Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sleeping among other things

So thanks for all the comments about my sitting. It seems Wally and I among others are in the minority when it comes to not putting our behinds all the way on the ground. It's also good to know that Flash isn't the only dog to eat grass like a goat.
I know there has been some talk about where everyone sleeps so I thought I would show you. See me here on my king size bed that I let Dad and mom share with me. The pink side is mom and the camo side is mine. I let Dad use it when he is here though. But when he isn't I take up the whole side.

Here is Flash at the end of the Bed he was just hanging out down there while waiting for Dad to come to bed. That is actually where I sleep when Dad is home. I lay all over his feet (mom's feet don't reach down there). Flash sleeps on the floor or in the chair that is next to the bed. He doesn't like to actually sleep with mom and dad much.

Here is Flash hanging out with Dad while Dad gets ready for bed. I think he was playing with his phone here.

Oh and we got some more 36 inch bully sticks. So here are some pictures of us enjoying those. Flash is trying to take his in his kennel the wrong way the dork. He kept running it into the kennel and looking like an idiot.

Oh tomorrow is Flash's day but he probably won't post in the morning like he usually does since we are going to be locked up in our kennels most of the day. Mom is going on our boys kindergarten field trip with him.


  1. Sleeping is a very important part of therapy. Sometimes I wake up and Moco, Foley and Dawson are all on the bed and Edgar is asleep on me. Foley likes to sleep with Auntie. Dawson and Moco like to sleep on Pappy in the chair sometimes. Clara sometimes sleeps on me in the chair, but otherwise sleeps on the dog bed by the fireplace. I think your Mom should take you on the field trip also.

  2. Woh Peanut, your side of the bed looks very cool. And the bully stick is so long. How long does it take you to finish 1 stick?

    ~ fufu

  3. peanut, you are such a mommy's boy! hehehe. me too! can u believe i still suck mom's thumb? hehehehe.

    wet wet licks


  4. I think a 36 inch bully stick is almost bigger than tanner and I put together.

  5. That bully stick would last me a whole life time.

    Simba xx

  6. You are so lucky to get to snuggle with mum & dad in bed.

    Oscar x

  7. Aren't 36" bully sticks just the best!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Goodness - how long does it take you to eat 36" of bully stick?!

    Ha ha - Flash sleeps on the PINK part!

  9. My girl keeps talking about how beautiful you are (I keep telling her it's "HANDSOME" for a guy).... She wants a boxer SOOOOOO bad.

  10. G'day Peanut, My mum and my friends let me sleep on the bed too! I have my 4 cairn pals to play with now that Bronson is gone. xxx Asta

  11. I could barely see you on that camo!

  12. Hi Flash,

    I just wanted to say hi. It's been a busy week here. Mommy graduates tomorrow and the grandparents are here! Woohoo By the way, I miss your emails! :(

    Nubbily Wiggles,

  13. Hi Peanuts. I sleep in my mom's bed too. She doen't sleep very well because I use to move around the bed all night long!
    I've never had eaten a bully stick but I bet they are yummy.

  14. Mmmmmm, bully sticks!
    Speaking of sleeping, I TAG you when you come back!

  15. HUGE bully sticks wow! I can't imagine ever eating a whole one it would take me forever:) Thanks for the great pictures Peanut.

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)