Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8 things about us

We have been tagged by quite a few of our friends Maggie, Dory,Lady kaos,Scubee, Sparky,Lorenza,Ruby to post eight things about ourselves. Well we wanted to do it sooner but since our kids last day of school was Thursday and it was Memorial Day weekend and since Dad actually got a holiday weekend we spent a lot of time outside doing stuff so mom wouldn't help us. Here are our lists though. Hopefully you learn something new about us.

Peanut's List
  1. I will do anything for butter
  2. I once bit a lump off myself (don't worry it wasn't anything bad just a bee sting that formed a big lump)
  3. I'm a very jealous dog. If my kids are getting attention from mom I will walk over them to get to her(then I get in trouble)
  4. If I'm not fed on time I will bark until they feed me (and I get in trouble)
  5. If Mom or Dad move my kennel (for any reason) I go nuts until it's put back in it's spot.
  6. I fight with my brother over stuffed toys so we don't get them anymore
  7. Little dogs terrify me
  8. My idea of running away is to run to the neighbors fenced in yard next door.

Flash's list

  1. I have my own bed Peanut can't use
  2. I don't like nylabones
  3. If dad raises his voice to me and I'm on his and mom's bed I pee
  4. I will drink from a sprinkler until it gets shut off. I once drank from one for an hour and then came inside and peed because I had so much water. Mom and Dad don't let me do that anymore
  5. I bit holes in the kids' swimming pool to get at the water
  6. I fight with my brother over stuffed toys so we don't get them anymore.
  7. I love to lick people.
  8. I can't go out in the yard without a person because I always try to get out of the fence.

Well that's it for tonight. We will be back later


  1. Hi, Peanuts! I missed you!
    Thanks for sharing your things with us.
    I need you to explain me that thing about little dogs! How is that?
    Does Flash has a pee problem?
    Have a good night!

  2. peanut, you sound like you are quite vocal! while flash, you pee a lot!

    wet wet licks


  3. hey guys, these were good facts. you know what peanut, I am afraid of real little dogs too!

  4. Hi Peanut and Flash!
    I do what Peanut does when I want my supper! I mean, mum better hurry and feed me whan I want my food! I'm impatient!
    ..and Flash! You have a submissive pee pee when it comes to your dad! I'm impressed!

  5. I bet the holes in the pool went down well. I like to lick people too.

    Simba xx

  6. I love Flash's drinking from the sprinkler fact!

    Oscar x

  7. Oh you 2 doggies have such interesting list. :)

    ~ girl girl

  8. This is a great list! I love this game! We're learning so much about each other!

    Love ya lots,

  9. Hi Peanut and Flash,
    we feel we know you a little better after reading these entertaining lists! We both fight over stuffed toys and rip them up to get at that white stuff inside!
    Jazz and Dixie

  10. Hi Penut and Flash. Tasha here. Its nice to get to know you a little bit better. I bark a lot just like Flash when the humans are late with dinner. Can't be late with the kibble! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

  11. Peanut:
    You known to eat anything on the counter if you are not fed quickly enough.
    Flash: I have been on the receving end of your licking before. You are a licky loo.
    The Gang here says howdy!

  12. I don't like Nylabones either. Mom bought like 500 zillion of them when I was a puppy to help with my chewing & I never touched one of them. I just chewed on my deer antlers. Duh!


  13. Those are great lists. I don't like when others are trying to play with my mom either...I get really jealous!!! Oh and Flash, the sprinkler story...that is SO funny

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  14. PEANUT?! You big stong dog, YOU are afraid of little dogs?! And butter? I've never tried it....

    Oh Flash, I used to make pee pee like that too. :-)

  15. Flash, one time my girl took me to Chicago in the middle of summer and it was so hot that she just kept giving me water to drink and I kept drinking it and then I peed on her 4 times in the car on the way home without even realizing it. Ha ha!!!

  16. Good job guys! Hey Flash! You should definately tell your Mom you need a swimming pool like my pool! It is sooo much fun. Dad dumped the water (so mosquitos won't swim in it)so I haven't played in it for a couple days. It's so much fun!!! I like to dive for toys and blow bubbles with my nose and fling the water out and the best part is bringing Mom and Dad and soaking and dripping tennis ball and plopping it in their lap for them to throw in the pool again. I LOVE IT!!

  17. Those are some interesting facts guys. We're jealous dogs too, but only of each other. And Peanut, you shouldn't be scared of us little guys. We're pretty much harmless. And we LOVE playing with the big doggies!

  18. Hi Peanut & Flash! I hope you guys had a great long weekend with your peeps.

    Very interesting lists!

    By the way, we switched to a raw diet like you. You guys should come over for a dinner party! :)


  19. Hi Peanut,

    I am little... do i terrify u? *evil grin*

  20. Peanut & Flash!

    Thanks for sharing! Do you guys missed the stuffed toys? And, do you two ever secretly snuggle up to each other when no one else is around?

    Inquiring minds want to KNOW!

    Goob love,

  21. Great lists! I laughed through them! Thanks for sharing


  22. Oh Peanut! We haven't been able to scroll down on your site. We get stuck on the map at the top. Say hi to the gang!

  23. Peanut, how dare they not feed you on time and move your crate, the nerve. Is your neighbor nice?

    Flash, it serves your dad right for yelling at you, I hoppe he learns his lesson. I like to lick people to, right on their faces.

    Frenchie Kisses,

  24. OMG! I can't believe you bit a lump off yourself! YIKES!

  25. G'day Peanut and Flash,

    I don't like nylabones either. Does Flash count as a small dog or a big one?

    xxx Asta down under