Sunday, May 20, 2007


Flash here again. After my post on friday I was overwhelmed at the amount of lovely lovely doggies who would want to be my girlfriend. So we now know Boo does not have all the girl doggies in the world as his girlfriends.

After much soul searching and thinking it over I have asked Lady Kaos if she would do me the honor of being my girlfriend. She is a beautiful dog and we have many things in common. I am definetly a one gal dog so I she will be my only girl.

Now for you boys like Billy who want a girlfriend. There is hope.

These lovely ladies are looking for boyfriends. So I am going to list a little about them and you might find the girl just right for you.
Dakota Dakota really like to chew up toys
Dory who likes lambchops from her grandma's house.
Tasha who has a squirell fortress in her backyard that her and her sister Eva are trying to take out.
Molly who needs to update her blog and last but certainly not least Seadra who I think would be perfect for Billy.

Oh and to Penny and Ellie. Peanut and mom both say that Peanut has enough love to go around for both of you since he's such a big boy.

Later Gators


  1. Peanut...I'm devoted to you no matter what. I love Ellie & we can share. But that's it!! El & I can put a big ole smack down on any HO that tries to get too close.

    I'm a jealous bieyatch!!!


  2. I see that you have good taste, Flash. Your girlfriend is quite beautiful.

  3. flash, nononono, u r wrong! i do have all the girls but i allowed them to have boyfriends rather than boyfriend! see, i don't have that much time for all of them so i'm being civilised here. hehehe.

    the last i heard, billy is quite into boy like me too!

    wet wet licks


  4. Aw, so haooy you have a nice lady friend now Flash!

    Oscar x

  5. Wow Flash! Peanut is lucky with his girlfriends....and I am pleased you have a lady friend now Flash as well.

    I have lots of ladies around here where we live, my favourite is Freya, she is just stunning, like a model!

    She is a Deer Hound, and she is a Dear Hound to me as well! ha ha ha1

    the old ones are the best!

    love and licks Marv xxxx

    love to Peanut tooooooo!

  6. Congratulations on finding a girlfriend dude!

    Frenchie Kisses,

  7. Boo is being as diplomatic as he could be reading his response.

    Now Seadra is cute, I must check this out a little further...Dory could have my heart because she obviously loves food as much as I do, Dakota is a sweetheart no question there and Tasha and Molly are both adorable. Geez maybe choosing a girlfriend is going to be more difficult than I thought! They all have endearing qualities to me:)

    Flash I appreciate you looking out for us, you are the best!

    BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

  8. Yay! Flash and Kaos sitting in a tree...!

  9. You and Kaos are a perfect match. I wish much love and happiness your way. :-)

  10. Maybe we should call you peanut cassanova! xxx Asta

  11. Hi, Flash. Did she acepted you. I mean it's official? I hope so. Congratulations.
    Have a nice day

  12. I've tried this 4 times now! I think the storm coming in is messing with my internet connection.
    YES! I accept! I'm so honored you chose me.
    Sorry it took so long to reply. I've been taking care of my Mom.

  13. Oh Peanut, *SIGH*, I would fight for your affection but I'm afraid of Lola. She's the real jealous type and is bigger than I am. Sniff, sniff. I hope you are happy together (and when you dump her, you know where I in OREGON!)

    xoxo - Bella

  14. Oh How bout me? Ain't I'm handsome enough???

  15. ohhh I love a story with a happy ending. Will we all be invited to the wedding?

    Simba xx

  16. Oh you 2 doggies have girlfriends.. That's so sweet. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  17. Told ya you gona be HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dakota looks sad now. Or maybe she just wants some food. She appreciates your help in finding her a date, but she will not go for just anyone...