Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My aunts and uncles

Okay I know I said I would talk about my boys trip down under but I promised to tell you all about my Grammie and Pappy's animals long before that and I thought I would do that first. This is my Aunt Moco. She is my pappy's dog. She loves him a lot (though mom jokingly says she doesn't understand why). Mom and the kids has met Moco and Mom said that when she was home and would walk moco, moco would have to turn in circles before she pooped. She does not know if she still does this though
Here is my Uncle Dawson. He is the newest member of the family. We don't know much about him yet but he looks like a cool guy. This is Clara. Mom says she is my Aunt Clara but I won't call her that since she is a cat. She is a really big cat. Taller then Moco in fact. Plus she is fat. My girl calls her Clara the Big Fat Cat. She doesn't like the dogs or anything else much really but she does like my Grammie.
This is Edgar. He's the other cat in the household. He taught himself to go in and out the dog door. Grammie also said he can climb the fence in the backyard. Oh and he likes Pappy which Mom finds hilarious since Pappy doesn't like cats. This is my Uncle Foley. He was named after the great professional wrestler Mick Foley who is my Grammie's favorite of all time. Grammie said this is a picture of Foley when he has been taken over by aliens (my grammie has an unnatural fixation about aliens haha). We need some help with Foley also. Last night he was sleeping on the bed with Grammie and when Pappy came in and moved the blankets Foley tried to attack him. Mom and Grammie think maybe Foley was asleep and got scared but Pappy swears he was awake. Grammie said when she called him he came right over to her and laid down and went back to sleep. If anyone has any ideas on this please let us know as right now my Human auntie is living with Grammie and Pappy and her kids come to visit on some weekends and they don't want Foley to hurt one of them. He hasn't done anything like this before. They think Foley is about 4 or 5.
So that is my Aunts and Uncles. They were all dogs and cats who were in doggie or kitty jail when Grammie sprung them and brought them to live with her and Pappy. They have good lives now and lots of love.


  1. Your Grammie and Pappy have a housefull! I bet Foley was daydreaming. I do that once in awhile. I'll be laying down being good and I look awake, but I have a blank look on my face and someone will bump me or Sasha and Gunnar will mess with me and I get grumpy and growl or nip (which I don't normally do). I always feel really guilty after I do it and cover whoever I growled at or nipped at with kisses and hugs (even if they don't want it).

  2. wow talk about a fun house full of animals. I like that the cat taught itself to use the DOG door. silly cats.

  3. We so love a good rescue story Peanut! Thank you for such a happy story...they are all truly adorable:)

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  4. I would take a gander that Foley was half asleep and you should always let sleeping dogs lay! He was probably just being grumpy!
    PS: Thanks for sharing the family photos!

  5. peanut, u think u can take a photo of Clara standing? i would love to see how tall she is. can't believe clara is taller than moco!

    tell ya, i circle before i poop too!

    wet wet licks


  6. I love cats, they taste yummy.

    Simba xx

  7. Wow, you have a lot of relatives!

    Oscar x

  8. Oh there's so many cute animals in your household. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  9. Gosh, your Grammy & Pappy have so many animals. There must be lots of love in that house. We are glad they all got sprung from jail before anything bad happened to them.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. It was most likely a startle response. Especially if it's never happened before. It's quite common actually and the dog can look like it's awake b/c they often sleep with their eyes partially open. They may want to make noise at a distance before disturbing him while he's sleeping so he can wake up w/o feeling threatened.

    Scary though!


  11. Yeah, I think Foley was probably just startled. Sometimes things scare me too, when I'm not expecting them.

    Moco is so cute! Are her ears hairy like mine?

  12. I'm with Simba there, Cats, they taste like chicken! Yum!

    ooooh Uncle Foley has very bright eyes, you are lucky to have pictures of all your relatives! Hope your Mum is better now!

    love and licks, Marv xxxx

  13. the dogsayeview dogs12:46 PM

    what a beautifur family you have, peanut! Dogmom says that Foley looks like her dog when she was a teenager (her name was Skyper) and Uncle Dawson kinda looks like her Floppy-dog did.

    Wuf Ya! Gomer & Opie

  14. You sure have some good looking relatives Peanut. Except for those cats. They just look weird to us.

    ~Pug Hugs~

  15. Hey Peanut! Moco is the wackiest looking doggie ever, but super cute. And Uncle Foley has the glowiest eyes on earth.

  16. Moco is a cool lookin doggy.

  17. Nice family !
    Kiss, Faya