Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is Kiko. He was mom and dad's first dog together. He was a standard American Eskimo. Mom picked him up at the pound. He lived with Mom (who was pregnant with my boy) and my girl for 7 months while dad was deployed to Bosnia before he got to meet Dad. Then he didn't like Dad to much since he was used to sleeping with mom and had to give up the half of the bed he usually slept on. I never got to meet Kiko. Mom and my girl got him in Colorado. They took him to Germany with them, then when mom and the kids went home for a little while he went home to Oregon with them. Mom and the kids were going to back to Germany and along with Dad were only supposed to be there 4 more months (they ended up being there over a year because of what the army calls a stop loss where they don't let anyone move) so mom left Kiko with Dad's mom. Well Kiko got out one day and got hit by a car. Mom says she was very sad and blamed herself for a long time because she should have brought Kiko back to Germany with her. But she feels better about it now. Mom and Dad and my girl (my boy was quite little) still talk about Kiko sometimes. I wish I could have met him as he sounds like a good dog. He was pretty too.

Here he is sitting with dad in Colorado. I can't do that since I'm to big.


  1. Aww... he was beautiful! Sometimes things like that happen and we don't know why. Just give your mom lots of kisses when she feels sad - that's sure to cheer her up!

  2. awwe Kiko was very cute!

  3. Sorry about Kiko - my mom and dad are still sad about Meg who died last summer.
    BTW - tell your dad that they probably spend $30 at a restaurant and that just ends up being poop.

  4. yeah kiko looks pretty. too bad you couldn't know her.

    wet wet licks


  5. That's a sad story. Kiko was a cutie pie. So are you, Peanut!

  6. Lifes like that sometimes. Mummys and Daddys do their best, but they are only humans after all.

    Simba xx

  7. Wow, Kiko sure was a handsome boy.

    My mum always worries about cars since she saw a poor lady carry her doggy that had been hit by a car into the vet one day, but the poor doggy had died already.

    Love & licks to you
    Oscar x

  8. Tasha here. Kiko was a very handsome pup. We're sorry to hear about his early trip to the Rainbow Bridge. Our mom & dad had a German Shepard mix named Tia before Eva came to live withe us. She went to the Bridge at 5 years old due to cancer. We'll post about her sometime soon. Thank you for the welcome! You've got a cool blog and great pictures. You are another new friend!

  9. Gomer & Opie11:07 AM

    That's very sad, what happened to Kiko. Did you know that my foster mom's name was Keiko before I was adopted?
    Dogmom said to tell you she put some more information about the doggie DNA test up on our site... ... and that she'd like you to email her at if you'd like to trade links on our blogs. (She couldn't find a contact email on your blog.)
    Wuf Ya - Gomer ... and Opie too...

  10. Hey Peanut. I just wanted to let you know that my Auntie Carolyn is making the blankies for the Alburquerque Boxer Rescue. If you want one her link is on my blog.

  11. Mum had a puppy before me by the name of Peanuts (sound kind of familiar eh?) Anyhoo, sometimes I smell her on things. I never got to meet her, but mum has some pictures of her around the house! I think I really would've like Miss P. She passed away of cancer months before I was born. Just goes to show you that life is short for all of us and time is precious!

  12. Aw, sad story. Poor Kiko. My mawma still talks about the first dog she had 15 years ago! The better they are the harder it is to let go, eh?


    ps. I think you're the perfect size for a lap!

  13. So Sad, Kiko looked like a true friend and very pretty. Mum worries when I sneak out the front door, she tries to call me back waiving a bag of dog cookies. (this is why I run off in the first place)
    peanut butter licks,

  14. Poor Kiko. He was very pretty, though.