaining. She's irritated cuz she's only 6 lbs away from her goal...poor mommy!

    Oh ya...and I'm excited for you to get email! Woohoo!

    Nubbily Wiggles,

  5. Hey Peanut, that's a super HUGE bullystick you got there.
    How long will it take you to finish it?

    ~ fufu

  6. Hey Peanut,
    We always have to go into our kennels before we get food or treats. Mama says it is best to avoid trouble. Huh? Muah & Snickers get into trouble? Geez Ma. Do you always block the tv view with your bum?? hehehehehe!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. Hey Peanut! That is an awesome bully! I get them in that size but they cut them into smaller pieces--boo!


    ps. my mum thinks you're awfully cute, too!