Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't sit and a goat brother

Okay well I do sit but mom and dad think it is funny I don't sit all the way down on my bottom. I never do. Do any of you do this? Especially you doggies with nubbies.

I have to tell you posing for those pictures was just torture though. We were outside yesterday and Dad had my jolly ball and I have to sit before he throws it so mom was taking pictures and Dad wouldn't throw it until she was done. I had to wait forever.
Oh and do any of you have a part dog-part goat brother? I do Flash is constantly eating grass outside. Mom and Dad swear he is part goat. He does it all the time. It never stops. Well that's all for today. I've been busy playing so more pictures and stuff to talk about tomorrow.


  1. Peanut:
    You must have very strong legs to sit like that for so long. I hope your dad threw the ball for an hour. All the dogs here eat grass. I will be sending pictures of the crew as soon as Pappy downloads them.

  2. My packmates Hamish and Kyzer are like Flash--they eat grass All.The.Time. Kyzer asks to go outside just so he can eat grass--I think it's weird.

    We all sit down all that way on our behinds, but several us like to splay our backlegs out in what one of our people calls the "monkey sit". We never hold it long enough for them to get a picture, though--ha, ha.

    See ya

  3. I graze all the time. Maria says I'm part cow.


  4. Yeah, I agree. Your leg muscles must be solid! Oh,and I eat grass too, only when there a big juicy long clump mind!

    Oscar x

  5. You don't sit!!! Hee hee! When I lay down, my stomach doesn't touch the ground. It just hoovers, like your bum. We're special.

  6. I eat grass all the time! And then I throw it up!!! In the house, if I can! It's great!

  7. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Ohhh m y greyhound cousins sit like that!!

  8. We have a lot of tall grass in our field. Send your "goat" over!

  9. Haha! We both totally do hover-butt (my sissy also does that with "down"--her elbows hover just millimeters from the ground!). I do it to save precious milliseconds getting back up for the snacks i will inevitably get.

    Oh, and I eat grass all the time. Salad time!


  10. When I'm playing fetch I also have to sit and I do the "Kaos Huver." I don't sit all the way down so that I can spring up really fast to get my toy. If I'm not playing fetch, then I sit all the way down.
    My dacshund sister eats grass a lot. Mom says she's gotten better about it though. I guess she used to do it a lot when she was a puppy and then she would go inside and puke because she ate too much for her little tummy to handle.

  11. Hi Peanut. I think your way of sitting is funny. How do you do that?
    I have never had grass. How does it tastes like? I have to try it in my next walkie. (I don´t have a yard so I don't have any)

  12. Oh dear, it must be tough on you to pose for the pics!!!

    Look at all the grasses u have at ur disposal! I haven got in contact with grass yet; :(

  13. peanut, mom told me if we ever eat grass, it means we are sick. do u think flash is a little sick now??

    anyway, the way you sit... is just hilarious! u know how those chinese art master train kung fu rite? they'll squat, just like what you did!

    wet wet licks


  14. I eat grass too but only when my tummy is upset. I think I sit all the way down to the floor but with all my fluff it's hard to tell. Mom says she'd take a peek, now see what you've done? She'll be looking at me all the time now!!

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  15. Strange doggie aren't you. lol. Maybe you don't want to put your behind on the dirty floor.

    Simba xx

  16. That's a goofy sit, Peanut! We think you sit that way so you are ready to take off after your jolly ball. Tasha likes to graze in the grass too. She grazes then sometimes throws up! What's up with that? Dad says its very common for dogs to eat grass. Belly Rubs, Eva

  17. Woh Peanut, that's a interesting way to sit. Are your thighs tired from sitting. Flash eats grass? That's so weird, Can Flash bah~

    ~ fufu

  18. Lola's nub is a bit longer than yours (we call it a kickstand) but both girls sit the whole way back on their butts.

    You've got strong legs Peanut!


  19. I like to eat ants and sticks, its fun and grosses mommy out!

    You sit funny, that's cool though!

    Frenchie Kisses,

  20. Hey Peanut! I sit just like you .. didn't know there was any other way. I get tired of holding it and just lay my hips over and sit that way if mom makes me stay there too long. Or, I just lay down. I think its because of our nubs though. They don't move out of the way very well.

    Time to go back to napping at mom's feet!

  21. Hi Peanut and Flash! I am a mix of both of you...I won't sit all the way down and I love love LOVE to eat grass! Keep up the good work!

    Lots of love,

  22. Hi Peanut! Thanks for looking in on my Blog while I was away.

    And boy do you have some strong legs there in those pictures!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxxxxxx

  23. I think my brother Duke must be part goat, cuz he eats grass all the time. But then again, he might just be part garbage disposal, cuz he'll eat just about anything.

    I always sit on my butt. In fact, sometimes I will sit on my butt with my legs sticking straight out just like a human would do. My Mom & Dad think I'm weird. hehehe

    Pug Hugs ~ Gidget

  24. mmmmm, grass. my favourite aperitif. Nothing like a good digestif to make din din sit just right.

    As for your sitting, Peanut. Well, maybe you're just trying to accommodate the boy bits you think you have. tee hee hee

  25. OMDOG I just posted today about the doofus eating all the stupid plants and ending up covered in sticks!

  26. We call Dakota "Angus," because she eats grass like a cow.

    I sit on my cheek, instead of my nub.