Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm sad

So Peanut was gloating the other night because he has girlfriends. Yep that's right. He says Ellie and Penny are his girlfriends. I got to thinking and that makes me sad. I mean there is nothing wrong with Peanut but how come he has two girlfriends and I don't even have one? I'm a cute dog. See? I'm 50 lbs and part Shepard and a much better behaved dog then Peanut (just ask mom she will tell you the same thing).

I'm talented. I can work a trampoline.

So if any of you girl doggies want to be my girlfriend or know of the perfect girl for me. Please let me know. I would lavish my girl with all sorts of attention.


  1. ahhh poor doggie. I think we boy doggies out number the girls.

    Simba xxx

  2. Aw, poor Flash! I am sure the right girl for you is out there!

    Oscar x

  3. Awww... i am sure you will find a girlfriend soon!

    Peanut is such a heartbreaker! hahah

  4. Aww, Flash! If I were a girl and was older I'd be your girlfriend!

    Hmmm... what about the lovely Kaos? She's beautiful and would be a good compliment to your laid-back, easy-going ways? Does she have a boyfriend?

  5. *blush* Awww shucks! Thanks Tadpole! I don't have a boyfriend yet. We do have some stuff in common and you are pretty cute. *blush*

  6. Flash,

    You definitely deserve a girlfriend. I also don't think you're as much of a player as Peanut! I think you're a one-woman man. :)

    Good luck!
    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

  7. I didn't know Peanut had another girlfriend!!! Hurmph!'s Ellie so I guess it's OK. We'll work out some sort of arrangement to share him. Kind of like Big Love.

    Go for Kaos. She's hot stuff!!

    Peanut's Princess Penny Wiggles

  8. Hola Flash. I am sure you will find the perfect girl for you. Don't be sad big boy.
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. I don't have no stinky girlfriends. There is a little yorky at my moms work that smells good, but she's half my age. I'm waiting for just the right girl.

    Niko has one boyfriend at work, but she's been talking about Joe Stains alot cuz his blog makes her laugh lots. I don't know if she should have two boyfriends, though.


  10. girls are nothing but trouble!!!!!

  11. Hi Peanut!

    Thank you for the birthday wish! It made me smile:)! Tell Flash that the right girl will come along, okay!:)

    Your Friend,

    Putter ...:)

  12. My sissy is a shepherd mix. She is already foolin' around with MaxyV but as long as you don't mind sharing...
    There's no reason only the boys should get to enjoy polyamory! And, let's face it, we're dogs and have been known to hump inanimate objects.


  13. Oh my sis Molly is a pretty lady, mayb u can go for her...she a lovely doll.

  14. flash, your tactic of mentioning it on the blog a sure work plan. i can read that many girls already lining up to be your girlfriends. now you are not left out. go and show off to peanut!

    wet wet licks


  15. You are a handsome devil. I am sure you will have more girlfriends than you want in a short time.

  16. Hey roo guys! Make sure your daddy sees the post Amber made today - Saturday!
    Play bows,

  17. Hey Flash.....I think we have a lot in commom. I read on your blog that you love to eat grass. I love eating grass too and then I come in the house an puke it up on the carpet. It's so fun. I bet we might even have more in common if we got to know each other better.

    Love, Seadra

  18. It looks like you have a lot of lady friends now. Good luck picking the right one for you.

  19. Dakota has no boyfriend. She's kind of a lummox, though.

  20. Do you really need a girlfriend? They seem like a lot of trouble. We would give you Roxie but we think she like Thrawn of the Brat Pack/Five Happy Hounds. If you really want a girlfriend, we are sure the right one is out there just waiting for you.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  21. Well I don't have any girlfriends either Peanut, Boo has taken over each and every one of them sigh...We have no chance...unless we know of any new ones on the blog before he gets a hold of them!

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  22. i would , but huskee would gt mad . sawwwwie

  23. Hiya Peanut

    You've been tagged. You now have to show yourself in weird or funny situation.

    And tell Flash..he looks cute on that trampoline. I'm sure after this pix lots of girls will be lining up to be his special girl :)


  24. Hey Flash, Tasha here. I would be proud to be your girlfriend! We're very similar. I'm easy-going and love to play just like you. It looks like the competition for your affections will be fierce! Hope I'm in the running. Belly Rubs, Tasha.

  25. Don't worry Peanut, I'm sure the right girl will come along one day...and when you meet her, push her down in some mud!

    Lots of love,

  26. Flash -

    I have nothing to offer but my heart. I am a SSBLF (Single, Spayed, Black Lab Female) - looking for love myself.

    I am a rescue Lab with love to spare!!

    Please don't be so blue - you cut a dashign figure on the trampoline - I am sure any lady dog would be lucky to catch you!!


  27. wonder r u interested in spayed girl?? hahaha....